BCD2000 + Traktor + MIDI Rules + Mac OS X

Mac OS X Tiger 10.4When I started to with the first MIDI Rules Prototype I had already in my mind to support Windows and Mac (and also Linux). Until now the only solution build on MIDI Rules is to marriage the BCD2000 with Traktor (this was my initial motivation to create MIDI Rules). Because there was no BCD2000 driver for Mac, there was also no application for MIDI Rules on Mac. But now things getting faster:

A smart guy evinyatar build a BCD2000 MIDI driver for Mac (with now from Behringer I guess).

And that’s not all: He also created a .dmg file of MIDI Rules (build up on MIDI Rules Prototype 2006-12-25). that you can easly use on your Mac. His post about BCD2000, Traktor, MIDI Rules on Mac OS X tells you how to setup the system. Different from Java for Windows, the MacOS X version by Apple doesn’t come with MIDI support. You have to install a third party library. You will also need at least MacOS X 10.4 because Java 1.5 is required for MIDI Rules (as far as I know there’s no Java > 1.4.x for MacOS X 10.3).

Unfortunately, there’s still now BCD2000 audio driver for Mac.

10 points for Enviyatar! (Btw.: It seems that we share the same first name…)


11 Responses to “BCD2000 + Traktor + MIDI Rules + Mac OS X”

  1. Evinyatar Says:

    Cycokraut; could you email me? I’d like to discuss setting up a SVN or CVS repository for the source code. That’ll make it easier for me to submit the code for the MidiRules GUI.

  2. JAA Says:

    THANK YOU!!!

  3. djulz Says:

    Humm, tried it, and had problems via Traktor 3.2 a bit unstable… Great improvment anyway, thanks Evinyatar. The link to his site is dead as of today! I wonder what has happened?

  4. Quadrispro Says:

    sigh… there’s no driver for linux…. :(((

  5. dodgit Says:

    Just wondering, would the audio driver from the bcd 3000 be useful for developing an audio driver for the bcd 2000? I understand it wouldn’t be a simple swap but could this be something to look into possibly?

  6. julien sanfrancisco Says:

    sorry but its imposible to download midi rules for mac… i need bcd2000 for this weekend… where i can find mirules for mac please…
    thx. Ju

  7. cycokraut Says:

    @julien sanfrancisco: I’ve updated the download link for the dmg file created by evinyatar above. Unfortunately the dmg-packed version is build up on the unstable MIDI Rules Prototype version 2006-12-25. There is no dmg-packed version of the new release 2007-08-09.
    Since MIDI Rules is a Java application it runs MAC also. I will post a how-to.

  8. daz Says:

    So I got the BCD3000, its my first attempt at Digital Mixing. So the 3000 came with Traktor LE which seems to get a little glitchy after about 30-40 min then requires a relaunch. So I am looking to possibly remap the BCD to a different software and Even after reading through this thoroughly I still can’t figure out how to access tools to map a software to the this device on Mac OSX. Can anyone help a vinyl dinosaur? or at least give me the basic order of how to use the tools on this site
    thnx in advance

  9. magicmelody Says:

    There is a possibility of running a bcd2000 in my mandriva linux?


  10. Roger Says:


    This is not a Mid-Rules question, but you are my last option to understand BCD2000 internals.

    I’m a VJ making a BCD2000 module for the Modul8 VJ Software, for mac.
    I’m using evinyatar’s driver, of course, but it works only on ‘B-DJ’ mode. None of the leds light up, and the buttons send 127 when you press it and 0 when you release it.
    I want it to run as in PC’s ‘Advanced mode’, so when I press a button, it sends 127 and light up the led, and if I press it again it sends 0 and the led will light out.
    Do you know what message should I send to BD2000 to achieve that?

    BTW, have you heard if the BCD3000 mac drivers work with BCD2000?

    Thanks in advance,

  11. cycokraut Says:

    You’ll find the midi message definitions for switching the LEDs on/off in the BCD manual on Behringer’s homepage.
    I use the BCD 2000 in B-DJ mode (= standard mode for BCD3000) to get the full control over the device. Therefore I maintain the states of the controls in MIDI Rules (variables) and translate the midi messages that comes from the BCD depending on the state. This is nearly what the BCD-2000 / BCD-3000 driver does in adavance mode.

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