Traktor Audio Settings for BCD2000

bcd2000-traktor-soundcard.jpg bcd2000-traktor-output-routing.jpg

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45 Responses to “Traktor Audio Settings for BCD2000”

  1. marc Says:

    Hi, i have followed your instructions and everything seemed to go ok, but traktor does not respond?

    My ‘output’ menu does not give me the option ‘3 & 4 like’ on your screenshot above…

    and my soundcard menu does not gived me the ‘other hardware’ option?

    I did manage to manually configure the controller myself before i tried your instructions, but had no cue capability. I could only hear the master output though my headphones!

    I look forward to your reply, thanks for your time,


  2. jimi Says:

    when i set my audio device to BCD2000 ASIO, nothing works

    if i set it to BCD2000 everything works, but same as marc, no cueing
    and no output 3 & 4.

    i really do enjoy the way everything works, but with no cueing capabilitys im crying myself to sleep.

    please help

  3. marc Says:

    ignore that last, i have it all working! 😀

  4. jimi Says:

    ok got it, with this set up….photo link

    hey thanks marc for helping me out…or not

    cycokraut you rock!!!
    keep up the good work

  5. marc Says:

    sorry Jimi!

  6. VoLAnD Says:

    Hi guys, thanx for your work, very appreciate it, but i have some problem, i guess it’s with traktor, maybe u can help me out
    The problem is: when i play traktor with bcd2000 everything seems fine, but from time to time traktor halts for 2-3 seconds (no sound, no movement on the screen) and then continues, tried to change latency up to the maximum, doesn’t help, does anyone had this problem in the past and knows what seems to be the problem?
    My Config:Laptop LG Intel Core 2 Duo 1.66Mhz, 512 mb ram, Traktor DJ 3.2.2

  7. DJ JUKA Says:

    ppl i use cycokraut config. and MidiYokeSetup
    its great work very very good.

  8. stocki Says:

    hey ! …

    i have only mono !!! why ?
    my settings are the same like cycokraut …

  9. how_gee Says:


    Question: in this setup, shouldn’t I be able to listen to the master output through the laptop (in addition to the Master Out on the BCD)?

    I can get this to work just fine for cueuing and for listening to the master through the BCD2000, but I have no master sound coming from the laptop’s sound output. Is there a way to make this work so that the laptop’s output plays the master? Thanks!

  10. cycokraut Says:

    @how_gee: Unfortunately, you can only asign one channel for each master channel. Maybe you can put a virtual asio channel in between that forwards the signal to the BCD and your laptop soundcard. I only know Asiox, which is a tool to give a sound device a asio interface. I’m not sure if it’s possible to asign more than one device with asiox.

  11. sero_13 Says:

    I may be wrong, but I’m pretty sure asio4all would allow you to do it. Just enable both the bcd and your laptop souncard in the settings.

    I’ve just bought a bcd off of ebay for about ÂŁ70 so I cant wait to try it out. It was this website that convinced me to get one. I already have bome’s miditranslator but I’m a bit hesitant to splash out even more money for the pro version. So thank you cycokraut, from the bottom of this cheapskate’s heart!

  12. how_gee Says:

    Thanks a lot for the replies, guys.
    @sero: Your solution ALMOST works. I tried asio4all: while that allowed me use my soundcard’s outputs, it seems like it made me “lose” 2 of the BCD’s channels. Previously, with ‘BCD2000 Asio’ selected as my soundcard in Traktor, I could use all BCD channels 1-4. However, when I now select ‘ASIO4ALL v2’ as my audio device, I can only make use of BCD channels 1-2 (the other BCD channels are not available to choose). I do still need BCD channels 3-4 to fully make use of the BCD. I believe an ideal setup would be something like:
    Monitor: BCD Channels 3-4
    Master: BCD Channels 1-2
    Booth (or record): Soundcard channels output 1-2

    Does that make sense? Any ideas on how I can make use of all BCD channels 1-4 with asio4all? FYI, I’m using asio4all v2.8 beta, if that makes a difference.

  13. sero_13 Says:

    The only thing I can think of is in ableton live with asio4all with my UA-25, the outputs 1-2 is the laptop soundcard and outputs 9-10 are the UA-25. I haven’t got much experience with Traktor, but would these extra outputs not appear in the settings?

    There has been some problems with payment for mine, but its all sorted so when it arrives i’ll have a butchers at everything.

    Would I be correct in assuming that midirules only affects the midi and doesn’t touch the audio? I’ve have a look on asio4all to see if there are any problems there.

  14. sero_13 Says:

    Had a little root around and it doesn’t look like you can. The main problem seems to be that even IF you could, the latencies would make beatmatching a stab in the dark.

    ah well, i guess it just means connecting speaker to the bcd after all then.

  15. how_gee Says:

    Yeah, I guess you’re right. No worries; we’ll have to live with it as is. One way to still get the master out of the PC output could be routing the bcd’s master out into the pc’s input (and turning up the input’s volume on the windows ‘Master Volume’ mixer). No idea if that’ll have an effect on latency though.

