BCD2000/Traktor mappings available for MIDI Rules Prototype 12/25/2006

Updated mappings for BCD2000/Traktor2 and BCD2000/Traktor3 (support for 3.0 – 3.2) are available.

For change lists see documentation links on https://cycokraut.wordpress.com/midi-rules/download

79 Responses to “BCD2000/Traktor mappings available for MIDI Rules Prototype 12/25/2006”

  1. LAwrence Says:

    hey there Cycokraut
    your work is fabulous keep it up… but
    I just downloaded your prog
    followed instructions carefully
    when midi rules was starting i got a large block of text about java this and jave that. no two second led blink and incorrect funtion on the bcd
    can you please contact me and tell me what i did wrong

  2. cycokraut Says:

    @LAwrence: make sure that you’ve installed a Java Runtime Environment >=5.0. Then follow the instructions in the documentation that comes with the mapping step by step.

  3. LAwrence Says:

    ok I will try that
    will let you know

  4. LAwrence Says:

    OK got the latest version of java
    and then tried midi rules this is the result I copied it below
    thanks for the assistance

    MIDI Rules | Prototype 12/25/2006. Copyright (C) 2006 Christoph Gerkens
    Using rule file C:\Documents and Settings\Shone\My Documents\Traktor3\BCD2000-Tr
    or\BCD2000-Traktor3 – mb4guns-cycokrauts flavor.drl

    Available midi inputs:
    1 = MIDI Yoke NT: 1
    2 = MIDI Yoke NT: 2
    3 = MIDI Yoke NT: 3
    4 = MIDI Yoke NT: 4
    5 = MIDI Yoke NT: 5
    6 = MIDI Yoke NT: 6
    7 = MIDI Yoke NT: 7
    8 = MIDI Yoke NT: 8
    9 = BCD-2000

    Choose midi in: 9
    Available midi outputs:
    0 =
    1 = Microsoft MIDI Mapper
    2 = Microsoft GS Wavetable SW Synth
    3 = MIDI Yoke NT: 1
    4 = MIDI Yoke NT: 2
    5 = MIDI Yoke NT: 3
    6 = MIDI Yoke NT: 4
    7 = MIDI Yoke NT: 5
    8 = MIDI Yoke NT: 6
    9 = MIDI Yoke NT: 7
    10 = MIDI Yoke NT: 8
    11 = BCD-2000

    Choose midi out 1: 3
    Available midi outputs:
    0 =
    1 = Microsoft MIDI Mapper
    2 = Microsoft GS Wavetable SW Synth
    3 = MIDI Yoke NT: 1
    4 = MIDI Yoke NT: 2
    5 = MIDI Yoke NT: 3
    6 = MIDI Yoke NT: 4
    7 = MIDI Yoke NT: 5
    8 = MIDI Yoke NT: 6
    9 = MIDI Yoke NT: 7
    10 = MIDI Yoke NT: 8
    11 = BCD-2000

    Choose midi out 2: 0
    Starting MIDI Rules…Ready.
    java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 1
    at com.cycosolutions.midirules.MidiAdapter.send(MidiAdapter.java:209)
    at bcd2000.traktor.Rule_Initaliziation_0.consequence(Rule_Initaliziation
    at bcd2000.traktor.Rule_Initaliziation_0ConsequenceInvoker.evaluate(Rule
    at org.drools.common.DefaultAgenda.fireActivation(Unknown Source)
    at org.drools.common.DefaultAgenda.fireNextItem(Unknown Source)
    at org.drools.common.AbstractWorkingMemory.fireAllRules(Unknown Source)
    at org.drools.common.AbstractWorkingMemory.fireAllRules(Unknown Source)
    at com.cycosolutions.midirules.MidiAdapter.run(MidiAdapter.java:162)
    at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)
    org.drools.spi.ConsequenceException: java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 1

    at org.drools.common.DefaultAgenda.fireActivation(Unknown Source)
    at org.drools.common.DefaultAgenda.fireNextItem(Unknown Source)
    at org.drools.common.AbstractWorkingMemory.fireAllRules(Unknown Source)
    at org.drools.common.AbstractWorkingMemory.fireAllRules(Unknown Source)
    at com.cycosolutions.midirules.MidiAdapter.run(MidiAdapter.java:162)
    at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)
    Caused by: java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 1
    at com.cycosolutions.midirules.MidiAdapter.send(MidiAdapter.java:209)
    at bcd2000.traktor.Rule_Initaliziation_0.consequence(Rule_Initaliziation
    at bcd2000.traktor.Rule_Initaliziation_0ConsequenceInvoker.evaluate(Rule
    … 6 more
    Press any key to continue . . .

