Fixed bug “Deck FX disables other controls” in BCD2000-Traktor3 mapping

I just released a bug fix for the issue that the deck FX mode disables other controls.



56 Responses to “Fixed bug “Deck FX disables other controls” in BCD2000-Traktor3 mapping”

  1. De Jaeger Says:

    Thank you very much.

  2. anteNando Says:

    Killer release! THX very much indeed.

  3. der hämmer Says:


    thx a lot!

  4. mongio Says:

    Thanks, always on top…

  5. BCD2000 no Vista e atualização do Midi Rules | Submusica 2.0 (beta) Says:

    […] incansável Cycokraut soltou no último dia 4 uma correção que resolve um bug com a última versão do Midi Rules. O problema acontecia quando o usuário ligava os controles de […]

  6. Rascanalgao Says:

    You are the best!!!

  7. raul Says:

    I found that in that configuration the jog wheel for pitch bend doesn’t work fine, it only seeks forward…

    is it possible? or is it something i don’t do fine???

  8. Matteo Says:

    Hi, I’m using BCD 2000 with Traktor 3.2 with great satisfaction thanks to you Cyc0kraut and to your 🙂 Now I have a question and I hope you can help me: do you think it’s possible to assign the switch function of the low knob in T92 Channel Filter to one of the not yet assigned BCD 2000 buttons (button, not knob, to cut, please!)? I hope my question is reasonable and sorry for my English. Thanks.

  9. ilan Says:



  10. ilan Says:

    @cycokraut : i configured the audio setup the same as the pictures. i installed midi yoke as it been told at the beginning.

    but the phones still making the problem

  11. ilan Says:

    my mistake. i installed Maple Virtual Midi Cable and removed midi yoke. but the problem still exist, also im using MIDI Rules Prototype 2007-08-09 released .

  12. Ivan Says:

    Does BCD2000 support windows vista?

  13. stocki Says:

    heyhey ..

    does your tool support ubuntu ??? did anybody try this ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    mail !!! 😉

  14. Roler Says:

    Hello all,

    I have adapted the BCD2000-Traktor cycokrauts-mb4guns rules to my own taste and Traktor 3.3

    Most of these changes will also work in Traktor 3.2 only the FX B and D buttons are working different.

    These are my additions/changes:
    * Fx B button changed to hold (especially for Traktor 3.3)
    * Fx D button changed to toggle (especially for Traktor 3.3)
    * Traktor layouts:
    – Normal mode
    – Brower mode
    – Normal +MIC mode
    – Brower + MIC mode
    Traktor will automatically switch to the correct mode. For example when pressing the Phone Split button the layout will change to the browser layout (or brower +Mic mode when the mic is turned on).
    * Working MIC in Traktor when pressing the Talkover button (layout will change to MIC)
    Essential for the MIC is that the input routing in Traktor setup is correct. BCD channel 1 to channel C left, BCD channel 2 to channel D left.
    This will be automatically done when replacing the Traktor DJ Studio 3 Settings.xml file.
    * Press Phones split and Traktor will change to browser mode layout.
    * Auto cue deck when loading a track in browser mode: search back Deck B (Load in Deck A) and forward Deck B (load in Deck B)
    The layout will also change to back normal mode (or normal +Mic mode when the mic is turned on) when loading a track.
    * FX selection in “Back to top + Back to top” mode
    – Master FX selection: search back and forward buttons of deck A
    – Deck A FX selection: Bend + and – buttons deck A
    – Deck B FX selection: Bend + and – buttons deck B
    * Key change Deck A and B in “Back to top + Back to top” mode :
    Search back deck B (change key deck A) and forward deck B (change key deck B)

