BCD2000/Traktor3 mapping now with cue feature inspired by CDJ-1000 MK3

I released a new BCD2000/Traktor3 mapping (2007-02-05) with a totally reprogrammed cue behavior inspired by the Pioneer CDJ-1000 MK3. Watch this demo video to figure out what I mean (pressing cue while deck is paused). (Flashing LEDs are supported with the next MIDI Rules prototype release.)
On the other hand, if you press cue while deck is playing, the “needle” jumps back to cue point and keeps playing (cue/play). If you now press the play button while still holding down the cue button, it jumps back again to the cue point and pause the deck (cue/pause).

Formelly, this is the new cue related mapping:

BCD2000 Traktor
CUE pressed cue/play
CUE released (CUE has been pressed while deck was paused) cue/pause
CUE released (CUE has been pressed while deck was playing) Keep playing
PLAY/PAUSE (CUE is not pressed) Play/Pause
PLAY/PAUSE (CUE is pressed while playing deck was paused) Keep playing
PLAY/PAUSE (CUE is pressed while playing deck was playing) cue/pause

Currently, I only integrate this feature in the Traktor3 mapping. I will see, if it’s also possible for Traktor2.

I never used a CDJ-1000, so if you have any suggestions, please comment.

47 Responses to “BCD2000/Traktor3 mapping now with cue feature inspired by CDJ-1000 MK3”

  1. psychoflow Says:

    hey, thats nice!

  2. André Says:

    Man, You’re great! This MidiRules cracks Bommer. But, I need some help.
    How can I change the CUE mapped function (as cue/play) to cue/stop?
    I want the cue to works as a CDJ, I mean, when I press cue it goes to the cue predefined point, but stoped!!! I want to pause the music, and then define the cue by pressing cue button, but when I was listen to the music and press cue again, it must goes back to the begginig of the cue point whoth play it!
    Some one?

  3. cycokraut Says:

    @André: press cue + play. (play while cue pressed).

  4. Hank Says:

    Dear Cycokraut ..

    Thanks for ur great work to help us out.

    now I trying to chang some MIDI MApping to fit my habit, but how should I do it? (I try traktor Midi set up, and it doesn’t work)

    Should I download some program to edit the mapping files or what?

    Thanks once again for ur help


  5. cycokraut Says:

    @Hank: you can use a simple text editor (like notepad++) to edit the rule file.

    There’s a special JBoss Rules Editor plugin for Eclipse available, which can be used in conjunction with MIDI Rules (incl. rule language suppport). I plan to write a manual how to setup this special editor.

    (Remember: MIDI Rules is currently released as a prototype, which means it is in “Analysis Phase” of development. It still lacks good documentation, e.g. rule language specification, tutorial etc.)

  6. André Says:

    Tks Man, it worked. But i relay prefer that I could press cue and it works like the function that cue + play do.
    two more things, the sound appering to be destorcing!! is that thrue?
    last: how can i do to my jog whell works better, i mean, to “put both music togheter”, for example… to adjust little details…?
    tks again

  7. Hank Says:

    Dear Cycokraut

    i look forward to see that manual .

    Now i trying to figure how to edit that files withNotepad.

    many thanks


  8. DJM Says:


    Just what I was looking for!

  9. cycokraut Says:

    @Hank: That give me some motivation to create that manual;-)

  10. carlos Says:

    Hi! Thanks for all, my BCD 2000 works great, but i would like to configure pitch bend with BCD jog wheels.

    Please could you help me???.


  11. cycokraut Says:

    @carlos: my mapping supports pitch bend with jog wheels in play mode. So what do you mean with “configure”?

  12. carlos Says:

    Simply Not Works, when using jog wheels the tracks only do a forward movement. Jog wheels are configured to control Deck Jump Beats Fine, Asigned CC 19, CH1….is that correct?. What do you mean with play mode ? Thanks again

  13. cycokraut Says:

    @carlos: jump beats fine is just for pause mode. Review your setup (read the setup instructions carefully).

