BCD3000-Traktor Mapping for MIDI Rules

A BCD3000 – Traktor3 mapping for MIDI Rules is now available. The mapping based on BCD2000-Traktor3_cycokrauts-mb4guns_flavor_2007-02-05_v2 and has been adjusted by Niek to work with the Behringer BCD3000.

Since I don’t own a BCD3000, I’m interested in what you’re thinking about the mapping in comparison to the native support for Traktor3LE that comes with the BCD3000.


100 Responses to “BCD3000-Traktor Mapping for MIDI Rules”

  1. De Says:

    Hi CycoKraut,
    I’ve just bought one BCD 3000 and I’m playing around with your “BCD3000 – Traktor3 Mapping for MIDI Rules”.
    It works!
    And not even that: it seems to work much better than the .tks file from the Traktor LE.
    In general your mapping solution gives the BCD3000 much more functionality.

    The ideal scenario for me it would be to not use (or touch) my laptop once I’ve started my BCD3000. I know it can sounds quite ambitious, but I think it’s the way to go.

    I would like to use the laptop only as a “visual” reference.

    SO It would be perfect to change the length of the loop, select the FX, change the Deck Focus, change the Traktor Views only using the BCD3000.

    So I will just point out some features that I think it would be nice to have. (Please forgive me if some features on my list you have done already, maybe I just haven’t found it yet!)
    Here we go:

    1 – With the .tks from the Traktor LE Edition the buttons to change the buttons 2 and 3 to change the FX Effects work fine, but I’m struggling to make them work using your mapping. In the end of the day I just would like to know how can I change ( Next – Previous) the FX effects ?!

    2 – Is there any chance to alternate the FOCUS of the Deck only using the BCD3000 ?!

    3 – If I want to create more functions by pressing and holding ‘BACK TO TOP’ down and any “X” button in the BCD3000, what should I do ?! Is it possible to change ?!

    Hope most of this comment make sense for you!

    Again, thank you for the great job with your mapping!
    Saved a lot of time!

    Kind Regards,


  2. peter Says:

    How Change Set BCD-3000 to B-DJ mode ????

  3. cycokraut Says:

    @peter: you can change the mode in the BCD control panel (in the windows tray icon list)

  4. peter Says:

    where i cant find ‘BACK TO TOP’ button ?????

  5. cycokraut Says:

    @peter: on the BCD2000, the ‘back to top’ button is located just below the gain control knob.

  6. Davori Says:

    Hi there. Firstly, De I also bought the BCD3000 with the aim to use the laptop only visually. I’m SO close to this hehe, just one problem remains! I can’t find the action (i.e control in the program) that toggles effects on/off. I have the 4 knobs set up to adjust parameters, thats fine, also the two fx up/down buttons sorted fine. BUT, i simply cant find the control for the ‘on’ button in Traktor 3 itself.

    I’ve set up scrolling through the playlists as the search >>/<>/<< (I also increased the sensitivity of the jog wheels to allow searching and skipping without the search buttons! Scratching remains the same sensitivity though!)

    So can anybody give me a bit of help please? I’m happy to send my TKS to people also. Email me at davdadev @ gmail . com (no spaces ofcourse). I couldn’t get any helpful replies on the NI forum, they seem to be mean 😦

  7. Davori Says:

    “I’ve set up scrolling through the playlists as the search >>//<>/<< for scrolling up and down through the playlist/browser. Works really well actually, allows me to do everything with just the BCD.

  8. cycokraut Says:

    @Davori: the 4 buttons under the effects knobs are mapped to the effects buttons #1 to #4 in Traktor (this is how I’ve done it in my BCD2000 mapping on which the BCD3000 is based on).
    In my setup the button on the right is mapped to on/off main effect (not deck fx). It should be possible for you to configure the button in traktor’s midi setup via the learn function, if it’s not already set.