  5. Trey Says:

    LAwrence ….I start up with one more choice,it should be

    Midi In:BCD 2000

    Midi Out 1:Midi yolk #

    Midi Out 2:BCD 2000

    Midi Out 3:None

    Then all lights on the BCD should flash once and then your set to go

  6. LAwrence Says:

    excellent trey that did it thanks a lot

  7. LAwrence Says:

    ok so I have it but my jog wheel when touched to searched through a paused track goes onle one direction very fast at that. also I want to assign my master volume with traktor preferences and after trying, Add-master-mater volume and then rotate master output no midi channel shows up or any thing at all. It seems as though the master volume knob is just not midi. even though the behringer manual sya it is any ideas?

    Sorry guys I am new to this and wish the boys at behringer would just get off their asses and get a working template this is ridiculous

    maybe I will check out virtual DJ

  8. LAwrence Says:

    well Cyco you are a genius! I re dl’ed all the files and followed the instructions with TREY’s little addition and it all works beuatifully!

    CUDOS on a job well done.

  9. Lawrence Says:


    Thanks man I think I would have given up I tried it all so many times my head was starting to explode

    maybe I will get the basics of this midi stuff yet. I think Behringer will force us all to become midi experts rather than just doing there job

    Thanks Again

  10. Lawrence Says:

    so one last question ( well probably not) do you just adjust midi preferences in traktor as per usual? or i sthere a special way of mapping now?

  11. Lawrence Says:

    havng played for a few hours, now it is all working, this is great thanx a lot for all yout great work a donation is definetly forthcoming from me.

    is there a complete list of all the mapping with the complete combos and how do i handle putting two line cd players into the bcd now that the analog input a and B are for cueing?

  12. djm Says:

    Just updated to the new rules and the new mb4guns rules and TKS file for Traktor 3. One question: why is the jog wheel search inverted now (while stopped)? I mean, going clockwise it goes back on start of the song. On play the behaviour is correct.

  13. cycokraut Says:

    @djm: I’will fix this issue now. Traktor 3.2 needs invert control settings and it seems that I used this settings for the Traktor 3 tks file also.

  14. djm Says:

    thanks Cyco, you did a great job

  15. Arno Says:

    All, think I got the same issue as Lawrence had, but I chose the right Midi In&Outs, in my preferences (traktor) my Midi Setup now only (partial) works with BCD2000, but when I read the documentation, it is clearly mentioned to choose Midi Yoke NT1, but then my BCD doens’t respond to any…

  16. jason Says:

    how do we incorporate the midi yoke? i dont see it listed in traktor and i dont see it listed in the midi rules prototype..

  17. cycokraut Says:

    @jason: you have to install midi yoke FIRST.

  18. jason Says:

    it is installed.. i switched over to maple midi and i see that listed but midi yoke is a no go :-/

    when i get this working, ill definitely make a video tutorial and youtube it for people who have troubles..

  19. jason Says:

    the documentation link for traktor 2 on this page https://cycokraut.wordpress.com/midi-rules/download is 404.. just a heads up!

  20. cycokraut Says:

    @jason: documentation link is working again.

  21. jason Says:

    awesome, thanks a lot.

    after uninstalling everything (even traktor) i’m in business now everything works great! now im just going to try and tweak a few things that match my style of djing more..

    is there anyway to select the loop size from the bcd? like 4 8 16? and is there a way to cue a deck from teh bcd so it only goes through headphones and not the live mix? thanks! (any help on steering me in the right direction woul dbe great! )

    awesome work though!

  22. cycokraut Says:

    @jason: please read the documentation (selecting loop length etc.)

