BCD3000: support for Windows and Mac OS X + incl. Traktor 3 LE

The next generation of BCD2000, Behringer’s BCD3000, will support Windows as well as Mac OS X! Just like the BCD2000, Behringer’s newest MIDI Controller comes with a 4 channel audio interface and looks like a BCD2ooo with white painted controllers, but includes Traktor 3 LE. (I must think of Hercules DJ console and the light version of Traktor 2.5 + Bye Bye B-DJ)

Behringer BCD3000

The BCD3000 should be available on the 2nd quarter of 2007 (which must be the 4th quarter of 2008 in Behringer’s calculation of times 😉


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  1. djm Says:

    hey Cyco, I frankly hope that Behringer and NI will pay you the copyrights for all the solutions you developed during all this time and they put into BCD3000. Look at it – the cue buttons etc.
    It’s a shame that after all this work made from someone else just to make BCD work good Behringer just think “ok I can make some money more by putting a new name on the box and sell it again to those people” instead of offering the BCD2000 integration with Traktor officially and in a cheap way. Respect to you and shame to them.

  2. someone Says:

    whats the difference to bcd2000+midi-rules?

  3. DJ JUKA Says:


    JUST…Respect to you and shame to them.


  4. André Says:

    Man, You’re great! This MidiRules cracks Bommer. But, I need some help.
    How can I change the CUE mapped function (as cue/play) to cue/stop?
    I want the cue to works as a CDJ, I mean, when I press cue it goes to the cue predefined point, but stoped!!! I want to pause the music, and then define the cue by pressing cue button, but when I was listen to the music and press cue again, it must goes back to the begginig of the cue point whoth play it!
    Some one?

  5. cycokraut Says:

    @André: press cue + play. (play while cue pressed).

  6. Cognizance Says:

    You’ve done great work with the midirules. Thanks a lot for the best solution i’ve found yet… do you think the bcd3000 drivers will be able to be used with the bcd2000? I am still having troubles with the asio driver locking up… it is a real shame behringer didn’t bother to fix this… instead they just pretend you need the new and improved model…

  7. cycokraut Says:

    I assume that the drivers for BCD3000 will be compatible with the BCD2000.

  8. lee Says:

    I’,m hoping that the drivers will be compatible with the bcd-2000, although youve done great work getting most functions in traktor to work I still cant get the jog wheels or the heaphone port to work, have I done something wrong or is the no solution for this just yet?

  9. cycokraut Says:

    1. check your audio settings in traktor: https://cycokraut.wordpress.com/2007/02/16/traktor-audio-settings-for-bcd2000/

    2. Make sure that you know how to cue a deck to the head phones: Use the “analog input A/B” buttons to cue deck A/B on the head phones. Put the “PLF MIX” totally to the left to suppress the main out and just listen to the cued deck.

  10. Evinyatar Says:

    What I’ve heard is that the BCD3000 will implement the standard USB profiles for both audio and MIDI, which means there will be no drivers for it other than what’s built into the OS. This is a very good thing for the BCD3000, but of course not so good for the BCD2000.
    Also keep in mind that the drivers for the BCD2000 aren’t all that bad. It’s the hardware that’s bad. So even if the BCD3000 drivers were compatible with the BCD2000, all that would fix is having to use MIDI Rules. It would not solve any of the instability issues.

  11. Shailpik Biswas Says:

    hello. I am about to start out as mp3 dj. I have never deejayed before, but I am well versed with the main aspects of it (I have been practising). I am okay with using softwares for my mix, so I want a dj controller.

    i was thinking about hercules MK2 first. But then got attracted to bcd3000, I am also checking out Numark total control, because both are in the price range that I can afford right now (I am a student, just completed college 1st year). Which one is advisable for me to buy? Or should I buy something else? Please recommend something. I will be much obliged and grateful if u could reply to this.

    Thank you.

  12. cycokraut Says:

    @Shailpik: It depends on which DJ software you want to use. I suggest to nav to your software vendor’s homepage and take a look in the online forum. Chances are good that you’ll find a thread discussing the usage of MIDI controllers to control the software.

  13. Shailpik Biswas Says:

    Thank you for replying so soon Cyco.

    Well, I was planning upon adapting to whatever software my console went best with. I am currently working with VDJ4.1; but i am okay with change.

    I was asking if I should go for the BCD3000. Yesterday, I researched a lot and saw that within my price bracket, only BCD3000 was worth buying.

    I will check. But are there any users here yet? I see it is already out. Online stores are all selling it for $199-200. Been planning to buy a controller in June this year. Should I go for this one. Even though it will be a pain to ship it to India (that’s where i am), but it will still be cheaper than what the dealers are demanding here.

    Any ideas anyone? Should this novice go for a bCD3000?

  14. locket Says:

    I have been looking for and mp3 midi controller to start doing a bit of mixing again, iv heard alot of varied opinions about the behringer, i also think its pretty crap the way they have treated there existing customers with the 2000, i would nt usualy go with a company like this but for the money it seems it would be perfect for were im at.
    I wonderd can u use other software with hardware, there r other dj softwares out there that i would like to try, would the 3000 only be compatible with traktor or could i use it with other brands?


  15. Ben Says:

    *If* the 3000 is a standard MIDI input device (which the 2000 should have been, but inexplicably wasn’t) then you should be able to use it with any software — and indeed other OSs such as Linux. This has long been the case with most other consoles. Behringer messed up making the 2000 incompatible, and unfortunately if they have to rectify that by making the 3000 incompatible with the 2000, so be it. Fact is, the 3000 should work out of the box with more software and not require hacks in the first place, other than mapping the incoming MIDI messages to the controls as you want them.

  16. Niek Says:

    I’ve got my BCD-3000!
    Had to return my BCD-2000 because the soundcard broke down :-s
    In the shop I saw that they had the 3000 so instead of getting a new 2000, I added some money 🙂
    Let’s hope the mappings still work because the play and cue buttons are switched.

  17. Niek Says:

    This is what doesn’t work anymore:
    – play and cue buttons are switched, so mapping have to be switched too
    – the cue search/scratch pad is a lot more sensitive now. That make looking for the cue a lot more difficult because it “jumps” through the song. Scratching is impossible…
    – I thought with my BCD-2000 turning the “phones mix” button enabled me to listen to only the pfl channel or the mix… It doesn’t do that anymore, the button seems to do nothing at all.

  18. Niek Says:

    Never mind about the “phones mix”, suddenly it does work, or i did something wrong 🙂
    Btw, I’m using Traktor Dj Studio 3

  19. cycokraut Says:

    – sensitivity can be ajusted in Traktor’s Midi Setup
    – phones mix: you have to cue the deck that you want to put on the phones first (that’s the way it works in Traktor). Use Analog Input A/B to cue a deck.
    Does Behringer ship a manual with the BCD3000 that explains the MIDI messages used by the BCD3000? Like the BCD2000 manual that is online available on behringer.com.
    Edit: Just noticed that Behringer has updated the BCD3000 page and added the manuals for download.

  20. Niek Says:

    Tnx I’ll try that sensitivity setting.
    A detailed midi message explanation is included.

  21. Niek Says:

    Is there a chance you can adjust your mappings with the info you find on the behringer site?
    Because it doesn’t seem something easy to do.
    The wheels of the BCD-3000 have a “acceleration behaviour” so it detects when you spin faster…
    Traktor gets very confused by it.

  22. cycokraut Says:

    @Niek: I allready read about the “acceleration behaviour”. Furtunately, it’s possible to disable this feature via a MIDI message sent to the BCD3000.
    But want’s about the switched play/pause and cue button? Isn’t this a problem? Does the “cue feature inspired by CDJ-1000 MK3” still work?

