Minor updates for BCD2000/Traktor mappings (10/11/2006)

I just released new versions of ‘BCD2000-Traktor3 – Cycokrauts Extended Flavor A’ and ‘BCD2000-Traktor2 – Cycokrauts Extended Flavor A’.

A nice new feature if you use the pitch slider AND the sync button: BACK-TO-TOP + SYNC will reset the deck tempo (pitch) to 0%.
When you first use the pitch slider for changing the deck tempo and later the sync button, the pitch slider’s mid position (+/- 0%) will not represents Traktor’s 0% deck tempo. You can now press BACK-TO-TOP and SYNC (the pitch slider should be in the mid position of course) and the deck tempo will be set to 0% in Traktor.

Here comes the full change list:

BCD2000-Traktor3 – Cycokrauts Extended Flavor A:

  • pitch bend resolution (=sensitivity) can be configured for bend buttons and jog wheels separately (in Traktor’s midi setup).
  • browse list navigation: now with adjustable sensitivity (in Traktor’s midi setup)
  • ‘BACK TO TOP’ + CUE -> set cue point + snap beat
  • controller mapping: ‘BACK TO TOP’ + ‘SYNC SLAVE’ -> Reset deck tempo (to 0%)

BCD2000-Traktor2 – Cycokrauts Extended Flavor A:

  • controller mapping: ‘BACK TO TOP’ + ‘SYNC SLAVE’ -> Reset deck tempo (to 0%)
  • bug fix “pitch slider is inverted respect of BCD”

For the next updates I plan the following new features/enhancements:

  • Ability to switch the EQ knobs and buttons to deck FX controls (currently only master FX is supported)
  • Increase the precision of the pitch sliders (from 0.12% to 0.06%, I’m not 100% sure if it’s possible)
  • Enhanced cueing functionality

Download the updates

24 Responses to “Minor updates for BCD2000/Traktor mappings (10/11/2006)”

  1. quadrispro Says:

    cyko, i set my fx knobs in this way: knob A – C => filter low frequencies (A => deck A, C = > deck B), B – D filter hi frequencies (B => deck A, D => deck B)

    ON AIR = on/off master effect
    TALK OVER = master effect button (i.e. flanger “action” button)
    A (C) = increase loop length
    B (D) = decrease loop length
    SYNC = deck sync (hold)
    BACK TO TOP + SYNC = deck sync (toggle)

    but i need many other buttons, what do you think about to increase the number of BACK TO TOP combos? ==> BTT + bend+(-) and BTT + kill eqs (mmm eqs reset?yeah) and BTT + search fwd/search rwd (set tempo master & slave)

    I hope to be useful with my suggestions

    thank u again

  2. mb4guns Says:

    Well u can add more levels and midi messages by modifieing the rules files. This way u can make your own flavour.

  3. Usual Suspect Says:

    I´ve installed Midi rules an Yoke and the bdc semms to be connected but when I press play I have to hold it or playing will stop also when using jogwheels Traktor will scroll ahead regardles of what way I´m turning them. Have you heard of this bug before??


    Btw nice one on making the midimaps 😉

  4. cycokraut Says:

    @Usual Suspect:
    Set your BCD to “BDJ Mode” and make sure that you’ve loaded the .tks file in Traktor.

  5. Usual Suspect Says:

    I´ve set midi to Yoke 1 (only) and tried both interneal and external mixing. The BCD is set to BDJ mode and the extended flavor tks is loaded. All buttons/knobs seem to be connected they´re just not functioning proper.

    I have to keep cue/play pressed or the player stops. The jog wheels still skip ahead no matter what way I´m turning them.

    I´ve doubble checked everything and tried to check with the BDJ software to se if it was a faulty device.. No problems there I just really want to use Reaktor (3) ´cause the Bdj software sounds like crap imo 😉

    Btw would it be more appropiate to post these questions at the ni.de forum or is it ok here?

  6. cycokraut Says:

    @usal suspect:
    it’s a good idea to visit the NI forum. In the feature I will provide a forum for midi rules and solution discussions.