  23. jason Says:

    ok nm all that i see it now on the link you fixed up!

    only thing that doesnt seem to be working is the jog wheels, the right one seems to only cycle through my songs and thats it? and is there a way to control the filter ammount from bcd? i saw we can cahgne a few things but not the ammount..? thanks again!

  24. jason Says:

    wow. thanks a lot cyco everything works great, and after doing more research im going to have to map something over to the knobs to control the filter ammount, so that way i can actually add it into a mix.. everything is working so great thanks!

    if anyone has any info on how to change a mapping please share.. the filter ammount would be perfect for me!


  25. Lawrence Says:

    Hey guys
    Does anyone have a complete list of mappings ?
    I am trying to use the analog input A and analog Input B two denon cd players so I can then use the laptop and the two decks . But since the analog input buttons are now cue I was wondering if there is a button combo IE: back to top+analog input A that would switch from deck a traktor two analog input A?

    Any Ideas?

  26. cycokraut Says:

    @Lawrence: I think you need support for 4 decks. As far as I know external sources via line in must be mapped to e.g. deck C and D in Traktor, am I right?

  27. E164 Says:

    Hi there Cycokraut should just say thanks for all your work so far i have my BCD2000 set up working with traktor 3 everything is working correctly however i have a similar problem to Lawrence.
    I am using a 3 channel vestax mixer with 2 turntables and the BCD2000 with laptop.
    I wish to use my existing mixer for scratching while still able to record to digital and use both channels of the BCD2000 through one channel on the vestax mixer.
    Currently i am running the master out of the BCD into channel 2 of the vestax mixer with channel 1 and 3 being used for the turntables. Using a headphone splitter switch this lets me able to listen to either of the turntables or switch to the BCD and listen to either channel with use of the analog input buttons.
    I am then running one of the master outs of the vestax mixer into analog 1 of the BCD and the other master out into an amp.
    I assume doing it this way i will be able to record everything to digital on either deck C or D is mapped to traktor but have been unable to find out how to do this.

    Any help would be appreciated.


  28. shon Says:

    can someone give me a setup instructions on how to make the bcd2000 work with the traktor 3?

  29. Barry Says:

    Hi Cycokraut, could you please help me?, I have followed all of the setup instructions for the bcd-2000/traktor 3 setup but i am still getting no midi control?
    After i enter the 3 correct midi out values in midi-rules the led’s on my bcd2000 flash for 2 seconds but I am still unable to control any of the parametres in traktor 3.
    When i press play manually via my laptop the music is playing through the bcd-2000 soundcard yet still no control, have you any idea were I am going wrong?

    Thanks again for the work you have been doing here



  30. cycokraut Says:

    @Barry: make sure that you’ve selected the same midi interface in Traktor as you select for midi output 1 (midi yoke #1 for instance). Double check that no other midi interface is selected in Traktor. If this still doesn’t help, use Maple Virtual Midi Cable http://www.hurchalla.com/Maple_driver.html instead of midi yoke (you may have to uninstall midi yoke).

  31. david Says:

    hallo cycokraut, alter kraut 😉

    ich hab bis jetz die diskussionen hier und aufm native board angeregt mitverfolgt und bin dir sehr dankbar für deine einfache lösung mit den presets für midi, sehr lobenswerte arbeit, allerdings binich nun schon 3 tage drüber den pfl-mix regler zum laufen zu kriegen, hab schon alle kombinationen auf mischpult (mit input a&b etc) durchprobiert hab allerdings immer das problem das der pfl entweder direkt am hauptausgang anliegt oder das auf einer seite alles super passt und sobald ich komplett auf die andre seite drehe beide tracks gemischt sind, was ja dann eher in der mittelstellung so sein sollte.
    gibts hierfür ne lösung?? dank dir schonmal für deine mühen!

    gruss, david

  32. cycokraut Says:

    @david: Der PFL-Mix knopf der BCD sollte eigentlich direkt mit dem phone mix von Traktor verbunden sein. Teste also, ob Du das gleiche Problem hast, wenn Du den ph mix in Traktor verwendest. Falls ja, kann es sein, dass deine Audio Einstellungen in Traktor nicht ganz in Ordnung sind. Andernfalls kannst Du den Knopf auch per “Learn” in der MIDI Einstellung von Traktor selbst zu weisen (es gibt keine spezielle programmierung für den Knopf).