  23. Niek Says:

    It still works if you press CUE instead of PLAY and vice versa 🙂
    I tried to switch the buttons in the midi rules file by replacing all “data1 : 18” by “data1 : 19” and the other way around, but apparently also the wheel uses codes 19 and 18 so I’ll have to do it step by step…
    I’ll try to do it this evening.

    Can you at least explain me what the difference is between “command : 176” and 144?

    The manual states that to disable acceleration behaviour of the wheels, you need to send a value between 0-63 to channel 1 or midi CC number 99…

    Pff midi CC no., midi note no., midi note name, midi channel… All very confusing!

  24. cycokraut Says:

    @Niek: MIDI messages with command 176 stand for “Control Change” (CC). Command 144 means “Note On/Off”.
    To disable the accelation behaviour of the BCD3000 insert “Send short message to midi out 2 with channel : 1 , command : 176 , data1 : 99 , data2 : 0” in the first rule “Initaliziation” after the “then” keyword in a new line (in the .drl file).
    It would be fine, if you can tell me if it works. I think sending this message to a BCD2000 doesn’t matters, so I can include it in the mapping on the download page.

  25. Niek Says:

    Ok I made all the adjustments!
    – Switched play and pause button in deck A and B in the midi rules file.
    – Adjusted the signal when the wheels are turned counter-clockwise! (63 instead of 64)
    – Disabled acceleration behaviour.
    – Switched the play and pause mappings in Traktor tks file too.

    @Cyco: if you give me your e-mail address, I can mail you the files so you can host them.

  26. FluidEffects Says:


    I just got my BCD3000, everything seems to work great, but the analog inputs. I get no signal from A or B, on PC or Mac. I have switched the A input using the control panel on the PC, nothing. I get the clip light to flash with a Mic plugged in to the A side, but nothing gets to the headphones. I’m trying to determin if I have a defective unit. Has anyone managed to get the A or B inputs to work!?!

    Thanks in advance…

  27. FluidEffects Says:

    Got it working on the Mac…


    Traktor Preferences. Audio Setup: Soundcard.

    Select BCD3000 (Aggregated).

    Traktor Preferences. Audio Setup: Output Routing (Internal).

    03: BCD3000 (Aggregated) Out 3
    04: BCD3000 (Aggregated) Out 4

    01: BCD3000 (Aggregated) Out 1
    02: BCD3000 (Aggregated) Out 2

    Traktor Preferences. Audio Setup: Input Routing.

    In Channel B:
    03: BCD3000 (Aggregated) In 3
    04: BCD3000 (Aggregated) In 4

  28. Leo Says:


    I have a new BCD3000 as well. Can you send me the new mappings you’ve just made (tks and drl, I think)?

    thanks in advance!

    joao.leonardo.carmo@gmail.com (this is also my msn)

  29. Niek Says:

    Sure, check your mailbox 🙂
    Mailed it to cycokraut too so he can publish them.

  30. Leo Says:


    Thanks for the great files;)

    Just one thing: isn’t the jog weel switched around? when stopped, foward goes backwards. Is this supposed to be this way?

  31. cycokraut Says:

    @Niek: Does your BCD3000 tks file based on the Traktor3 or Traktor3.2 of my mapping for BCD2000?
    The difference is that the wheel directions are inverted.

  32. mattyg Says:

    Hi guys any chance one of you could help me with this, u all seem to know what your talking about…

    Brought the BCD3000 with Traktor 3 days ago along with a new laptop running Vista (32-bit) to run it on. Both the drivers for it have installed and have been able to change the soundcard settings to BCD3000 OMNI so it will play through the BCD3000 (using Master Volume on BCD). The BCD3000 is displaying as being active in the ‘MIDI Interfaces’ preferences section but none of the controls on it will work.

    Does anybody have any idea what I am doing wrong here? Have tried everything I can think of short of trying to input every single control manually which is going to be a hell of a pain in the arse.

  33. mattyg Says:

    @niek. Im guessing i need 1 of these .tks files u are all talking about? if so any chance u could sort me out, be so so grateful!

  34. Leo Says:


    I guess you installed the BCD3000 drivers using the “Windows XP SP2” compatibility mode, right?

    Anyway, you don’t need to have BCD3000 as your primary windows sound device, since traktor lets you choose the one you want to use when DJing with it. So you can revert you sound settings back to your original sound card and then configure Traktor to use BCD3000 as your sound device.

    You can use BCD3000 midi controller in Traktor 3 without Midi Rules, because BCD3000 is now midi-compliant (not like its predecessor, BCD2000). But, if you prefer Midi Rules mapping files better, you can use them also, but to do that, you really need to run the Midi Rules program.

    I hope I have helped;-) Welcome to the BCD3000 community!

  35. Leo Says:

    One other thing I forgot to mention, the BCD3000 simple traktor setup;-)

    First, you need to be sure you are running the BCD3000 driver in simple mode. Advanced mode changes the way BCD3000 keys are “pressed”

    (simple mode: button click = “on” event followed by “off” event => advanced mode: button click = “on” event only. you have to press it a second time to send an “off” event, and this is why in advanced mode you have to press play twice, for instance, for traktor to stop playing, or something close to this. At least this is what I have unveiled from the user manual 😉 )

    Then, in traktor:

    Preferences -> Audio Setup -> Audio Device (select BCD3000 ASIO)

    Preferences -> Audio Setup -> Output Routing:
    mixer mode: internal
    monitor: left -> bcd3000 – 3
    right -> bcd3000 – 4
    master: left -> bcd3000 – 1
    right -> bcd3000 – 2

    this was the sound card setting, you can also set up inputs if you want to save your mixes in Preferences -> Audio Setup -> Input Routing (just point MASTER channels to it;-) )

    Finally, the MIDI controller part:
    Hotkey & MIDI Setup -> MIDI Interfaces (select BCD3000 as your MIDI Controller)
    Hotkey & MIDI Setup -> MIDI Setup (press LOAD button and load a .TKS file -> traktor 3 LE already comes with the preset to BCD3000 mappings. If you want I can send this file to your e-mail)

    And that’s it! Have fun!

  36. Leo Says:

    This last configuration is for use without midi rules!

  37. mattyg Says:

    thanks alot mate, thats a big big help, will give all u said a go tomorrow and see how things work out! thanks again for taking the time to help me

  38. mattyg Says:

    could you e-mail me that .tks file to me aswell please mate, mattyg44@hotmail.co.uk, thanks

  39. Bob Says:

    I just got a bcd3000 and every time i play music in traktor, it freezes after about 10 seconds and then plays and then freezes again. I tried adjusting the latency, which didnt help.
    I’m running a latitude d620 with a 2.0 ghz core duo and windows vista. (same problem on windows xp)

  40. Shailpik Biswas Says:

    Well, i finally got it last night, the BCD3000. true, it works seamlessly with the included traktor3 LE, but has the same problems as everyone with the full version. Can anyone suggest another software?

  41. Shailpik Biswas Says:

    I have started mapping the controls to VDJ. But I am having constant problems routing the audio. And the jogwheels won’t scratch properly. Other than that, things are working well. The BCD3000 looks okay as a MIDI controller.

    Does anyone have any idea how to get the lights working?

  42. cycokraut Says:

    You can do it all with MIDI Rules 😉

  43. Bob Says:

    What is MIDI Rules?
    Can you map the lights the same way you map the controls?

  44. Bob Says:

    Also, I used the BCD3000 as a standalone USB audio device (no ASIO) and it worked perfectly except that it only recognized two channels. You cant use the headphones to cue any tracks beforehand

  45. Shailpik Biswas Says:

    oh really? Kool then, am trying it out. But I will have to get it to work with virtual DJ. Anyways, am new at this, so please tolerate if I have annoying questions 😛 !