    Copy the Traktor DJ Studio 3 Settings.xml into the Traktor 3 folder (in you’re my documents directory)
    Load the BCD2000-Traktor3.3 Roler cycokrauts-mb4guns edit.tks into traktor and use BCD2000-Traktor3.3 Roler cycokrauts-mb4guns edit.drl with the Midirules of course.
    If you don’t like replace the Traktor DJ Studio 3 Settings.xml you must at least changed these lines with a text editor
    For the different layouts:
    Entry Name=”View.ScreenSet.0″ Type=”7″ Value=”Normal;1;1;1;0;1;1;0;1; big;small;0;0;0;1;1;1;1;”/
    Entry Name=”View.ScreenSet.1″ Type=”7″ Value=”Browser;1;1;0;0;1;1;0;1 ;small;small;0;0;0;1;1;1;1;”/
    Entry Name=”View.ScreenSet.2″ Type=”7″ Value=”MIC;0;1;1;0;1;1;0;1;big ;small;0;1;0;1;1;1;1;”/
    Entry Name=”View.ScreenSet.3″ Type=”7″ Value=”MIC + Browers;1;1;0;0;1;1;0;1;small; small;0;1;2;0;0;1;1;”/
    To assign the MIC to channel C and D
    Entry Name=”Routing.Input.Channel.C. Left” Type=”1″ Value=”0″/
    Entry Name=”Routing.Input.Channel.D. Left” Type=”1″ Value=”1″/

    I hope you like it
    Have fun!


  15. Paul Says:

    hello, is it working with traktor 3.3? i cant get it working…
    thanks, paul

  16. Paul Says:

    some more information: (hope someone is reading it…)
    everything works fine from point 1 to 11, leds are flashing but then nothing happens…
    (i’ve installed the newest bcd driver, midi rules, maple and java 6).

  17. cycokraut Says:

    @Paul: Do you use a BCD2000 or 3000?

  18. Paul Says:

    bcd 2000

  19. cycokraut Says:

    @Paul: Please read the the installation instruction in the documentation again. Possible courses: misconfigured midi interface setup in Traktor or misconfigured midi setup in traktor (.tks file not loaded).

  20. Paul Says:

    @cycokraut: thanks for your efforts. i still cant find a mistake…
    this are my preferences:

  21. cycokraut Says:

    @Paul: Your settings look ok. Please download the MIDI monitor Instead of starting traktor, start MIDI OX (Maple only allows one receiver/sender for each port) and monitor the MIDI input Maple #1. Start MIDI Rules in the same way as before. Can you see any message when you play with the controls. If not, monitor MIDI input BCD-2000.

  22. Paul Says:

    @cycokraut: i dont know if i did everything right, but midi rules is now showing me the following message:

  23. cycokraut Says:

    @Paul: You’re monitoring the output with MIDI OX that MIDI Rules wants to open. Configure MIDI OX to only monitor “Maple MIDI in #1” and not “Maple out #1”. (Maple ports can only be opened once. “MIDI Yoke” ports, an alternative for Maple, can be used by more than one client).

  24. Paul Says:

    @cycokraut: thanks again. there is no message when im playing with the controls while monitoring it. when im trying to monitor the bcd-2000, nothing happens.

  25. cycokraut Says:

    Seems that your BCD-2000 doesn’t send any MIDI messages. Have you tried to use the B-DJ software with your unit?

  26. Paul Says:

    yes… it worked. strange thing. but thanks for trying to find a solution. 🙂

  27. Paul Says:

    monitoring the bdc-2000 now worked, maybe i have done something wrong. it shows data when im playing the controls…

  28. Paul Says:

    wtf, it works! wow, great. 🙂
    thanks for your efforts again!

  29. stocki Says:


    wie kann ich meine echo indigo einbinden ? ich will nicht mehr die soundkarte vom bcd nutzen.. hab mit die echo indigo dj gekauft.. weiss aber grad net so wie ich diese einstelle im traktor und deinem tool ! ?



  30. stocki Says:

    how can i use antother soundkarte with this tools !?

  31. stocki Says:

    sry …

    how can i use another soundcard with your tool ???

  32. cycokraut Says:

    Once again: “This tool” has NOTHING to do with audio/sound properties. It’s only about MIDI messages and controlling. If you want to use different soundcard, just select the device in your DJ Software.

  33. stocki Says:

    i know it works … but when i select another soundcard i cannot prelisten tracks like bevor …. !
    must i change the midi commands ??

  34. P. Says:

    the file was deleted on speedyshare, would you please post again or have it available on p2p
    Thanks very much!

  35. fox Says:

    @Roler: can you (or someone else) please post the file again – This file has been deleted for the following reason: too old.