  33. Daniel Says:

    Hi there, just stumbled over this site as i want to get my bcd and traktor to work together…i am wondering, if it is also possible to control gain and eq in traktor with the gain and eq knobs on the bcd2000. actually i think, we all have been beta testers for behringer. bcd3000 will ship with traktor…..cheers and thanks for the work! daniel

  34. rocksville Says:

    Gibt es irgendeine möglichkeit Timecode Vinyls mit Taktor und dem BCD 2000 zu nutzen???
    Bei Virtual Dj funktioniert es doch auch.

    Danke im voraus.

  35. cycokraut Says:

    @rocksville: Gute Frage… Da ich kein Final Scratch habe, kann ich das leider nicht beantworten. Ich weiss nicht, ob Traktor dann noch auf MIDI reagiert. Ist es möglich FS mit Traktor im 4 Deck Modus zu betreiben: 2 Decks für FS und 2 “normale” Decks? Dann könntest Du die 2 normalen Decks mit der BCD steuern.

  36. rocksville Says:

    Danke für die schnelle Antwort, gibt es irgenwo ein Tutorial oder Midi Mapping dafür??
    Habe schon das ganze Netz durchgesucht 😦
    Mein Gedanke war eigentlich die “teure” Final Scratch Audio- Schnittstelle durch den BCD zu ersetzen. Ich möchte einfach anstelle der Jog- Wheels, die Plattenspieler mit Timecode Platten benutzen.

    Noch ne Frage, ist es möglich Timecode Platten mit BDJ Behringer Software zu betreiben?


  37. Al Williams Says:

    Hi Cycokraut and seriously thanks so much for giving everyone so much help, your instructions have really helped me getting things sorted and if it wasnt for your guidance I would have probably sent the laptop and bcd2000 back!

    I hopefully only need help on a small thing. The headphones only play the master output when routed through the bcd2000 when I use traktor. It is ok with the rubbish B-DJ software and I have tried endlessly with options. Do you have any idea what it could be? The PFL is controlled by the BCD2000 ok in the program but does not make any difference in the headphones. The headphone volume does not show anything when I use it on the BCD and so I am stumped. I used your midi map and so though it would be ok- have I done something wrong?

    Thanks for you help up to now and hopefully for this- we all owe you one!

  38. Bryan Says:

    Hi Cycokraut…i had EXACTLY the same problem as Barry above. The BCd lights up and midi rules says it ready but still nothing. Tried midiyoke first and after uninstalling it used maple all with no luck. I really need to use this thing so please help a brother out before he pulls his hair out.

    Does it matter that i installed th latest program and no the very first ones you put up?


  39. cycokraut Says:

    @Bryan: From time to time I have the same problem. After I restart the system, all works well. From my point of view I think the BCD Midi Driver is the problem. Btw.: Do you have installed the latest driver?

  40. cycokraut Says:

    @Al: you put a deck on the headphones with “analog input”.

  41. desperate newcomer Says:

    I’ve just configured everything to work with my BCD and Traktor. Works fine, but, if I use the controls too fast, BCD will lost control over Traktor and needs to be resynchronised. Any suggestion?

    cyco, great job !!!!

  42. cycokraut Says:

    Eliminate any performance leaks (http://www.audioforums.com/resources/windows-xp-optimization.html and Native Instruments forum for instance). Especially disable WLAN and internal audio devices etc.

  43. Bryan Says:

    @Cyco…yup downloaded the latest driver for BCD from the website. How would i fix the BCD Midi Driver problem and when you say you restart and all works fine, do you first do all the sync-ing and stuff then restart or should i restart and start the whole process again from scratch?

  44. cycokraut Says:

    @Bryan: I reboot my computer. Switching the BCD off and on again doesn’t work for me.

  45. Belha Says:


    I buy the BCD2000 and i did all the steps that i check here, and i did it more than 1000 times… and the true is that i CAN´T, i start to be crazy with it.
    Someone can explain to me what is wrong?