  46. Shailpik Biswas Says:

    okay. Here’s the feedback on the new rules :-

    1)The pitch-sliders on either side need wider range/resolution. Hence, I think instead of relative terms, we need absolute values to govern these controls. If absolute values are too high on Tk3, then atleast we need a wider range.

    2)Jog-wheels need more movement space, like the movement that happens when the deck is not playing and the scratch toggle is not on. Basically, I need the turn of the jog wheel to move around more length on the track, to properly get to some sort of effective scratching.

    3) The FX section:
    a) The controls that have been set for parameter knobs
    3&4 will be easier if they are on 1&2
    b) The buttons ‘action’ and FX toggle (on/off) have been interchanged.
    c) The FX (up arrow) and FX (down arrow) are supposed to cycle between different effects. They are not doing that.

    Other than that, everything works GREAT! Thanx fellas (Cycokraut and Niek)! it was great, the lights are working now! 😀

    Hey, is it too much to ask if I request a rules file for an alternative software, like virtual DJ? Does anyone have an idea what Deckadance is like?

    Also, does anyone know if M-audio’s Torq software is available fo download?

  47. cycokraut Says:

    @Shailpik Biswas:
    answer 1) You can adjust the pitch in Traktor’s Settings

    answer 2) You can adjust the sensitivity in Traktor’s MIDI setup. (search for the right assignment). But I think it’s already set to very sensitive.

    @answer 3.a,b) It should be possible to switch the knobs in Traktor’s MIDI Setting (learn mode)
    @answer 3c) In general a traktor filter can have up to 4 buttons (some have only 2 oder 3). So the 4 BCD300 buttons are currently mapped to these 4 effect buttons in Traktor. Please try to reassign the up and down buttons of your BCD3000. I don’t own a BCD3000, so I can’t do it for you. I only have a BCD2000 on which the 4 buttons are labeled A, B, C, D.
    It’s a good idea to have a effect select switch. (Maybe with some other control combination…).

    If all works great, I can include your midi setup (tks file) in the distribution.

    Currently there is no mapping based on MIDI Rules for other software. Currently MIDI Rules lacks a good documentation and tool support (coming in the future) that would make it easy for people to great a own solution based on MIDI Rules.

  48. Shailpik Biswas Says:

    hey thank you! Okay, now the thing with the FX section is that, in bcd3000 what u have are 4 knobs and 4 buttons.

    The 4 buttons are –

    exactly in that spatial order. Now, the I understand that some plugins can have upto 4 parameters, but the usual two parameters are mapped to knobs 3&4 and the on and action buttons have been interchanged. But I think I will try and change them on Traktor itself.

    Once again, great job sir! When I start earning enough, I will figure out a way of donating to your project! Bcoz u will have a contribution in my success 🙂 !

  49. Shailpik Biswas Says:

    okay I have fixed the rotary wheels. Seems like u get better control if u set if from rotary wheel 64 to just rotary and et sensitivity to 0% and acceleration to 7% or max 10%. works for me.

    BTW, my bcd3000 suddenly stops working with trktr in the middle of a session. any ideas why?

  50. Steve Says:

    A couple of questions if anyone can help?

    Will BCD3000 work with the latest Virtual DJ?
    Will it work on Vista 32bit?
    Is it better than the hercules DJ Console?

    I’m looking at buying either the Hercules DJ Console or the BCD3000 within a couple of days and am unsure of the differences!!!

    Thanks for your time


  51. Shaiik Biswas Says:

    @steve – well, I was set to bnuy hercules MK2 at first. But then I came across BCD300 and after spending somr time on it, I found out that Behringer has better features.

    Well, the folks at VDJ are currently working to give BCD300 a native support, right now u have only normal MIDI control.

    Hope that helps you make a decision! cheers!

  52. Daniel Says:

    Just got the 3000 this week. After googling for hours, i’ve managed to get it working nicely under XPSP2 (I gave up on Vista…) with some minor bugs that others are experiencing. Any fresh ideas on the following?

    1) I found a way to get it working nicely under VirtualDJ4.3 but the sync button does nothing. Also the LED lights work but are weird – if you press the buttons to fast the lights can’t keep up, so they don’t correspond to the position of a control (ie. sometimes with a killEQ will have a light on, sometimes off)…

    i have the TKS from T3LE from Behringer’s site…

    2)Under traktor 3.2.2 the scratch button freezes everything and i need to restart traktor
    3)Under traktor 3.2.2 the wheels don’t really scratch – yet in VDJ4.3 they work beautifully
    4)LED lights are stupid….

    Does anyone have a tks for T3.2.2 that is better than the one I got off the Behringer site for the LE? if so, i’d really appreciate if someone could send it to me as I can’t find it anywhere (i’m willing to host it for those that can’t find it) my email: danielg@carluccios.com

    Thanks in advance to everyone who’s struggling to come up with the solutions!


  53. cycokraut Says:

    @Daniel: Did you try to use your BCD3000 + Traktor 3.x in conjunction with MIDI Rules + BCD/Traktor mapping? Available on this site.

  54. Daniel Says:

    SO when I use the tks it’s great, the only thing that could be improved is the jog wheels – i haven’t seen a tks that would let you do with it as VDJ4.3 (kind of like vinyl), i’ve tried to play with the settings but still nothing close to it.

    When i try to do it all with midi rules, the whole setup goes crazy, freezing, not responding…it’s just weird. Still, just using the TKS the LEDs work perfectly, just that jog wheel vinyl feel would be nice…

    Any ideas?

  55. cycokraut Says:

    @Daniel: I’m not sure if you’ve setup MIDI Rules + BCD/Traktor3 right. Have you loaded the tks file bundled with the BCD/Traktor3 mapping?

  56. Anonymous Says:

    god bless you!!!!
    thank you very much

  57. Piza Says:

    I’ve got the BCD3000, and both an Intel Mac, and a Titanium Powerbook.

    I downloaded the T3LEMidi.TKS file, and roughly half the keys work.
    when I hit the scratch button, it basically shuts down the Unit. sound still plays, but NO midi functions. only way to regain control is to shut down the machine and program…

    What is my best bet to get this machine functioning???
    Im running a previously installed and licensed Traktor 3.

    Thanks for any help you can give me!

  58. Daniel Says:

    Thanks cycokraut!
    I’ve got it working but still not perfect. I think it’s basically a compromise at this point. So far the best one for me is just to load the tks but not go with the midi rules which are a lot of trouble, the LEDS are crazy and the whole thing isn’t as responsive and does freeze occasionally.

    Oddly enough the right wheel’s actions are not 100% like the left’s and I’ve noticed this with a couple different tks’s now. I checked the mapping and it seems ok (same for deck A and B).

    Piza: dig around this site and you’ll get a better tks, or email me (my email is a few posts above).

  59. cycokraut Says:

    @Daniel: if you have trouble with the LED, you maybe haven’t put your BCD to BCD-mode (not advanced mode). Regarding responsive/freeze: have you updated MIDI Rules to 2007-08-09? Do we talking about MIDI freezes or audio/traktor freezes? I own only a BCD2000 so cannot say how exactly MIDI Rules + BCD3000/Traktor3 works with the BCD3000. Maybe I should ask Behringer for a sample developer device…

  60. neil Says:

    Hi , just bought the bcd 3000 and having trouble with setting up. want to use my original pc soundcard ( what im playing my music throught atm. but head phone controls on the 3000 control the sound. it sounds like the headphones are coming from the speakers and also not getting any sound throught my headphones? can anyone help. thanks.

  61. Graham Says:

    OK, maybe you can help. I just got a BCD3K today, and before I could even experience the pain of setting it up with traktor, it crashes my computer. I did the install exactly according to the manual, but every time I power up the unit, my whole computer crashes entirely. Without fail.