  36. Roler Says:

    I have added a 4 decks version with a layout description.

    Have fun!

  37. echoooo Says:


    i use midi rules with my echo indigo dj … but the connection between midirules and bcd crashed always.. why is it so ?

    when i select the bcd soundcard it works.. but bad sound of this shit soundcard. ^^ i dont want use this card

  38. cycokraut Says:

    @echooo: what do you mean with “connection between midi rules and bcd crashes always” in detail?
    Maybe your echo indigo slows down your system performance, but this should only effect audio issues. Maybe this leads to some kind of buffer overflow of the midi messages coming from the BCD.

  39. echoooo Says:

    i thought its buffer overflow…
    i downloaded a tool for ram cleaning (bad english sry)…
    or where can i check the buffer correctly ?
    buffer isnt in ram ?

    im start all. and it works.after ca. 2 minutes nothing works with bcd !

  40. cycokraut Says:

    @echooo: I don’t know if/where midi message from the bcd are buffered (on BCD hardware, windows midi driver,…).
    You should focus on your system latency (and of course you should have enough physical memory). Take a look at

    edit: make sure that you have the latest midi rules release installed.

  41. echoooo Says:

    my system is fast enough
    1 gig ram
    1,86 Ghz
    thinkpad t43
    nothing in the background… ^^

    i dont know … with bcd as soundcard it works hours…

    MIDI Rules Prototype 2007-12-09_r2

    naja .. thx for help

  42. echoooo Says:

    ok it works with traktor 3.2.2. =)

  43. die5el Says:

    to Roller!
    Please resharing your config file.
    Your file have deleted/

  44. fr@sh Says:

    @roler. can you post your file again?

  45. Victor Says:


    Hope u see this;

    The problem u made is that ur setin up somethin else in midi in

    as i saw in ur picture u should do this when ur seting up MIDI Rules:

    Load FLavor file

    6 Enter
    0 Enter
    3 Enter
    8 Enter

    Hope this works for u, this the way i have to do it 😛

  46. fr@sh Says:

    @Roler Hi! Do you have new bcd mapping for traktor 3.4?

  47. cheffe Says:

    Hi thx a lot for all your work,

    I just wanted to change 1 of the Buttons
    “Loop Active/Out || Deck A || Toggle || Note F-1(ch1)”
    “Loop Set/In || Deck A || Toggle || Note F-1(ch1)”

    But I simply cant find out how to choose
    “Note F-1(ch1)” instead of “Note F1(ch1)”

    How can I give him that F-1 (hyphenated)

    What am I doing wrong?

    thx for your help

  48. cheffe Says:

    ok I figured it out, I was not able to give him that F-1,
    but I teached him another button.

  49. nacho Says:

    HI… I just noticed the x-fadder goes changed. I mean that if you put it all over the left, sounds the righ deck and so on… I remap checking the inverse option… Then it sounds good, but the x-fadder graphicaly goes to the opposite

    Thank you anyway for such a useful mapping 🙂

  50. marki Says:

    hey nacho,
    check if you can invert the crossfader settings in the Midi-Key Setups
    (My settings: X-Fader // Global // Direct // CC 1 (ch1))
    not inverted

    I still was not able to get the Jogg Wheels to work.
    Is there someone who could give me some help, anything i forgot to adjust? I am trying and trying around.

    Give me some keywords, for example:
    How is Traktor calling the function to move inside a track forward and backwards…(the thing I can do with the mouse)

    thx for help

  51. Ilya Says:

    I was toying around with Traktor Pro and my BCD2000.
    The jogs are working with midi rules I used for Traktor 3.2! But only when the track is not playing. I will continue to check this, but this is really cool

  52. diogenes Says:


    I have bcd 3000 running, but , my soundcard ISOBCD3000, its not runing with windows vista. it stopping the controls by my bcd control. Have some download to fix it?

    Thank you

  53. BCD2000 no Vista e atualização do Midi Rules @ DJ BAN Says:

    […] incansável Cycokraut soltou no último dia 4 uma correção que resolve um bug com a última versão do Midi Rules. O problema acontecia quando o usuário ligava os controles de […]

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