    Have fun with your new toy!

  16. Charles Says:

    after a month of research on the web i finaly found this web site, i was DJ”ing” 4 year ago and i got this scrapt to get out computing ( im a sys admin) in some fryday night but i hit a “f$%@” wall , but this web site was THE SOLUTION i just writte this down to let some user know what was my mistake at the first time so maybe it can help, first i’d like to let cyco know that it could be nice to see that java is required in the “usage” (how to use it) instead of only in the installation of midi rules, but i am not complaining you did a realy good job mr. cyco. and the problem why i had only two port on ASIO BCD-2000 in traktor sound card was because in windows XP you have to chose quatro something speaker in the property of windows audio, i can used the BCD ASIO or my old SB LIVE VALUE as the same way but we have to spcified 4 SPEAKER in both setup. i wish it will help someone else. So 2 thumbs up for this setup it’s realy simple once it is understand 🙂

  17. Charles Says:

    Just for make sure it is understand, it is so stupid that it’s hard to believe that its only this: Click start, control panel, audio, select BCD 2000 as default sound card click advanced and go to property, if you leave it at 2 speaker traktor will not show you 4 chanel out but only two so choose 4 speaker, i am not sure if you have to do it when traktor is off

  18. stocki Says:


    i getting only sound from the right output from bcd2000.
    i dont know if my bcd broken or my settings wrong ??
    all my settings are right i think. its all work and i have it so like you say cyco. i dont find my bdj software. the original mix tool from behringer to check it.
    how can i check if my settings wrong ore the output defect. ???


  19. Vitor Says:

    Hi to all

    I have the same problem that you say when I configure the Audio output doesn’t appear the por 3 & 4 as the picture above.
    How can I correct that?
    thank you

  20. Mark Says:

    up for VoLAnD’s question. its happening to me also, any bug fix for this?

  21. Guilherme Says:

    How i can do to the Traktor play only the Deck B or Deck A in headphones instead of play the master output in monitor output.

    In VirtualDJ and B-DJ i can play only the Deck A or Deck B, separated decks in headphones.

    Somebody can help me?

  22. Scotty Says:

    I’ve tried everything to see if I can get the audio on traktor to work with the bcd3000. It doesnt matter what I do, I can’t get a seperate headphone output from the master. I’ve tried the quadraphonic speaker thing from control panel\audio\advanced speaker settings and that didnt work.
    I’ve tried changing to ASIO but that doesnt work either.
    Has anyone actually got these 2 working together with the monitor working?
    Thanks for the midi settings cycokraut. Much appreciated:o)

  23. Plastique Says:

    I have the same problem like Voland, but i work with traktor 2, i dont think this is a problem of my laptop (Core 2 Duo 2.2 2GB RAM), i set the max latency in the bcd configuraion, but it doesn’t work.

  24. how_gee Says:

    Hey Guys,
    Anyone experimented with Vista on Midi Rules + Traktor 3.3 + BCD 2000 yet? I set that up a few weeks ago, and it\’s not working too well for me. I have to push the latency above 20ms to get rid of the popping and the crackling (the system\’s vitals like CPU and memory seem to remain normal).

    Anyone else have experience with that setup? Any words of wisdom? And great work, Cyco – your site has become a haven for BCD2000 owners. Cheers to that!

  25. adrien Says:

    I have the same problem than marc but I own a mac and I don’t now how to fix it .
    I need help .


  26. DJ CREAM Says:

    Same problem, no ch 3-4 output in traktor with BCD3000

    Changing speaker setup in windows doesn’t work.

    Please post if you find a solution!


  27. DJ CREAM Says:

    fixed the problem. When selecting the soundcard make sure you choose BCD 3000 Asio . Its hard to notice tho as it is at the top and looks like the one you already have…kinda weird, but all 4 channels now show up.

    Now just gotta fix my comp from crashing and going to the BSOD…..?????? after using traktor for a while

  28. m0rbus Says:


    i am owner of a BCD-2000 an i am pretty satisfied about the hardware part….BUT, the software behringer sold with the bcd2000 is just a joke.
    at first bcd wouldn´t run stable, which i think, was because of my old system (p3 900,256sd-ram)

    after i bought a new system even B-DJ was running almost perfectly. the funnie thing was, that only the oldest version (b-dj 1.0) ran without troubble, except for scrambled noises at beginning of tracks with a bitrate of 320.

    now, after i cleaned and optimized my system and had a win xp re-install NOTHING WORKS!

    i downloaded demos of almost every dj software out there and i can´t get my BCD to run stable with any of them!

    just can´t imagine it´s a hardware problem, cause before i had my system cleaned everything worked allright. 😦

    honestly, this console gave me so much trouble, right now i am close to throwing it against a wall!

    could someone be so kind and help me, please?
    i have to admit i am kind of a newbie, when it comes to audio on PC´s.

    after all i bought traktor 3.3, because i heard of it´s good compatibility with BCD and i already liked traktor very much, when i was having my first contact with software-mixing, several years ago.

    please explain me – step – by – step- (e.g. as if you were talking to a mornon) how to configure traktor 3.3 with my BCD2000, which other tools i have to download, install and how i have to configure them.

    please help me!