    Heard of this before?

  62. monofone Says:

    Hello all and congrats for your wonderful and unbelievably useful work!

    I just bought BCD3000 and I experienced today the exact same problem as Graham’s..My OS (Windows XP custom) crashes every single time the BCD is on and an application using a sound card tries to initiate..I was so desperate that I even uninstalled my sound card (Creative Soundblaster Audigy Platinum ZS) completelly and hopped that it was a simple conflict between Creative and Behringer..But unfortunatelly even that didn’t work..Now the mixer crashed even during installation or when I just tried to turn it on. I must note that I then tried it on a friend’s laptop to see if my hardware was to blame and it worked just fine with an OS Windows Xp and an onboard nVIDIA soundcard.
    The only solution that I can think of right now is format my computer->install Windows XP standard edition->try to install and use it without anything on my hard drive. F
    inally I must say that the mixer crashed with ableton livce 6.0 and DSSDJ 5 the exact same way -while I was trying to load the programs.
    This seems to me like a major conflict between BCD and some versions of Windows XP, so I urge you to help us if you have any ideas, because i suspect that more and more people will start to complain about this.
    Thank you in advance, monofone.

  63. monofone Says:

    My system configuration is:

    Windows XP Professional Version 2 Service Pack 2
    AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4600+ 2.1 GHz
    1.00 GB of RAM
    Creative Soundblaster Audigy ZS Platinum

  64. monofone Says:

    I think I found a solution to my problem. Please visit my thread for this problem for more details.

  65. monofone Says:

    ooops 🙂 no thread..
    so anyways here is my solution:

    1.I removed everything that was involved in the problem from my PC (Behringer drivers, Traktor LE)
    2. I downloaded the latest drivers for my processor [AMD Athlon™ 64/FX Processor Driver for Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 Version (x86 and x64 exe) ] from AMD’s site and I installed them to my PC.
    They can be found here: http://www.amd.com/us-en/Processors/TechnicalResources/0,,30_182_871_9706,00.html
    3. I closed and unloaded EVERYTHING [my anti-virus F-Secure, Creative Volume Control, MSN Messenger Tray Icon and HP Image Monitoring] that was running in the background leaving only the tray icon of “Safely RemoveHardware”.Then I safely removed USB ADSL WAN Adaptor and plugged out my modem.
    4. I installed BCD3000 the exact same way that a tutorial in youtube describes [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HptK-BDQRpo]
    5. Then I installed Traktor LE again.
    6. Finally I used them without ANYTHING running on the background (leaving only the Safely Remove Hardware tray).

    Up to now my BCD3000 has worked without any error, crash or even the slightest sound distortion both as a midi controller only and as a standalone mixer that uses BCD3000 ASIO.

  66. djmanosv Says:

    i am going to order bcd midi controller
    and as i read bcd 3000 is not very compatible with other programmes instead of traktor right???

    what do you recommend to order bcd 2000 or 3000 and why?
    do they have any big differences for the more money 3000 cost ???
    i play with cdj cds stuff fore more than 8 years and i am interested to become mp3 dj now..
    i will also order maya 44 usb card to control vdj or traktor with cdjs so i think the bcd 2000 with be ok for me ???

  67. cycokraut Says:

    @djmanosv: If you plan to buy an extra audio card you may want to look for an MIDI controller without an integrated soundcard. A couple of controllers are listed on http://www.beatchemistry.net/wiki/tiki-index.php?page=Controllers.

    2000 vs. 3000: BCD 3000 comes with Traktor LE and support for Mac. The BCD3000 MIDI driver is standard-based, while the BCD2000 is not. You have the same controller elements on 2000 and 3000.

    Edit: there also the option to play your MP3s stored on an extern drive without a computer: e.g. http://www.cortex-pro.com/ (USB-compatible digital music controllers)

  68. Vitor Says:

    I bought the BCD3000 this week, looks that working OK in my PC, but to configure the audio output is no appear the ports 3 & 4, so I cannot get the preview tracks in the phone.
    Somebody can help me?
    Do I making something wrong?


    • Jase Says:

      Hi Vitor, just wondered if you had a reply to your BCD 3000 problem as I am having the same problem and cant use the earphones to mix with? Cheers.

  69. pirtz Says:

    Wanna ask you guys about running bcd3000 on vista business. I managed to get it working as audio card but i cannot get it as a midi controller. In traktor preferences under audio card i have bcd3000, but on midi controller i don’t have anything.
    Can anybody help me with this?

  70. chris Says:

    hey guys wonder if you could help me with something, as you really seem to know what your talkiing about. I bought the BCD3000 about a month ago and it is running ok as long as i run it through my laptop sound card however this means i cannot get the preview through my headphones. when i try to use the soundcard within the bcd3000 all goes well until i do something i.e. change track, then everything slows down heaps. it stays this way until i change the latency or sample rate then it plays fine again, of course until i have to change track…..
    any help would be massively appreciated

  71. Tuan Says:

    When using the BCD-3000 with Ableton live 6 only some of the lights light up and the ones that do won’t toggle on/off when the button is pressed. Do you have a solution for this?

  72. Gustavo Clemente Says:

    hi, nice work your. thanks very much.
    I tried use your software for my BCD3000 but this dont work, the machine restart when i press the first button of BCD. i Dont know if the problem is my bcd, becaus without Midi Rules this restart too. Do you know something about this?
    thanks very much

  73. seb Says:

    Hello guys !

    I bought BCD3000 (with Traktor 3.2 mac-tel) and enjoy it on macbook (2.1ghz 2G-ram).
    So… everything seems working well… except one weird thing. After playing one or two hours, the gain rotories goes wild with umpredictable jump on audio signal !!
    And since I instored the driver for bcd, after disconnecte that, I can’t plug another usb audio device without freezing osX… I have to change audio set-up and disable “aggrageted input” otherwise I can’t output audio from my laptop.
    I use mac-tel version of traktor, but i instored trakor LE before upgrade it to full version. Is it posible to have a conflict with LE driver and full version driver downloaded from native instrument ?
    If anyone could find me a solution, I will the best happy boy in the world !
    Thx in advance !

  74. Ron Burgundy Says:


    i can’t get the mic to work with my mac, help. i’m rubbush with software so explain it like a 2 year old !!!

  75. johnny2ton Says:

    Does That tks work using tracktor 2 if so can u send me a copy pls Johnny2ton@hotmail.com

  76. johnny2ton Says:

    iv e got a problem as a few othere guys my sound Freeze
    🙂 its gettin on my nerves now i bought this bcd3000 Around 2 months Ago an my Asio FLASHES IN TRAKTOR wOT GOING ON? CAN U HELP?

  77. henri Says:

    Same thing here, gettin really annoyed.. had something to do with usb and duo processors.. anyone got a working solution?

  78. LordSid Says:

    Hi! I just purchase my new BCD3000. The problem is I cant get it run. I already installed the drivers but when I on my BCD3000 my system crashes giving me BSOD. I dont know what would be the problem.

    my system is running under;
    Pentium core 2 duo 2.66Ghz
    3.25 gig DDR2 Ram
    built in soundcard


  79. Albert Says:

    FluidEffects, I just saw your post above on how to config Tracktor for OSX however that doesn’t work for me, when I did the steps you outlined above I was only getting sound from my headphones, now I switched from BCD300 (aggregated) to built-in input (aggregated) and I’ve got sound coming through my speakers but I can’t hear anything from my headphones, is there a way to have speakers and headphones working together?