  14. carlos Says:

    Everything works fine, and i have read the instructions carefully, but in play mode when try to rotate jog wheels the track go forward…the rest of controls are mapped correctly…i’m really confused…

  15. carlos Says:

    Finally works i have a wrong setup, maple midi was not correctly installed. I have jog wheels working!!!. It is posible to adjust jog acceleration and sensibility???


  16. cycokraut Says:

    @carlos: you can make some adjustments in traktor’s midi setup. Look for “pitch bend” with midi message starting with “CC”.

  17. carlos Says:

    Hi again.. I have 8 values of deck pitch bend and midi messages for all values not starts with CC…I have found only CC values on Deck Jump Beats Fine…is that correct?

  18. Scootside Says:

    Is there any work being done on the 4 decks setup? The features for 2 decks seem solid but I would like to be able to access controls for a 4 deck setup. Anyone out there working on that?

  19. Steve Says:

    Any luck with why midi rules freezes with alot of slider or controller action? My setup is freezing alot because of this 😦

  20. incoherent Says:

    Awesome job Cykokraut!!!
    Thank you very much!

    Although pitch bend with jog wheels in play mode is not working at all (in traktor the pitchbend buttons light up, but the track doesn’t get slower/faster)… besides that your midi-rules is just what i needed!!

    thanks again and best wishes from west-germany


  21. incoherent Says:

    update: i set the resolution of pitch bend to ‘switch’ (tho i don’t understand why it is called like that). now i can at least ‘hear’ the pitch bend…
    i think the problem is, that traktor is misinterpreting the jogwheel as button event… as i said before: when i turn the jogwheel, the pitchbend-buttons in traktor light up… or better: they start blinking… if i pitchbend with my mouse it’s like clicking wildly on the pitchbend-button with my mousecursor instead of holding the mousebutton down… thats why in the beginning i had the feeling that the jog wheel didn’t work… it worked, but… how should i say… with a high frequency of signals.. like hitting the bend buttons on the bcd over and over again…

    although that description was equal to my english (poor) i hope it was at least helpfull 🙂

    sincerely yours,

  22. 5pine5haker Says:

    Thanks for your help. Got a gig in a few weeks, and this saved my butt! You rock!!!

  23. Lawrence Says:

    Hey there Cyco
    you gave me much appreciated help a few months back setting up on my desktop, but now after following all the same instructions newest drivers etc etc while trying to get things going on my laptop I seem to have hit a wall. when i run midi rule with either midi yoke and later with maple I get the two second led signal saying all is sync’ed up but I have no control over tractor traktor sees the bcd and I have set it to the appropriate interfece audio setup and drivers but still no luck….
    I am probably missing a simple step any suggestions?

  24. Lawrence Says:

    Sorry I also have downoaded midi ox to monitor and doent seem to see anything either

  25. cycokraut Says:

    @Lawrence: Please monitor the BCD2000 midi input port. Maybe the BCD doesn’t send any midi message!

  26. djm Says:

    Hello Cyco,

    I’m experiencing a problem using Traktor 3.2 with the deck effects option *ON* and last midirules/solution (2007/05/02). Apart from the effects knobs/buttons (eq), the other buttons or knobs always act as some effects assignment and don’t do their normal job, so for example the crossfade or volume rotates a knob in effect A and this shouldn’t happen. By pressing again back to top L+R and going back to the EQ settings, everything is ok. Strange is that if I use the old 2006 midirules/Mb4 solution, everything is ok on that side (but of course I don’t want to go back).
    I have tried with both my notebooks.

    Have you any ideas of what’s happening?


    Reply With Quote

  27. Kev Says:

    Just wanted to drop a note to say that your mapping was rock solid for the entirety of a 5 hour set on Friday!

    Thanks so much for this!

  28. JT Says:

    Thanks Cyco for all the work,one minor prob that may have been asked ahundred times before, but i don’t see a post regarding it. All my buttons take double clicks to send the midi message, so to stop a track and restart it’s taking four hits of the play/pause button,… this is the same for all of the buttons…I’m assuming it is a setting i have messed up , but can’t seem to figure it out….any help would be appreciated, and Thanks!!!! again…

  29. cycokraut Says:

    1. Set the BCD to B-DJ mode (not advanced mode)
    2. select only one midi interface in Traktor (the midi out1 port)

    It’s all in the DOCUMENTATION.