    I am using BCD 2000, and Traktor 3.0


  46. Lawrence Says:

    Hey everyone
    I have this setup working om my desktop but no luck on my laptop I follow the same steps get the leds to light up syaing all is well but… nothing I have downloaded midi ox to try and monitor the inputs but dont seem to be getting any midi inputs from the BCD can someone walk me through any special midi ox setup in case I am not doing the right thing. or does anyone have any ideas why one comp works fine and the other is not giving me squat!!!

  47. Lawrence Says:

    I have tried both maple cable and midi yoke

  48. Ed Says:

    This converter works beautifully except for one fairly big problem, the pfl/monitor/headphones volume, I can’t get any sound coming out of my headphones from either deck, I’ve tried pushing analog input but to no avail I can’t seem to find the output for the monitor in audio setup preferences either. A fix to this would be a big help, thanks.

  49. Ed Says:

    ok I’ve changed my audio device over to DS BCD-2000 but that’s just made the master come out of the head phones and not the speakers! rah this is frustrating!

  50. DJ Risks Says:

    I bought the BCD 2000 and have been trying for a week to get it to work with Traktor3. I have downloaded Bomes Midi Translator Pro, and assigned BCD2000 as Midi in and Midi Yoke 1 as Midi out, that didn’t work. This morning I downloaded BCD2000 – cycokrauts 2007_02_05, Started Midi Rules. In the instructions it says assign Midi out 1 as Maple Midi, but I cannot find it.

  51. shlomi Says:

    Sorry for my english…
    I Have the BCD2000 with TRAKTOR 3.2.2 and with Maple Midi.
    I followed a lot of time in the insructions document and the bcd2000 lights no flash and the traktor not sync with the machine:
    midi rules show this:

  52. DJ Risks Says:

    I have managed to get BCD2000 to work with Traktor, it was just the case of a minor mistake of not double clicking Midi Yoke 1 for the MIdi Output in Traktor 3. The problem is now that when I use the BCD2000 with Traktor, Traktor always pauses. I have took of some of the options in Traktor such as performing background anaysis, set Traktors priority to high, and adjusted the latency but I still get the pauses

  53. cycokraut Says:

    @shlomi: Your MIDI Rules installation is faulty. Download/reinstall MIDI Rules again.

  54. shlomi Says:

    I was uninstall (complete) and install 10 times the midi rules but nothing change
    yesterday i was remove my java and my traktor and clean my computer
    (include registry) and later install all again but nothing change again.
    Thanks for the help cyco!!!

  55. shlomi Says:

    Yes!!! Its Working Well!!
    I Was Reinstall My Windows xp And its working beautiful!!
    Cycokraut Thanks for job you have been doing!! Its Great!!

  56. Lawrence Says:

    hey there everyone
    I am having a really irritating time with my laptop and the bcd !!!!
    I have the setup working great on my desktop using middi rules and traktor 3
    I cannot get this to work with my lap top I have downloaded the latest drivers for the bcd java runtime and latest version of midi rules
    I have set up both machines the same way one works the other doesnt
    I have downloaded midid ox and both machine are recieving midi signals
    I follow the standard procedure and get the syncronizing complete flash of the bcd leds traktor plays through the bcd coundcard and i can use the phones main mix and phones volume but the bcd doe not respond to and sliders and or buttons or any other bcd controls Is there something I am missing or should I save up for a million years and by the xone3d!!!!!!!!!

  57. cycokraut Says:

    @Lawrence: which traktor version do you use? Have you load the tks file bundled with the drl file?

  58. Lawrence Says:

    I believe so I am just opening midi rules in the standard way is there a possibility I am loading the wrong tks with the wrong drl? could you walk me through the correct to open both the right file?

