Once again: Updated BCD2000/Traktor mapping

Change list:

– fix bug: “LED, Cue right while playing” in .drl file
– search >>, left deck: deck wind down switch (was fine)
– switch jog wheels direction for browser list select up/down (Traktor 2 .tks)
– add missing seek (play mode) and scratch midi setup for deck A in Traktor 2 .tks

Download page

25 Responses to “Once again: Updated BCD2000/Traktor mapping”

  1. Yes Says:

    it works very good with traktor!

    Have I do always start the “Start BCD2000-Traktor – Cycokrauts Extended Flavor A.bat” that it works?

  2. cycokraut Says:

    Every time you want to use the mapping you have start “Start BCD2000-Traktor – Cycokrauts Extended Flavor A.bat”.

  3. cycokraut Says:

    Known bugs:
    – “browse list with right jog wheel: can’t select first track (Traktor 2.6)” (bug fix in the next update)
    – “LED state of loop length #4, left deck” (bug fix in the next update)

  4. trees Says:

    what are the back to top keys assigned to?

  5. cycokraut Says:

    The ‘back to top’s are used as “shift”: you switch the mapping of other controls when you press and hold down ‘back to top’.

    See https://cycokraut.wordpress.com/2006/08/26/new-midi-rules-prototype-and-bcd2000traktor-mapping-available/

  6. trees Says:

    Hey it’s fantastic! Would it be possible to make controls interact with the BCD as in B-DJ, I mean when you press “play” with the mouse also the BCD play led switches on or that the software catches the real position of the knobs in the console while opening?

  7. cycokraut Says:

    What’s possible and in use:
    – request positions of moveable controller elements (faders, knobs) from the BCD2000 and transfer (~synchronize) them to Traktor at mapping start up. (See BCD2000 manual 6.3)
    – all other states of the BCD2000 are memorized in MIDI Rules: initialized once and tranfered to Traktor at mapping start up
    If you start the mapping after Traktor, you can watch the synchronization.

    What’s possible but currently not realized:
    – To sync Traktor with the state of BCD2000 at any time (e.g. triggered by some controller elements or element combination). Feature request?

    What’s not possible (for me, but possible for Native Instruments, for instance: Traktor Hercules DJ Console Edition):
    – Transfering states of Traktor to BCD2000. There’s no hook or plugin interface in Traktor. Also Traktor doesn’t send midi messages.

  8. trees Says:

    So everything has been already done…Man, I’m bow on my knees in front of you :-)) Excellent job. I thought the mapping should always start before Traktor…
    File explorer mode is excellent, I use it instead of my trackball mouse. I also like cue on analog input, it is perfect to me.
    As feature request or better as a preference for my kind of djing (but maybe can I change some midi assignment by myself?) I would like to have deck effects instead of master effects and an effect select button somewhere. Great Cyco.

  9. cycokraut Says:

    I’m currently thinking about to map the fx control buttons and knobs to deck effects with focus. This leads to the question how to select deck focus. But you can reassign these controls if you like.
    Maybe you like to join the discussion (NI forum): http://www.native-instruments.com/forum_us/showthread.php?t=34513
    It’s a long thread, you better start from behind;-)

  10. trees Says:

    Sure, thanks, I’ve been staring at the window for a while, but I’ll join it.

  11. Selthy Says:

    This sounds like a great too.

    Is there any way to get this to work with ableton live?

  12. cycokraut Says:

    Yes, you can use MIDI Rules for BCD2000 and Ableton Live. Unfortunately no one has written a rule file for this purpose yet.
    If you like, you can start this project, would be great.

    Difficulty: I haven’t wrote a documentation for the MIDI Rules Language yet.
    It is also possible to use a editor (Eclipse + JBoss IDE + MIDI Rules) with MIDI Rules language support.
    If you are interested, please comment.

  13. cycokraut Says:

    P.S.: I’m not familiar with Live. What are there problems in conjunction with BCD2000?

  14. Selthy Says:

    The 2 issues that BCD2000 has with live are:

    1. In BCD mode the LED’s do not map to the on screen display (ie. on / off of an effect) In Advanced mode you need the buttons work as a toggle (on / off) but you need them as a trigger or toggle off.

