MIDI Rules Prototype 12/25/2006 released

MIDI Rules Prototype 12/25/2006 has been released.

Old rule files have to be modified to run with this new version (see ‘HOWTO upgrade rule files.txt’ included in the release/installation folder)

5 Responses to “MIDI Rules Prototype 12/25/2006 released”

  1. mad1138 Says:

    Hi, first want to thank you for all the great work you have been doing, and doing a release on Christmas day, thats dedication!!

    I have one question, in the new instructions for midi rules it says that at one point i have to load the BCD2000-Traktor3 – mb4guns-cycokrauts Flavor.drl file.

    Problem is that i can’t find that file in the files you have for download, only the 2 versions .tks files, am i missing something?

  2. cycokraut Says:

    @mad1138: yes, you’re right: I forgot to add the .drl to file. Have fix it.

  3. Trey Says:

    I can not get Midi Rules to start,upgraded to Java 5,when I start the program it asks me for the rules file which I point to.I then go through the selection process.

    Select BCD
    Select MIDI Yolk
    Select BCD
    Select None

    Then I get these entries for all buttons(posting just one for example)

    unknown:1788:0 Unable to expand: Variable “Back to top right pressed” is “YES”.
    Due to Expression was not expandable: Variable “Back to top right pressed” is ”

    at org.drools.rule.Package.checkValidity(Unknown Source)
    at org.drools.common.AbstractRuleBase.addPackage(Unknown Source)
    at com.cycosolutions.midirules.MidiAdapter.main(MidiAdapter.java:340)

    I am using the .drl file for Traktor 2.6 from the last release,is there supposed to be a new updated rules file with this release ?

    Thank you for your work on this project Christoph


  4. cycokraut Says:

    @Trey: Old *.drl files don’t work with the MIDI Rules Prototype 12/25/2006. I have published two updated mappings for BCD2000/Traktor2 and BCD2000/Traktor3 on the download page.

  5. Trey Says:

    My feeble attempts to edit the old rules resulted in nothing but failure and frustration,the new rules work great…..once again thanks for your work

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