Keep MIDI Rules running ’til you’re done

Keep the MIDI Rules console window open until you’re done.
If you close the window no more MIDI messages will be processed.

5 Responses to “Keep MIDI Rules running ’til you’re done”

  1. Victor Xine Says:

    Hi Cyco

    Please i need you to help me, i’ve already installed midi rules and have already followed all the steps, the only thing wich i’m having trouble is when configuring midi in and out in the dos prompt… it appears a message after i press 0 that says:

    “staring midi rules…exception in thread “main” java.langarrayindexoutofbounds at com.cycosolutions.midirules.midiadapter.main

    could you please help me? i’d really apreciate it.


  2. cycokraut Says:

    @Victor Xine: For which midi output do you choose “0” = none?

  3. fredzz Says:

    Hi Cyco,
    thanks for your great work but I have some questions for you as you have a good knowledge in midi.
    I use traktor 3 and a BCD2000.
    I succeed to configure all buttons with the learning tool of traktor( with our without the bome translator).
    -what I want to know is how can I do to assign the loop move function to the jog-wheels.
    -How to change the loop length with buttons (increment and decrement)
    -Maybe I can use your solution and you explain me how to change some datas to make ipossible.
    -Another questionis : I look on all the forums and I did’nt rally find a solution of my sound problem. All work good but when I synchronise 2 songs a touble shouting is appear. It’s look like the song stop or freeze some milliseconds or try to find the beat … I deactivate all is possible to deacrivate and the problem is still there.

    Herei is my configuration:
    notebook HP DV6025a with a AMD X2 processor, 2048 DDR, ect … it looks enough to run eveything

    Here is my e-mail Adress :


  4. f4780y Says:

    before i start just want to say how awesome my BCD2000 now is thanks to midi-rules.

    Im a bit of a traktor newbie and for instant effect i have started using VDJ. now i had a little play using the instuctions for traktor and found that by using midi-rules to transpose the messages from my BCD2000 i can give it much better reliability and strength. only trouble is the drl is written for traktor and limits some of the buttons. ie it makes FX C work like it does in traktor and just flash on instead of staying on.
    Just wondering if you would fancy having a look at writing a drl as im useless at it for VDJ.

    I have set mine up so that i have 2 remote on vdj. first is the bcd2k and the second is a midi contoller. allthe functions of the bcd work fine and all the buttons lost by not using the advanced b-dj mode can all be re-assigned. i use the spare fx buttons to scroll through my effects. and change line in to record loop. almost all fuctions are used then.

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