  80. Maxwell Says:

    Having trouble using my new Behringer BCD3000 with Traktor 3. When pressing on the mixer no lights show even tho it works.. “Power On” is the only bulb working :). + having trouble with shifting deck cuz Deck A seems to be active all the time.. and Deck B active when im on Deck A.. and NOT active when im on Deck B.. (tho this works fine with Deck C and D…. odd) I have no idea what to do cuz I’ve used the BCD3000 with Traktor 3 LE also, and it worked perfectly. Didn’t experience any of these problems! plz help 🙂 cheers<3

  81. Schui Says:

    Please help I have the same problem as Albert. Sound through headphone but not through speakers, please advise. Running on Macbook – if this helps. Cheers Schui

  82. cycokraut Says:

    @Schui, Albert: I don’t own a Mac or a BCD3000. So I cannot help you. But I think you should check your traktor settings (soundcard , channel routing).
    Btw.: The issue is not midi-related.

  83. Lucas Says:

    HI there, I have a BCD2000 and had some problems like the mentioned and after 2 months I found that the BCD wasn’t compatible with my wireless modem, I mean if I turn the wireless off I can work perfectly. I had the same issue that when u play arround too much the system gets slow or even crushes.
    I have a normal Compaq laptop 1Gb RAM and built in sound by I use the ASIO driver as an output.
    Advise: Try to unplug other hard that you have in your system.
    Hope this helps to anyone.

  84. Dj-Pab Says:

    Iv’e found Away To Install The bcd3000 Driver’s On Vista & Work’s v-well (Look on youtube for: How to install bcd3000 on vista ..

  85. KB Says:

    My BCD3000 won’t power up..any solution to this??..can I somehow replace the fuse??

  86. JC Says:

    I just bought my BCD3000 but I am having problems with the configuration. I am using the Traktor 3LE Version that comes with the mixer.

    I am unable to set-up my headphones so that I can mix, and my master knob, phono knob, volume knob and my Kill buttons or knobs do not function. Please help, I have tried everything and I am getting so frustrated.


  87. luke Says:

    I just switched to using an external sound card, when i did my master knob phono etc stoped working, turns out its on an intergrated sound card within the bcd3000. I dont really use those knobs now, i have volume ontrol on sound card for my phones.

  88. Noel Says:

    Hello could someone explain how to get a mic working on my bcd3000 with mac? I have it plugged in but can’t figure out to make it work. I know this has to do with input settings but i can’t make it work.

  89. Mahesautara Says:

    Cyco or anybody.. Could you guys give me some help.. I just bought the BCD 3000 and I have some problem with the BCD 3000 soundcard.. When i’m loading a song into another deck, in the middle of the analyzing process the audio just stopped! (and the ‘audio’ with the LED at the top of the screen flash red..) This happen just for a few second, and then everything goes back to normal.. I’m using traktor 3.2.2, Pentium 4 with 3 giga ram.. and XP SP2.. Btw. This only happen with the song that hadn’t been analyzed.. I already optimized the XP performance.. The cache for each decks are 32..
    Thx a lot

  90. Wil Says:


    This is a very interesting site. I have just bought a BCD3000 and have been having massive problems configuring it. I am a complete newbie to the world of virtual djing and the arcane world of midi rules ect.

    I have noticed that a few people have left messages stating that they were having problems with previewing/listening (excuse use of terminology) a track in headphones. Will following the instructions for configuring midi rules mentioned elsewhere on this site resolve the problem? Also do I need to upgrdae from the bundled Traktor 3LE software to the full version?

    All and any help will be gratefully accepted as I am so desprate to get mixing!


  91. cycokraut Says:

    I just want to mention that audio issues are not related to MIDI and therefore not caused by MIDI Rules. Please make sure that you are (or get) familiar with the Software you’re using. After this step you are able to realize the full power of MIDI controls and what MIDI Rules can do for you.

    @Wil: Good luck and have fun 🙂

  92. Wil Says:

    Thanks Cycokraut. I have been following the set up instructions to the letter and still no joy. Its all very frustrating. I have updated to the latest software and done everything suggested. Anyway, it is my problem and I shall persevere, No surrender!

  93. Anonymous Says:

    Got it sorted after some serious troubleshooting! All working as expected, from a very happy BCD3000 owner! 🙂

    I will get some practise in and then attempt some of your Midi Commands Cycokraut! 🙂

    Baby steps… 😉

  94. Wil Says:

    That is my post above, I was a bit hasty on the old ‘Submit’ button.. Apologies.

  95. daz Says:

    hi cant get the bcd3000 to cue up i can but only by using the c button on keyboard im using virtual dj 5.5 and have mapper bcd3000 3.3 mapper instaled can some one help please thankyou guys

  96. Dan Says:

    how do i get Deck a in head phones and b on master… just wanna mix and cant figure it out and all the phones mix knob does is increase volume in head set arghhhh help …. dgilliam@hotmail.co.uk

  97. Dan Says:

    i use xp with traktor le 3.3 … and the phones mix knob does nothing at all….. ????? ….

  98. Dan Says:

    doesnt mater problem fixed…. didnt press the CUE buttons LMFAO

  99. GIZEP Says:

    Hi guys. Im haveing a wierd problem.

    this is my 3rd BCD3000 I bought… and they all do the same thing… some it must be a software issue.

    After playing for an hour or so.. maybe sooner…. the LEFT PITCH control on my screen goes crazy… up and down really fast. Basically it messes with the pitch and i cant mix the damn song.

    Im using traktor 3.3 / Mac

    Anyone exprerience this problem?

    Also… I migth wanna switch to VDJ. Is there a Mapper than works witht the BCD300???

    Help Me out please!!

  100. GIZEP Says:

    please email me at djgizep@yahoo.com

    or AIM gizep79

  101. Anonymous Says:

    I got a bcd 3000 any other programs i can use that are better then this crap im lost with the whole maping thing please help i got the full version of tractor and it does work please please help would be awsom! keightleycs@yahoo.com

  102. Anonymous Says:

    It doesnt work i mean

  103. winston Says:

    hey guys just got a bcd300 and traktor.problem is i loaded all up on my pc and working grand but when i put them on my laptop they wont config together.whats happening here.

  104. DJ Cue Says:

    Hey guys
    I just got a BCD 3000
    Don’t start flaming me because I did. I had to buy it because the site where I got it from ran out of 2000s.
    When I play my 3000 on VDJ 5 rev6, Deckadance 1.14 and Traktor LE, it seems to freeze. But I don’t know why.
    Could you help me out please? And I’m wondering if there are any new updates for the 3000.
    DJ Cue
    Maputo, Mozambique

  105. MAx Says:

    Clipping sound under Mac Osx

    Any idea why the hell the sound is clipping after a while a song is playing under BCD3000 and Mac Osx with Trakyor 3? Have a Macbook Pro 1.83 Ghz with 1.5 Gb ram. This is driving me crazy!

  106. Maanan Says:

    could you e-mail me that .tks file to me aswell please mate to maananis@hotmail.com

  107. keke Says:

    PLZ help me to set up the MIDI thing with the BCD3000, mapping stuff im completely lost ( the configuration of MIDI)

  108. corai Says:

    i bought BCD3000 but i couldn`t work it with traktor 3. I dont know why? I checked all set up i think every think is fine but it doesn`t work. could you help me?

  109. corai Says:

    i bought BCD3000 but i couldn`t work it with traktor 3. I dont know why? I checked all set up i think every think is fine but it doesn`t work. could you help me please? thnx

  110. ericjune Says:

    just boiught a bcd 3000. i’ve been traktor 3 for 3 months using just the keyboard shortcuts. when i introduced this bcd 3000 + your midi mapping, basic functions are working but i just cant figure how to access the channel effects, loops, beat jumps…etc.. master effects… no problem. would love if you could send me a how to guide. tnx in advance..

