Getting the best out of your BCD-2000, Traktor and MIDI Rules

You might already noticed that with MIDI Rules and BCD2000/Traktor mapping rules you can use Behringer’s BCD-2000 with Traktor in a comfortable way.

To get the best “team play” out of it, all Traktor features that you can control with your BCD-2000 should not be used additionally via the Traktor interface. If you, for instance, use the play button of Traktor in addition to the BCD-2000 play button, you will get an inconsistent LED state on your BCD-2000: e.g. the play LED is on but the deck is not playing).

There are also some preferences settings that you should not select to avoid inconsistence between BCD-2000 and Traktor:

Traktor 3:

Traktor 2.6

5 Responses to “Getting the best out of your BCD-2000, Traktor and MIDI Rules”

  1. bcd2000 Says:

    Hi Cyco

    I’ve developed a self setup for your midi rules.
    have traktor 3 file only.
    Put an icon on deskotp and in start menu.
    I’ve used free “Istall Creator” utlity.
    You can download it from this link:
    Thanks for your big big work!!!

    Dj Gas

  2. bcd2000 Says:


    I had an idea for Midi Rules GUI.

    I have developed this demo with visual basic 6.

    It’s writes on a file called output.txt in same directory.

    After, if you click on start button (is active if you complete the 4th field)
    the application is reduced in the sistem tray, and in order to reopen it you have to do a double click on the icon, after click on exit button.

    It’s a static demo only, I don’t know how it will be working with your application.
    If you have some suggestion …. ;-))

    Dj Gas

    Download link:

  3. Quadrispro Says:

    Hi Cyco, thanks for the great work on BCD and Traktor!!

    I have a question:

    when i bring back the controls to their beginning positions (a kind of manual reset, i.e. pitch 0%, eqs 0 dB), they don’t assume the expected values (usually pitch 0,06 %, eqs -1 dB)


    Thanks for everything u have made until now

  4. cycokraut Says:

    Hi Quadrispro,

    unfortunately the BCD2000 doesn’t send the midi message for the “zero” / mid position !

    In general each slider and knob can send 128 (from 0 to 127) different midi messages. The midi message for the mid position (= zero for pitch and EQ db) is 65. The midi messages send by the BCD jump from 0..64 to 66..127. More precisely the value 64 (the nearest value below the mid value) is send multiple times (e.g.: … 62, 63, 64, 64, 64, 64, 66, 67, …).

    What we can do:
    1. Ask Behringer why the BCD2000 sliders and knobs don’t send the midi message for the “mid/zero postion”, this is data2 = 65 (40 hex).
    2. Instead of skipping a value in the middle (64), it ‘s possible to leave out the highest value 127 by shifting the midi messages with data2 > 65: receive data2 -> send data2 – 1. This is a possible upcoming feature of my BCD2000/Traktor mappings.

  5. Quadrispro Says:

    I imagined it. Thank u

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