BCD2000/Traktor Audio Problems

If you have the problem that “you can’t here anything on the phones” or something like that, please take a look at:

Sound Problems – Bcd 2000 (Native Instruments Forum)


does anyone here using a traktor?? (Xylio Forum)

but don’t use the comment function of this blog for audio-related support questions (if you haven’t make a donation before ;-))

2 Responses to “BCD2000/Traktor Audio Problems”

  1. DJ MX3 Says:

    Hi, Currently I am having problem with my BCD and I am not sure if this is hardware or not. I brought it to the local Disbtributor here but after 10 days of waiting I got it back with the same problem.

    Anyway , my problem is with the line input only the right channel is working. If anyone experience and solve the problem please let me know. The Behringer service here in Dubai is the worst service centre I ever experience. I am now getting afraid to buy any of this product because of this experience.

    Thanks in Advance,

    DJ MX3

  2. marko Says:

    ha, thats not problem at all. Go to preferences, than output routing and set to internal mixin mode

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