  59. Lawrence Says:

    traktor 3

  60. Lawrence Says:

    Thanks once again cyco as usual you were right on the money I had conflicting tks and drl profiles loaded in traktor preferences! It now is working perfectly

    You have once again retored my faith in humanity donation definitely in order thanks again

  61. Matheus Says:

    i’m brazilian, so i’m sorry about my english….
    some days ago i tried using this configurationwith my bcd and it worked like i never saw before. but, in the next day it didn’t work. i did all the things taht you said on the instructions again and nothing…. the strange thing is that i didn’t change nothing and it stoped work.
    may you help me?
    thank you

  62. alex side Says:

    hi i am i have got myself a bcd2000 and traktor 3 and it all works good but i cant seem to get my 2 vinyl decks to work thru the bcd when its on traktor can u giv me any tips on how to make it work??

    thanx alot
    alex side

  63. Pupilas Says:

    hi cycokraut.
    i write to yo from argentina. i need your help please
    why the jog of my bcd2000 move the track to one direction only?? i mean, when i move the jog for the left or right, the track move to right always!
    please help me.

  64. cycokraut Says:

    @Pupilas: Please read the setup instruction carefully. Possible reasons: wrong or not loaded tks file (Traktor Midi Setup). Wrong Traktor Midi In Interface selection (don’t select BCD2000).

  65. Pupilas Says:

    work’s perfect!!!!!! thank you cyco!
    thank you very much!!!

  66. slim Says:

    hi cycokraut.
    I want to know if we can use final scratch 2 timecode vinyl only with BCD 2000 soundcard under Traktor ???
    I search a forum for a long time to find a solution but no succes. most we have absolutely the FS2 soundcard the make the system playing???
    Thank you for your patience and for your help to prgram the midirules.

  67. Mariano Says:

    Cyc0: I’ve tried your mapping for bcd2000 with traktor 2.6.
    everything works great but after 2 or 3 hours using it, the bcd2000 frezee and no button rensponds until I restart bcd2000 and midi rules. what can I do??

  68. ManuDJ Says:

    Hello, Mariano, the music turns off? or only bcd not respond? If the music continues playing and you can play traktor from mouse this is a problem (in my case) with the hardware, concretely with volume sliders. I sugest to you make a probe: Put the sliders at top and bottom and move a little left and right. If the volume in traktor moves is the hardware, and when you use very fast the slider freezes the bcd. If this is your problem buy a CRC 5-56 oil and put in the sliders and move up and down fast and furious ten or eleven times and the problem dissapears. Sorry for my english but im from spain. Bye.

  69. Jasper Says:

    Hey cyco,

    I am usung bcd2000 – Traktor v3 – MIDI Rules Prototype 12/25/2006 – Maple Virtual Midi Cable – Latest Java – Latest BCD2000 drivers – and WINDOWS VISTA.

    I have Everything is working well in compatability mode, but one problem. The bcd2000 seems to be sampled only every 10seconds. The BCD2000 controls change the software interface, but only if the control is pressed while the BCD2000 is being sampled.

    Please help, i dont really want to upgrade to the BCD3000.


  70. Jasper Says:

    actually its more like every 5 seconds. I dont think its traktor frezzing as i can control the interface with the mouse, but i cant get tracks to play with the mouse or the bcd2000.

    any ideas?

  71. Mark Says:

    Hey mate great site and great work. Are you going to do a BCD2000 mapping for the new TRAKTOR PRO? It would be awesome if you could. THanks

  72. cycokraut Says:

    If I have some free time, a could make a mapping for Traktor Pro. Maybe at the end of the year…

  73. Roler Says:

    I’m currently making a mapping for Traktor Pro (4 decks control)
    Let you know when it’s ready

  74. rodgalhardo Says:

    hey, Roller!
    thanks for your great mappings.
    any possiblity to assign the 2 Mic INPUTs (High and Low) knobs as EQ balance Knobs? One to Deck A (C) and other to Deck B (D)?

  75. Hertzious Says:

    Roler, your mapping is really nice, but I get the problem of pressing twice always to get a button to work… , also, do you think you can do a mapping for traktor pro 1.1.1 that works with external mixer? like in garrapeta mapping.
    thanks! and keep it up with the good work

  76. Dubstep master Says:

    hi its a great site but how can u record on traktor on a mac when using the bcd 2000, thanks for the midi mapping btw….


  77. Juank Says:

    Spanish’m carrying a lot of time using your settings BCD2000 with traktor 3. My question is whether it can modify the file for use where controls the analogue input sync to use timecode vinyls. Thank you.

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