  29. VJD Says:

    I have a problem with the ASIO soundcard of my BCD-2000.
    Traktor is working fine with the soundcard of my pc but when i try to set the soundcard in Traktor to BCD-2000 ASIO than it wont to play anything, I can’t olso not slide wave-bar in Traktor.

    I’m using Traktor version 3.3.1 with Cycokrauts_Extended_Flavor_A and latest BCD-2000 drivers (v1.1.1.0)

    Please help me.

    My system:
    Windows Vista Ultimate (with Aero)
    Intel Calistoga-G i945GT
    Mobile Dual Core Intel Core Duo T2450, 2000 MHz
    2 GB (DDR2-667 DDR2 SDRAM)
    Realtek HD Audio Soundcard

  30. Bushyetdah Says:

    It works for me with little troubles. Great thanks for the infos.

  31. DJ JOFO Says:

    Hi cyco, gret work you’ve done… it works like a charm.. i have spent about week to get this little thingy working on my laptop… it was so painful to get it working.. on my desktop it works without any problem but on my laptop it was freezing and was working olny after restart of windows xp if i was lucky.. after reading many tips on optimizing windows for asio and nothing was solved… i was disappointed with this controller because it has so much potential… i finally have found a solution for this problems.. it’s just usb controller (SiS Chipset) on the motherboard of my laptop causing these problems.. i’ve bought PCMCIA USB controller (VIA VT-6212 Chipset) and all the problems are now gone… if somebody experiencing problems with bcd200 freezes and dont work even in DS mode, then i sugest you to buy PCMCIA (Express Card) USB controller with VIA chipset and it should work again…
    again, thanx to cyco for this beautyful solution.. you’re the man…

  32. Stephen B Says:

    For people that can not see BCD2000 : 3 and :4 I suggest you
    disable / uninstall ASIO4all. This worked for me.

  33. Imran Says:

    i have an emu 0404 and Vista 64 with traktor 3, i also have Asus HD Soundcard, on XP i can use both for mixing cueing etc, on Vista i cannot, even with Asio4All, the option s not there to choose?? whats the problem, me or Vista. (please say Vista)


  34. robin Says:

    can the bcd2000 use the learn function into other programs like in the “propellerheads reason3”? somethin like when using the bcr2000 & bcf2000.

  35. John Teng Says:

    help! installed bcd200 on the mac. I don’t see BCD2000 listed as a sound card. I cannot hear anything thru my headphones at all. sound is coming out of the computer, though.

    any help is greatly appreciated! JT

  36. John Teng Says:

    just to elaborate on my last post. . I followed the instructions from evinyatar at:

    downloaded the drivers and .tks files he created, but he told me that there is no audio capability on the driver. further research on the posts says that he may not work on it, either. is there another driver (or solution) out there? thanks.

  37. Dude Says:

    What’s with the BSOD anyway?
    Can i have some replies from users who have BCD2000, windows, traktor and never got BSOD?
    What’s your config, please?
    CPU: ?
    Soundcard: ? (model, type)
    Drivers: ? (native, custom)
    DJ Software and version: ?
    OS: ?

  38. Nicolaj Says:

    Set soundcard to BCD3000 ASIO , And empty all the dropdowns under the “output routing”.. ( Set all to “-not connected-” )…

    restart traktor dj studio , and you’ll be able to select all… took me 3 hours to solve this….. 3 hours of just scrambling around with the same, same, same, same, same settings….. i really hope this helps someone although this thread is a bit old afterall…

    And thank you “charles” for inspiration to try out different combinations and keep going on till i found the right one for me..

    peace out!

  39. Dude Says:

    Also, is the v1.1.1.0 the “latest” driver for this thing?

  40. Paham Diri Says:

    i have problem setting my traktor 3 le n traktor scratch pro (win xp)
    how to setting soundcard … coz everytime i setting the song cant out in my headphone …can be u show me step to setting all …. till my bcd works …

    help me n peace out

  41. ANT Says:

    Nicolaj – THANK YOU SO MUCH YOU HAVE IT SPOT ON THERE TURN OFF TRAKTOR AFTER SELECTING ASIO then the other channels 3 and 4 come up . I’M SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Anonymous Says:

    fra poco lo spacco sul muro..
    ho un bcd3000 e lo sconsigliero a tutti..
    una domanda ma come si fa a sentire una singola traccia e nn solo il master?
    il settaggio in traktor 3 del cue a o cueb per sentire in cuffia la traccia da inserire sotto che voce è in traktor?
    poi sul fisso va e sul portatile solo casini, va a scatti nn s sente niente,
    veramente lo spaccherei sul muro, bella merda ha fatto la berhinger..

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