  7. Usual Suspect Says:


    Nice one.. Big up on everything you´ve done with the program and so forth 😉

    I just hope I can make it work. Did you recognize any of the problems I´ve listed?

    As mentioned I´ve followed all the instructions and there´s a connection to the buttons/knos/faders they just don´t do what they´re supposed to.. Especially the jog wheel and Cue/Play buttons..


  8. Lasse Says:

    Hi there,
    thanks for the hard efforts!

    I know this probably is a Traktor 3 issue and that it has nothing to do with midi, but I was hoping, that you could help me anyway:

    I can’t get the monitor sound in my headphones – I keep hearing the master out.

    Audio setup:
    Master – BCD1/left, BCD2/right
    Monitor – BCD3/left, BCD4/right

    I have tried to go over the Traktor manual, but with out any luck – am I missing out on something?

    Kind regards

  9. cycokraut Says:

    @Quadrispro: I will try your setup within the next days. It would be great if you can build the same directory structure as my mapping (rules/xxx/) for your setup and include a bat-file to start your mapping. Then would be very easy to install your mapping (simple extract the file to the midi rules folder).

  10. Quadrispro Says:

    actually I’m busy with my univ, but I will update my setup with your suggestion as soon as I can 😉

  11. Quadrispro Says:

    I’ve found 5 minutes to update my setup


  12. cycokraut Says:

    @Usual Suspect: (I found you latest comment in the spam container)
    I have no idea what’s wrong with your setup. If you followed all the instructions everything should works fine. I suggest you to resetup: reinstall midi-rules and one of the mappings, reinstall bcd-driver (the newest), reset and reload the tks file.

  13. Quadrispro Says:

    cyko, what do u think about a map which makes possible to use 4 decks?

  14. cycokraut Says:

    4 deck support for Traktor via BCD2000 is an appropriate feature request and
    Lately discussed in the NI forum: http://www.nativeinstruments.de/forum_us/showthread.php?p=257879#post257879

  15. Quadrispro Says:

    ops…. i’m writing a map extension (BCK TO TOP + ANALOG A BUTTON = switch deck A – deck C), but I understand now…. good idea… very good idea…

  16. The Syndrome Says:

    Hey Cycokraut,

    Had an Idea, how about mapping Back to top (Hold) and Gain to KEY. That way I can key match tunes and beat map them while still having control over the gains.


  17. The Syndrome Says:

    Thinking about it, Back to Top and Gain will throw the contoller out of sync, how about using a different button to act as a shift and then use the jogs, can the on air button be used? It would be a nice function (to change the key).

  18. Daniele Says:

    Hi I use traktor 2 and bcd. Everything is perfect but I’m to able to set traktor to listening the premix in the headphone ( where now I here the same sounds of master. Infact when I watch the audio configuration I see thet I have only one exit ( sx dx) that i can use for master or for monitor. How can I resolve the problem?

  19. cycokraut Says:

    @Daniel: reinstall the bcd2000 asio driver and make sure it is the newest driver.

  20. Mr. X Says:

    Hi man!

    Like your work… Though i’m wondering if it’s possible to increase the speed of the pitch on the jog wheel? I like all the settings except that one. I’ve tried Bome’s solution, and I absolutely love the pitch sens. on the jogwheel on that one, since it’s nearer the CDJ’s …

  21. cycokraut Says:

    @Mr. X: You can adjust pitch in Traktor’s midi settings.

  22. Biff Treehorn Says:

    Hi folks, I’ve been playing around with my new setup and can’t seem to get it right. I’m using Traktor 3.3 with a Vestax VCI-100, M-Audio Firewire 410, and a Macbook. I used to use Traktor 2 with the same setup except since then I sold my monitors so am trying to use S/PDIF output (optical cable) into my surround sound system. I’m getting sound through the speakers and have played around with the settings but for some reason the music coming out my headphones is slightly ahead of the music playing out to the house. Any ideas how I can fix this? I’m completely stumped. Thanks in advance, Biff

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