Optimizing your system performance

Many MIDI Rules users (including me) have/had troubles with system freezes and MIDI crashes of the BCD2000 while using MIDI Rules and Traktor. Both issues have to do with real-time performance of your system (OS, hardware, peripheral devices, applications, etc.). One bottleneck component is enough to slow down the whole system.
Therefore optimizing the system performance has to cover all involved components. Windows XP users should take a look at the Windows XP Optimization Guide. A lot of tips can also be found in the NI forum. If you know additional tweaks/tips, please comment.

7 Responses to “Optimizing your system performance”

  1. Bidhux Says:

    Great work guys!

    I had a lot of problems in the past and got support from the Behringer team who suggested visiting the site below.
    Basically the same stuff, and it worked.



  2. Moras Says:

    i have a problem to with my pc.the configuration is :AMD Barton 2500(working @ 1800 mhz),512 Mb DDR,windows xp sp2.I don`t know what is happening but when i choose in a dj software the asio driver the cpu goes to 100%.if i use virtual dj he goes down after a few sec and then the sound become noisey and stay noisey.i let it like that and the in conf of VDj i chage to bcd without asio and works again until i try to load another track when the hole s… happens again.i tried in deckadance 1.07.when i select the driver to bcd asio the CPU goes @ 100% and he`s staying there.i can`t do nothing.is my cpu to low for this?i formated my hole hdd(is a maxtor 80 gb) and i have only windows and drivers for bcd and the dj soft.still not working.i tried to use bcd as a soudcard in winamp.is playng well but if a open a folder or something the sound become noisey again and the cpu meter stay high.i think is something whith the drivers or is the cpu to slow for this?i`ve trid it on a amd 64 3800+(working @ 2,4 ghz) 1 gb ram.on that pc is working well with the b-dj but with virtual dj or other software is not.on intel pc`s everything is verry good.,…perfect i can say…but on every amd is s….PLEASE HELP ME !!!i`ve waited so long for a tool like this and now i can`t do anything whit it.

  3. cycokraut Says:

    @Moras: Make sure that you’ve installed the latest ASIO driver (v.

  4. cycokraut Says:

    If your system still freezes every x minutes, unplug your notebook batterie. (If you use a notebook of course…)

  5. zgomot Says:

    I cannot install the latest driver for bcd2000, namely v1.1.1.0. Whenever I run the installer, it says I should tunr on the controller and press continue. I do turn it on, but there is no continue button, only a “close” button. Setup doesn’t even start.

    I’m stuck with the v1.0.6 drivers (if I’m not mistaking) and things work fine, but I usually find it better to have everything up to date.

    Any idea why I can’t seem to install the new drivers?

  6. Jasper Says:

    @ ZGOMOT

    I think you may be using vista. am i correct? if not try this anyway.

    before you run the bcd2000 driver v right click it, go properties, compatability mode, and run it as a XP sp2 mode.

    i had the same problem


  7. G K Palmer Says:

    I recently installed mb4guns/cycokrauts Flavor 2007-02-05 v2 for BCD2000 & Traktor3 and have found it great and flawless.

    I defragged, ran Ccleaner, ran Speedup my PC, and disabled a lot of programs from running at boot (just to be cautious) and I witnessed seamless performance doing a 7hr set in a bar/club on a friday night.

    I’ve since enabled those startup programs and still have literally zero problems when running multiple software as well as traktor. (I find traktor works best with minimal other proggies running in the background like SRS sandbox, Realtech sound manager and other similar progs)

    Advent 4214 (re-branded ESC-J10IL/3), Atom N270, 1GB, 50GB free HDD space, Traktor 3.4.1, MapleVMCv356, MIDI-Rules-Prototype_2007-12-09_r2_Installer

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