Why you can’t adjust pitch to 0% or EQ to 0db with your BCD2000 (yet)

Unfortunately the BCD2000 doesn’t send the midi message for the “zero” / mid position !

In general each slider and knob can send 128 different midi messages (from 0 to 127) . The midi message for the mid position (= zero for pitch and EQ db) is 65. The midi messages send by the BCD jump from 0..64 to 66..127. More precisely the value 64 (the nearest value below the “mid value” ) is send multiple times (e.g.: … 62, 63, 64, 64, 64, 64, 66, 67, …).

What we can do:
1. Ask Behringer why the BCD2000 sliders and knobs don’t send the midi message for the “mid/zero postion”, this is data2 = 65 (40 hex).
2. Instead of skipping a value in the middle (64), it ‘s possible to leave out the highest value 127 by shifting the midi messages with data2 > 65: receive data2 -> send data2 – 1. This is a upcoming feature of my BCD2000/Traktor mappings.

5 Responses to “Why you can’t adjust pitch to 0% or EQ to 0db with your BCD2000 (yet)”

  1. Koen Says:

    I suggest to also leave out the lowest value and shift in the other directions for the lower values. So that 63 gets value 64. This way the knob will turn to the middle when you come from both directions.

  2. cycokraut Says:

    Your solution will cause that 65 will be sent twice, if I understand you right.

    There exists a third solution option:

    3. As I said the midi value 64 value is send multiple times. This leads me to the idea that if MIDI Rules receives 64 the second time it could send out 65 instead. All further 65 values should be dropped.

    btw: I observe that sometimes even the midi value 66 isn’t send by the BCD2000 (..63, 63, 63, 63, 66, ..)

  3. Quadrispro Says:

    great solution, cyco

  4. quadrispro Says:

    Cyco, a question again: in which way we can switch the sync button from toggle mode to hold mode? (i.e. sometime i would like to use it as a beatlock function)

  5. cycokraut Says:

    You can switch the synch button to toogle mode in Traktor’s midi setup (control type). (synch status will not be represented by the synch LED on your BCD2000 in toggle mode)

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