  30. JT Says:

    Thanks…works great!…

  31. JT Says:

    Last problem, and I’ll be running smooth…I’ve searched through the NI forums, and read the documentation for the setups but no solution…. I am having trouble getting an output from my microphone…I get the clip light when vol is brought up, and in the audio setup, I have it set to BCD 2000 1 and BCD 2000 2 and it shows the signal coming in, but nothing coming through the mains or phones…I seen in the docs that the talkover switches it on and off, which is working…any help with getting the output? Thanks again for the last solution Cyco…

  32. cycokraut Says:

    @JT: Currently the only solution is using the BCD control panel to switch between the analog input A between phono A and mic.
    I programmed the “take over button” to send a midi messsage to the BCD itself that should switch the analog input A from phono to mic. But it seems that it doesn’t work. I haven’t figured out yet why. Maybe it’s a bug in the bcd midi driver or the BCD documentation is wrong.

  33. JT Says:

    Cool…thank you for the quick response….much appreciated…I’ll post if i come up with anything…

  34. doublej Says:

    When i activate the effects by pressing both “Back to Top” the deck controls work fine but all the other controls are inactive. What am i doing wrong?

  35. cycokraut Says:

    @doublej: It’s a bug (or a feature?). This feature has been contributed by md4guns. I will have to find out what’s wrong with it (or maybe he will?).

  36. doublej Says:

    Thanks for the reply. Im looking forward to an solution for this. Thanks in advance.

  37. GaRRaPeTa Says:

    My ruleset also supports Pionner-like cueing system, as well as other cool features (FX and loop lenght selection with knobs, zoom selection with knob, etc)


  38. cycokraut Says:

    I just fix the bug that the deck FX mode disables other controls. (It was my fault, sorry).

  39. Pexx Says:

    Hi there! for some reason I cannot get all the EQs work. Only Bass and Hi work, but no MIDs. I know the controller itself works ok in other applications. Anyone else had this issue? Thanks a lot for this great midi implementation btw. 🙂

  40. cycokraut Says:

    @Pexx: Do you use the xone EQ emulation? Currently only 3-band EQs work with the available mapping. If you want to use a 4-band EQ, you have to remap the EQ knobs + the Gain knob in Traktor’s MIDI setup.

  41. Pexx Says:

    Yes, you’re absolutely right. Now I changed the EQ configuration and everything works like a charm! Thanks a lot for support! 🙂

  42. Dear Cyck Says:

    Is it possible to convert this mapper you’ve done to simpliest one? I would like to press pause, when music is runnin, then when i press cue it defines the cue point. And when the music is running i want to press cue and the music comes back to cue point, but paused and not running like it is now…
    One more: can i use your improviment of the jog with theses otheres midirules instructions? i mean, at the same time jog plus cdj1000 like mapper?

  43. cycokraut Says:

    Try to press “back-to-top” (BCD2000) / “set-cue” (BCD3000) together with “+” pitch bend when you paused the deck. This should save the current cue position (if this does not work, try back-to-top and “cue” first).

  44. Erol Says:

    I’m having an issue: I don’t understand how to set up my bcd 2000 with traktor so that I can preview tracks on my headphones without altering the sound going out on the master. Call me stupid but I just can’t figure out how to do it. I’ve downloaded the midi map and set it all up according to the instructions. Could someone just let me know what all my sound options in Traktor should be set to please? I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong and it’s driving me mad!

  45. zgomot Says:

    Just stopped by to say thank you for the great work. Much appreciated.

  46. Doktor Says:

    hi frieds i have litle problem it goes like this
    i have bcd + external mixer. i have setup it ok but eq knobs are programed and not working. i would like to have key maping and all stuf like on this video

    with respect ..

    my e mail : muha_bend@yahoo.com

  47. Anonymous Says:

    hey, Cyco!
    please can you give me the tip how to remap in the tks file the assignment of MIC INPUNTs knobs High and Low as EQ Balance in deck A and B?
    thank you

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