  9. davori Says:

    Right I’ll try that tomorrow, thanks for the quick reply 🙂 I think I must’ve disabled the setting in the original tks accidentally, took me a while to get used to the lack of undo 😛

  10. rahwho Says:

    First of all, praise to you cycokraut! I was just wondering if can give me a link to where I can find T3.2.0.080 midi send/return info. I did a little tweeking on your .drl just to my preference purposes and it works awesome. The only thing that I’m trying to figure out is what data1 should I send to trigger Deck Select Focus? Also is there a feed back from Traktor when the Play event is done? Thank you in advance sir! By the way I’m using 3.0…

  11. DJ Kaz Says:

    (sorry for double messagin, not sure where i should post)

    This thing IS indeede awsome..

    one question: how do i write my own midi rules file? is there a way i could write one for deckadance?

  12. cycokraut Says:

    @DJ Kaz: Of course you can write your on MIDI Rules file. Unfortunately I haven’t create a manual how to write MIDI rules or how to setup a enhanced editor (based on eclipse).
    A good starting point (and the only one a the moment) is to look into an existing drl file. You can load it with any text editor.

  13. cycokraut Says:

    @rahwho: In can define in Traktor’s MIDI setup which action should be performed on which incoming MIDI message. There are no fixed MIDI messages for Traktor.
    Unfortunately Traktor does not send any feedback messages.

  14. DJ Kaz Says:

    Thanks, i’ll twiddle with it a bit..

    BTW: can it work with deckadance also? or is there a different code\editing\script to it?

  15. DJ Kaz Says:

    I’m reading the drl file…. looks pretty logical…

    i figured ou this much:

    command:144/176 a refference to traktor/bcd3000
    so that 176 will always be the bcd3000 (or any other midi controller) and 144 will always be traktor (or any other software connected to the midi in port of “maple virtual midi”) ? or did i get it wrong?

    data1: X is a refference to the a certian control on my controller (a BCD3000 in this case) – if this is correct, can you post a refference for the controld on the BCD3000 (the included file in the download above is configured still with the bcd2000) ??

    data2: X is the value to set on control{data1} ? if so, what are the values? 0 to 127? (so that in buttons 0 would be off and 127 would be on? and if so, what are the values for the jog wheel?)

    Last question: – Variables – are they also valid outside of the rule in which they were created in (in other words, are variables global or are they only valid within the rule they are created in?) ?

    (sorry for bothering with alll the questions), but if you could only answer these, i’ll be able to figure out the rest (i think) by my self….

    in any case thanks alot in advanced – this thing r0cks !!

  16. Michael Says:


    I have a little problem trying to install the mapping for the bcd3000. I start traktor 3 and at midi interfaces there are 5 options maple midi in:port 1,2,3 and 4 and alse the bcd3000.
    As the instructions tell me, i choose maple midi in:port 1.

    than I load the tks-file and start up the control panel of the bcd3000 but I can’t find any option b-dj mode there’s only standard and advanced mode so i turned it to advanced.

    then I start up midirules and everything goes fine until I get to the installiation instructions step 8 that sais: Choose midi out 1: Maple Midi In: Port 1 in the console window.
    But there are only that say maple midi out.
    than i selected maple midi out: port 1.

    After this everything goes fine again and the leds light up untill it normally has to start synchronizing traktor 3 wich it doesn’t.

    i’m using vista ultimate 32bit

    Any help?

  17. cycokraut Says:

    @Michael: set the BCD3000 to “standard” mode, NOT “advanced”. (for the BCD2000 it is “B-DJ mode”).

  18. Michael Says:

    it works now but i have encountered another problem. Now I have to press all the buttons two times on the machine. Any ideas?

  19. cycokraut Says:

    @Michael: mhh… have you select “Maple Midi In: Port 1” as the only midi interface in traktor?

  20. cycokraut Says:

    @DJ Kaz:
    1. MIDI command 144 stands for “note on/off” and 176 for “control change”. This is not traktor or bcd specific, it’s a standard MIDI command. You are free to use other values for “command”, as long as you map it correctly in the target application (e.g. traktor).