  111. ángel valtierrra Says:

    hy, I just bought a BCD 3000, I´m running traktor LE -box inclueded- on a macbook, honestly it has been really hard to make it work good, maybe I`m screwing it up since the audio setup, the thing is that it works apparently at free will, sometimes it does, someothers it doesn´t… : ( can anyone help me?
    thanks a lot.

  112. MaxiDJ Says:

    Hi, every one!
    I want to know if are you experimenting problems with sound on BCD3000, my BCD2000 really piss me off!!!
    My BCD2000 as controller and VDJ 5.06 and 5.07 using Mapper 3.3 it’s a dream, work fine I can do everything I want, but the sound freeze, clipping or simply stops, I resolve this problem using an external sound car, Sound Blaster 24bits, and the internal BCD2000 sound card as monitor, but it’s the same, distortioned sound, clipping and stops.
    Finally I encountered the problem on my BCD2000, input voltage and noise, just a turn on a lamp to the BCD2000 sound card stops.
    Are you experience the same problems with BCD3000?

  113. JAY Says:

    just when you think its all over andthe BCD was been prepared for launch out of the bedroom window. I found this site.

    I would be very gratefull if you could send me the tks file please :- jason_stokes_1@hotmail.com.

    Had loads of problems with the bcd alot already listed above

  114. djspyros Says:

    hi guys,
    I have bought the bcd3000 and i have Tractor 3 LE but i want to use the bcd in the VirualDj v5 and i cant do this… why?
    pls help me

  115. Andrew Woodvine Says:

    @MaxiDJ I am using a BCD3000 with a MacBook Pro running Leopard.

    When using it with MP3 files I have no problems. I also have 2 decks connected to it, and after a few minutes I get terrible distortion. Turning the BCD3000 on and off fixes it, for a few more minutes that is.

    The software I am using is Traktor DJ Studio 3. I really don’t understand the reason for the distortion. I’ve previously used Traktor LE running on Tiger with no such problems.

  116. cycokraut Says:

    @Andrew Woodvine: I guess this issue is related to your system performance. I have an entry on this blog how to tune a windows system. Maybe you find some tips for OS X at http://www.native-instruments.com/forum_us/forumdisplay.php?f=122

  117. Scantman Says:

    Hi Cyc0kraut… just wanted to say thanks for all the great info you have posted on this page.

    I have a question regarding system freeze. About once every hour or so the program freezes for about 5 sec. I checked out the above link on tweaking system performance but I think it might be something else.

    I’m using a Insprion B130, aka 1300 and I upgraded the memory to 2 gigs. It’s only using about 10 percent of the memory when I run Traktor3 so I know it cant be performance.

    You can understand from a DJ’s perspective that these freezes are a major problem. Even a 5 sec freeze can really frustrate ya when you got a club packed with 100+ people dancing and all of a sudden … SILENCE.

    If you have any suggestions I would greatly appreciate them. Thanks

  118. fratek Says:

    hi everyone! lots of interesting said here, but I have a question about something that I think hasn’t been discussed here before:
    I bought a BCD3000 [that still hasn’t arrived..] that comes with Traktor LE.
    I wanted to know if with BCD3000 I can apply FX to a single Deck when I’m mixing, instead of applying them to Master (both decks).
    It’s very important for me..

    I’ve had Traktor 3 until now, and with it you can choose which Deck you want to highlight, and then you switch the FX button ON. In this way you keep one track playing normally and you apply FX to the other one.
    if you use the ON button on FX:Master in the centre of the screen, on the mixer section, then you apply FX on both Decks at the same time.

    >I was trying Traktor LE today on the BCD3000 at my friend’s place, and I couldn’t choose which deck I want the FX to work on, and which one I want to keep playing normally.
    is there a way to do this on BCD3000?
    I think I need to upgrade my Traktor software from LE to 3.3, is that true?
    please help, I fear I bought something not good for me!!

  119. cycokraut Says:

    @Scantman: have you tried to run your system without a battery?

  120. Scantman Says:

    I disabled my battery but I didnt actually take it out… would that matter?

  121. cycokraut Says:

    @fratek: currently, the fx controls on the BCD are mapped to traktor’s master fx, but this can be easy changed in Traktor’s midi setup to deck fx with “selected deck” option.

  122. Scantman Says:

    PROBLEM SOLVED! I tried everything to get rid of the 5 second freezes and pauses and it came down to simply taking out the battery. I did a 4 hour mix tonight without one break in the music… thanks a ton Cycokraut!

  123. Bernard Says:

    Urgent help needed. I installed the mdi file as per the instructions in this forum but now i cnat get sound from the right deck in Traktor. Instead of been the usual yellow colour in the grap its blue. Deck A works fine and its still teh normal colour. Really need some help, its driving me crazy!!!

  124. Dj B&D Says:

    People sorry, but im new in this midi thing, i have a bcd3000, and my on-board soundcard is a soundmax 5.2!
    -I have 2 question’s.
    1º- In the audio set up, output routing, i have only 4 channels to choose, i set too monitor- 1.ds soundmax Hd Audio & 2 ds soundmax Hd Audio. And the other 2 I set it in Recording – 3.ds soundmax Hd Audio & 4. ds soundmax Hd Audio.
    But the sound plays in traktor very High, its any way too configure the input sound volume.
    My other question it’s!? – If i install midi map will the bcd3000 work better with traktor3, and the sound plays with better quality, with not so latency?? If yes, is there any tutorial that guide us in the process? Thanks for your Time.
    Best Regards.
    P.S. Should i buy another soundcard?! If yes, i only have 75€ (Any suggestion?)

  125. Amos Says:

    Hi I also just got my hands on the BCD3000, and couldn’t wait to get started and prepare sessions. Suddenly I notice the Phones Mix (with Cue a or b pressed) is synchronism what master is playing.

    I read all the questions through and didn’t find a solution for this. Have any living individuals found a solution on how to get both channel 1-2 & 3-4 working? Traktor only shows “1: DS BCD3000” and “2: DS BCD3000”, which I think have something to do of its confusion, with the “Ph Mix”.

    Kind regards

    • Jase Says:

      Hi Amos, just wondered if you sorted out your problem with the BCD as I have the same problem and its driving me insane. Your help would be gratefully recieved. Cheers mate.

  126. Amos Says:

    Hi again… I now know through the factory that this problem I’m asking about, is very common for them. They have sometimes models with software failures. I was told that I should try to remove/uninstall both Traktor 3 LE as well as the BCD3000 program. Then I should try to install the BCD3000 before anything else, and then Traktor 3 LE afterwards.

    Now my new discovery is: That it isn’t even possible to uninstall that little BCD3000 program, (which only starts as the USB is connected and the Mixer turned on)!

    My only solution now is to send it back to the store and see what they can do about this!?

    Best of luck to all of you!

  127. 0213 Says:

    I had a quesiton maybe someone could help me. I just replaced my my OS. to Windows Vista. my original installaiton CD’s for BCD 3000 and Traktor 3 LE are only xp and MAC OS compatible. what can i do to fix my problem?

    thankz for any info

    froM the dirty soUth of he States to thE world .. “0213” ik

  128. Phil Says:

    Yes Look On Youtube .. Ive Posted A Video Showing how to Install On A Vista System

  129. NickParry Says:

    Hey Cyco,

    I was wondering if I could get the BCD3000 to work with Traktor DJ Studio 3? It works fine with Traktor DJ Studio 3 LE but none of the functions seem to work with Traktor 3.

    What changes do I need to make?

    Any information would be great!!