    2. The jog wheels are not smooth in both directions. When set and moved to the right for instance they work as you would expect but if you turn the other way the movement of the control seem to jump in larger values.

    Happy to start a project and right a script for live, however my programming knowledge is only basic.

    A great source of knowledge for live and DJing is http://www.abletonlivedj.com

  15. Selthy Says:

    Is there any point in trying to run the traktor program and map the controllers internally within Live?

  16. cycokraut Says:

    The BCD2000/Traktor mapping is a good starting point for a BCD2000/Live mapping. It manages all LED states in B-DJ mode and fixes the jog wheel issue (seems to be same as your issue 2.). It contains some advanced and Traktor-specific programings which have to be removed.

    Some LED buttons are programmed as hold/toggleOnOff buttons but can easily changed to trigger behaviour.

  17. Selthy Says:

    Your a genius…

    A few Questions:

    – The jog wheels work a treat in Relative (2’s Comp mode) but work in reverse (clockwise turns the paramater anti clockwise)

    – I have the .drl file open, can you point me in the right direction of changing toggle on to toggle off

    – I am happy to forward the new file to you when I get it working, happy to also include a template for live DJing.

    Feel free to email me if you like. I will have a go at creating a file over the weekend.

  18. cycokraut Says:

    If I understand you right: You can easy change the “directions”:
    – receive 64 (anti-clockwise bcd200 style), send out 127 (clockwise fixed-style)
    – receive 65 (clockwise bcd200 style), send out 1(anti-clockwise fixed-style)

    Rules for trigger buttons should look like this (this is how it works with traktor):

    rule “buttonX on”
    (send value 127/noteOn and 0/noteOff here)

    rule “buttonX off”
    (send value 127/noteOn and 0/noteOff here)

    rule “buttonX released”
    (don’t send anything out here)

    you only switch the LED states in rule “buttonX on” and rule “buttonX off”.

    3. I can list your work on a midi rules solution page.

  19. Selthy Says:

    Thanks for your help. It looks like Live works slightly different to Traktor. Live appears to accept a note on message but then consumes the note off message.

    How can I get the buttons to work like this:
    rule “Sync left pressed”
    Receive short message with channel : 1 , command : 144 , data1 : 16 , data2 : 127
    Send short message to midi out 2 with channel : 1 , command : 176 , data1 : 20 , data2 : 127 # LED on
    rule “Sync left released”
    Receive short message with channel : 1 , command : 144 , data1 : 16 , data2 : 0
    Send short message to midi out 2 with channel : 1 , command : 176 , data1 : 20 , data2 : 0 # LED off

    But 1st note on send data2: 127
    2nd Note on send data2: 0

  20. cycokraut Says:

    first: I suggest you to use a midi monitor to see what’s going on. I use http://www.midiox.com/

    I’m not sure if I understood your example right. It shows a hold button: LED on if pressed, LED off if released.
    I guess that you want to trigger an action in Live when you press the button and again if you released it, right?
    Then you should send NOTE ON (data2 : 127) in both rules (pressed and released). It’s good style to send a NOTE OFF (data2 : 0) for every NOTE ON (you would send out NOTE ON and NOTE OFF combined – 2 lines – in every THEN section). Some applications get confused if the NOTE OFF for a NOTE ON is missing (Traktor 2.6 for instance).

  21. oquela Says:

    Can a midi monitor (like midi-ox) be used to check what midi signals come OUT (are sent out) from programs like Traktor? If so, how is this done?

  22. cycokraut Says:

    @oquela: On a MS Windows system install “Maple Virtual Midi Cable” or “Midi Yoke”. In Traktor’s Preferences “MIDI Interfaces|Midi Out” select a Maple/Midi Yoke port e.g. “Maple Midi Out: Port 4”. Now you can monitor “Maple Midi In: Port 4” that see what’s Traktor sends out, if you have configured any midi outputs in Traktor’s Midi Setup.

  23. peterzee Says:

    Nice…I’ve been wanting to know how to monitor Traktor’s Midi Out messages, but I have a Mac…any suggestions?

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