  130. jay Says:

    Hy there, i just bought the bcd 3000 and its cool and all still cannot get it work with my full version of the traktor 3 (i use it on MACINTOSH) i read about cycokraut and all the answers relate to windows users but what about Mac users what am i suposed to do throw away my mac and buy windows?
    I mean this crap costs a lot of money, the traktor software and now even if i got an original version i have to use this LE bullshit version.If anyone has an idea of how to run it on the MAC please write back.thank you (dee_jay_julian@yahoo.co.uk)

  131. jay Says:

    hy again ,after a few hours I managed to fix the problem by double clicking the BCD 3000 text in the preferences box where you choose your midi device.after doubleclicking it an X apears and shows that the controller is now active.everything works fine,sorry about the doubt i had, and yeah cycokraut rulez of course.”(+_+)”

  132. kelog Says:

    do you have a Behringer BCD 3000 Mapper tool by Max Mora for Virtual DJ for Windows ? Please can you send me pls. Here’s my email address jkmbalboa@gmail.com. Please attach. Thanx

  133. kelog Says:

    do you have a Behringer BCD 3000 Mapper tool by Max Mora for Virtual DJ for Windows ? Please can you send me pls. Here’s my email address jkmbalboa@gmail.com. Please attach. Thanx

  134. Jeffrey Brown Says:

    Hi I don’t have what you’re asking, but maybe you can shed som light on my problem. My BCD3000 in not responding to my laptop, the interface plays when using the mouse, but not the BCD3000. The message was a issue with behringer MIDI and my Window vista. do you have any solutions?????

  135. PrOxygene Says:

    hi 😉 I am user bcd3000. Please, send me mapping bcd3000 for vdj or Traktor or Future Decks 🙂

    Thanx 🙂

  136. Tony Slicer Says:

    hello there i just want to make a question to Fluideffects.I made the same configuration with you on Traktor on out rating and input rating but still have a problem with the sound on headphones.Can u helpme with the configuration on audio MIDI set up on mac os what did u put on Default Input what on properties for what on Default Output and at last on System Output
    Thx in advance

  137. tony slicer Says:

    if someone can help me please send me a mail to tonyslicer@schranz.zzn.com

  138. Bo Says:


    I am routing the sound through a behringer USB sound card. Using traktor 3 le, I have never gotten the deck cue to work with the headphones! How is this done! Using the audio map its still possible to dj but it is obviously much better to give tracks a pre-listen before they’re spun.


  139. Aner Says:

    Hi guys!

    I use a BCD3000 + Traktor 3 LE + Mac Book Pro, but now i’ve also connected 2 new turntables and there’s a problem.

    I’ve done all the right passages to get them work, infact i can hear the suound and all the function on BCD are ok,
    but sometimes during the mix I periodically heard a disturbing noise, someting like a distortion.

    Does someone knows how to eliminate it?


    bye Aner

  140. DJ Kemis Says:

    Just purchased my 3000 and after setting it up and trying it I was disappointed cause the headphone sound is faster than the sound coming out the master. My mixes are off. How can I adjust the sound it plays at the same tempo in headphones and master output. HELP, HELP, HELP………

  141. Confuzzed Says:

    Hi all,

    I’m running Win XP, Traktor 3 LE and a BCD3000. I have a very strange problem: quite simply, my master volume and phones volume buttons are not responding in Traktor. All the other buttons/knobs are responding however (including phones mix).

    Any ideas?


  142. Confuzzed Says:


    Thanks man. I was about to send the unit back :P…


  143. psy-spy Says:

    I see that “sound-clipping-problem with bcd+mac_traktor” is rather systematic.
    And there’s no answer through all the blog?
    Does any one know the “cure”?

    mailto: psy_spy@mail.ru

  144. Lior Says:

    Hi All
    Im new to this dj software(call me an old fashioned)
    i just bought bcd3000 yesterday and install it on my new laptop (lenovo t61 with with 4 gb ram and intel centrino due 2.2).
    after install traktor 3.1 and playin about 15 min with loops and effects the software stopped and i need to restart the bcd and the laptop to play again.
    this happen to me all the day.
    is there any guide how to optimise xp work with them?

  145. psy-spy Says:

    here’s the solvation of the problem I spoke of on January 8, 2009 at 11:18 pm


  146. Lior Says:

    Thanks For Your Replay
    But The Page Cannot Be Displayed
    Recieving Server Request Time Error

  147. Henk Mutsaers Says:

    Mac book with traktor pro
    don this
    Got it working on the Mac…


    Traktor Preferences. Audio Setup: Soundcard.

    Select BCD3000 (Aggregated).

    Traktor Preferences. Audio Setup: Output Routing (Internal).

    03: BCD3000 (Aggregated) Out 3
    04: BCD3000 (Aggregated) Out 4

    01: BCD3000 (Aggregated) Out 1
    02: BCD3000 (Aggregated) Out 2

    Traktor Preferences. Audio Setup: Input Routing.

    In Channel B:
    03: BCD3000 (Aggregated) In 3
    04: BCD3000 (Aggregated) In 4

    checked it many times but still no sound
    I see when I press ext in a or b that the track display mute but no sound / micro clip gives however signal in – I nee to do a radio program this weekend and like to use the bcd 3000 for it


  148. Donte Says:


    Ok my BCD 3000 wasn’t responding so I tried to reinstall it by trashing the audio midi setup and trying to reinstall it again. So I tried to unplug the usb to the bcd 3000 and then plug it back up, thinking that the audio midi setup would reappear an reinstall itself, now that I did that the Midi setup icon doesn’t show up in Macintosh> Applications>
    Utilities>Audio MIDI setup. There isn’t a Audio MIDI icon when I got to
    Utilities. What do I do if there isn’t an icon? How do I reinstall it? I have Mac with OS X 10.4 so it should just come up right by itself…..right, but its not. What do I do? HELP PLEASE!!!!!


  149. dj wildman Says:

    I have a bcd3000 and it has been a nightmare, I should have gotten the vestax or ever the new newmark. I am a long time newmark hater. Anywhoo. I have a question regarding traktor 3LE. How do I change the pitch percentage amount. I cant mix with a pitch that changes 10 percent when the wind blows. I need it to be at 8 or maybe even 4 percent. I thought it was in the setup, naaa I am loosing my mind. should have never went digital. old school DJ here. I still have my 23 year old 1200’s Thanks..

  150. Anonymous Says:

    hi folks, i just bought a bcd3000 but when i load up a track it plays for about 3secs then freezes!! help any suggestions, is my laptop not powerfull enough

  151. anthony Says:

    hay i have a bcd 3000…and i have a brandnu mac book..i dj off the bcd and its great…accept the mic wont work. i tried a lot, and i fianlly got it to come through. but its very low…what do i do?

  152. nightswimmer Says:

    hi cycokraut
    i just bot a BCD3000 a couple of days ago and hv instlled the midi file as per the instructions on the Midi Download page.

    I hv the foll problems and was hoping u can help:
    1. the LED for the btns are not working on the BCD controller though it seems to be working well enough
    2. also the play btn does not seem to work. the track starts only when the cue btn is clicked. seems like the cue and the play btns are reversed.
    3. the FX kill btns work only when theyre pressed and go off once released.

    I hvnt experimented fully to cover all glitches, so it would be great if u could help me on this.

    You can mail me back at leonplatcher@yahoo.co.in….thanks a ton

  153. mp Says:

    Hi guys. I bought the bcd3000 last week, and has been havin lots of fun w it, running T3LE, but i want to upgrade my software, as it lacks functions i’d like. After reading some of the posts in here, i’m kinda hesitant tho. does it require a super-brain to get it to work??? (i don’t seem to have one, if you know where i can purchase it, please let me know). I don’t want to buy the software right now if it’s gonna take me a week to get it running (i have a job friday).
    I’m running OS10.4, on a 2 GHz, 2 Gb RAM

    ah, also i’m having problems in T3LE, that the playback starts sounding like a bad vinyl, after playing for about an hour. Checked the settings in LE but i couldn’t seem to find anything that could help me. Any suggestions?

  154. Will Says:

    hi there, bought a bcd and im having seroius problems, with a pc and a laptop my bcd wont run with any software.. it is really really bugging me so if anyone has answers help me please!

  155. Reece Hunter Says:

    hi there, ive got the bcd 3000 and virtual dj
    trying to install the bcd to combine with virtal dj
    as ive got a mac computer and need to find out where to download the software for the bcd, any help?

  156. Reece Hunter Says:

    and to will
    u need to download a software so that it is compatible with ur computer
    go to the actual website of bcd

  157. George Says:

    I was running my BCD 3000 on my Old Lap top and it worked fine but now I have upgraded to windows vista I CANNOT get it to work,
    I have downloaded the driver from the CD using the XP SP 2 compatability and it read the the BCD3000 in the bottom right corner but when I go into traktor LE its will not work as a Midi controller, the soundcard bit works…i:e music goes through the controller but the midi bit does not work..
    PLEASE help me or e-mail me on george.apperly@hotmail.co.uk


  158. deejayj4ck Says:

    helo having major problems with traktor 3.3, bcd3000, and new snow leopard software. I zeroed my harddrive for the new OS, and have forgotten how to set up traktor for the bcd3000 i recall the bcd3000 used to be an agregated device but i cant rememeber how to that either could someone please email me a very detailed instructions in ID10T terms preferable with pictures/ screen shots so i can get this bad boy running again cheers:) j4ck tubetime4@gmail.com

  159. Ferna Says:

    Hi guys. Big problem.

    I have the exact same problem of GIZEP. After playing for an hour or so.. maybe sooner…. the LEFT PITCH control on my screen goes crazy… up and down really fast. Basically it messes with the pitch and i cant mix the damn song.

    Besides that, after playing for about two hours, when i´m crossfading songs, the sound volume goes really low…

    Im using traktor 3.3 or pro (the problem is in both softwares)

    Mac Book Pro 2.33, 2GB ram, osx 10.5.7

    Can anyone help? ferna01@gmail.com

  160. Dário Says:

    Hi guys!!
    I’m portuguese, and i’m with problems in using BCD3000 in my notebook (HP Pavillion DV7 – 1010ep) with Windows Vista. . . =S
    If someone would like to help me, please, send me an email to dariolouzeiro@gmail.com. . .
    Thanks for attention… and sorry my bad english…

  161. clint Says:

    Hi all !!
    I just updated to traktor pro scracth for my bcd 3000, the only problems are;
    I have to double tap everything to work.
    Cue a and cue b do not cut the sound from the out put when used, everything I am doing (mixing and preparing) can be heard through the speakers
    can anyone please help me to fix these problems?
    I understand it is some sort of mapping issue, I just have no idea where to start or go about it.
    thanks for your time

  162. clint Says:

    sorry should have mentioned I am running windows xp s2

  163. Kyle Says:

    I have lost my Traktor 3 Le disc but have the sleave with the serial number is there a way to download the program without having to buy the program again? I need the one for windows not mac… Thanx in advance. Da Buddha

  164. piero Says:

    ho comprato una console bcd 3000 su ebay, funzionante senza nessun problema su windows xp.
    ma con vista mi dà numerosi problemi.
    ho scaricato i drivers rilasciati da native instruments ho, acquistato una licenza ed ho acquistato il programma traktor3 le compatibile con la bcd 3000.
    al momento dell’installazione sia del programma sia della console tutto funzionava perfettamente, ma il giorno dopo senza nè apportare modifiche al sistema nè modificando nulla nel computer, la console ha smesso di funzionare.
    ho anche ripristinato il sistema e l’ho riportato all’impostazione di fabbrica.
    ma ho sempre gli stassirisultati cosa devo fare?
    grazie (italy)

  165. Paul Says:

    Hi there

    i bought the bcd 3000 and i want to know i do i get the phones to work while im mixing a song. im using the 3000 straight threw my pc sound card.do i have to have it set up threw the master system into a amp for this to work.


  166. Wilchen551 Says:

    is it compatible with Win 7 ???

  167. Stepanie Says:

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  168. Dennis Says:

    Got a really weird issue here and I BADLY, BADLY NEED YOUR HELP, GUYS….

    BCD3000 freezing when volumes are turned up…WTF???

    My set up:
    – Behringer BCD3000 using the 1.3.4 drivers
    – Sony Vaio VGN-CR590… 2.4ghz Core2Duo, 4GB RAM, 3 USB ports, Windows 7 64-bit system FULLY OPTIMIZED FOR AUDIO PROCESSING
    – using both Traktor Pro 2.0.3 and Virtual DJ 7.4
    – American Audio HP700 headphones
    – generic powered speakers

    My story: (rather detailed, please bear with me)
    – All software installation completed without problems.
    – Both Traktor and Virtual DJ configured and working properly with no glitches whatsoever.
    – Now the issue (which happens ALL THE TIME)…

    After loading a track on one deck, I slide the volume fader up then I press the play button, and after about 1 second of sound it all comes to a halt. The BCD3000 freezes. All of a sudden, Traktor (or Virtual DJ) is unable to detect the BCD3000. In Traktor, this is shown by the “AUDIO” button crossed out in red at the top middle part of its interface. When this happens, Traktor (or Virtual DJ) is still usable and may be shut down properly, but the BCD3000 is totally frozen and needs to be powered off.

    So I switch the BCD3000 on once again, waiting a bit for the drivers/control panel to load. Then, I launch Traktor (or Virtual DJ) and load a track on one deck. This time, volume faders are all the way down. I press play, and everything is sweet and ready to rock! No freezes, nothing! But of course it makes no sense as the volume fader is on zero. So, I go ahead and turn it up, and THE CRASH IS BACK. I went through the whole process all over again and just let the track play on ’til its end WITH THE VOLUME FADER ON ZERO and it played smoothly monitoring it on heaphones. Looped it, relooped it, scratched, and loaded effects and what have you – and there wasn’t a bit of a glitch at all. I even loaded tracks on both decks, mixed them like crazy via headphones, and never encountered any irregularity whatsoever. But again, it doesn’t make sense as THE VOLUME FADERS ARE ALL THE WAY DOWN. I thought, WTF?? I took the powered speaker and tried something. I turned the powered speaker’s volume all the way down, then went back to my BCD3000 and, with tracks playing, slid the volume fader all the way up. DIDN’T FREEZE!! The music just kept on playing on both tracks! And I get the same result when I switch the powered speaker off. Again I thought, WTF??

    Things I’ve already done that didn’t make any difference:
    – Made sure my BCD3000 is plugged in solo to a wall outlet
    – Made sure my powered speaker is plugged in solo to another wall outlet
    – Replaced RCA cords for the BCD3000’s master output 4X already
    – Tried using both short and long RCA cords
    – Positioned the powered speaker about 2 meters away from where the BCD3000 is

    Correct me if I’m mistaken, but I’ve dismissed any possibility that there’s anything wrong with my notebook, BCD3000 software installation, Traktor and Virtual DJ installation and configuration. They all perform smoothly and everything works as they should – ALL WHEN THE VOLUME FADERS ARE ON ZERO or WHEN THE POWERED SPEAKER’S VOLUME IS ON ZERO OR TURNED OFF ALTOGETHER.

    I’ve used this powered speaker (without any such weird issues) with other controllers – Hercules 4mx, Numark Mixdeck, Behringer BCD2000, Numark NDX800 on timecode, CDJ-100s with mixer on analog, CDJ-700s with mixer on analog and timecode.

    Need your help figuring this out, guys.

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