    2. you are right, data 1 identifies the controller element. You can refer the BCD manual available for download on behringer.com or you a midi monitor (for instance http://www.midiox.com).

    3. data 2 is the something like “intensity”. For buttons 0 and 127, for sliders 0, 1, …, 127. The BCD jog wheels have an acceleration feature , look into the BCD manual for details.

    Variables have global visibility (you can use it in any rule if the variable has been created previously). It’s a good idea to create them in the “initialization” rule but can do it in any other rule too, if it make sense.

  21. Michael Says:

    yes, I have but I’ve tried some different progs now and they all have the samo problem so I think it’s probably a stupid vista problem again.

  22. DJ Kaz Says:

    Man Cyco – you’re number one!! Thanks alot!!!!

  23. DJ Kaz Says:

    Going good with writing my own MIDI rules for BCD3000 with traktor…

    Here’s where I’m stuck: I saw that in the last release mb4guns added some “special” features when the 2 BACK TO TOP (set cue on BCD3000) are pressed – and that traktor see’s these commands as CC74 and even higher –

    here’s my question – how can I teach traktor a CC74, CC73, or acctually – any other CC which isn’t listed in the BCD3000 (I have a midi keyboard, but it only sends note’s on\off – I need something to send a control change with) – how is this possible without buying any other equipment?

  24. cycokraut Says:

    @DJ Kaz: Have you tried out Traktor’s MIDI learning feature?

  25. Imperator3:16 Says:

    Great Site! 🙂
    A Mapped Version for Traktor 3.3 would be nice! 🙂
    The effect Section does not quite what it should (I guess NI reconfigured the effects section in their update!)
    And finally Traktor 3.3 knows the Fader positions without putting them to max @start! 🙂

  26. DJ Kaz Says:

    I did, but I couldn’t figure out how to map (“teach”) traktor a higher CC than the built-in ones from my bcd3000 (which ranges between CC1-CC30 about) – how do I teach traktor a different CC (like CC70, or CC80) – so that I’ll be able to add different functions to the same controllor on my bcd (like what mb4guns did with the decks fx\decks eq) ??

  27. DJ Kaz Says:

    Whoa!!! – Am I dumb or what??
    I finally see the light!

    FIRST I should create the MIDI rules (for whatever CC I want) – AND ONLY THEN – teach traktor – that way – when I’ll turn a knob on the bcd – what traktor will see is the CC which I send through a midi rule – which can be any midi signal – a CC80, CC90, or any other!!!

    Sorry for my ignorance… and once again – Thanks alot for this wonderfull tool!

  28. Martin (DENMARK) Says:

    Hi! Can you use the mapping template made for the Behringer BCD2000 with my BCD3000?

    Thanks for the great work you pull of! 🙂

  29. cycokraut Says:

    There’s a special mapping for the BCD3000 available on the download page.

  30. Martin (DENMARK) Says:

    I mean the thing you can print out and attach on the BCD3000? 🙂

  31. Crazysunny Says:

    hi cycokraut,
    First thanx for the BCD 3000 and traktor mapping. I bought my bcd 3000 in august and was trying since then to configure it with traktor. A couple of days i was lucky to find ur website. Now i have successfully configured it, but now that i face a problem is that most of the buttons are not working properly.
    – The play and cue funtions have interchanged.
    -I have to press and hold the Fx button or else it getting turned off.
    -its the same even EQ buttons.

    Can you please help me

  32. cycokraut Says:

    @Crazysunny: It seems that your BCD3000 is in the wrong mode or the MIDI in interface in Traktor is misconfigured.

    1. Open the BCD control panel from the tray (Windows). Make sure that the “Global Mode” is set to “Standard”.
    2. Open Traktors MIDI interface setup page and make sure that only the midi interface that you use for MIDI out 1 in MIDI Rules (e.g. Maple port 1) is selected. The BCD should NOT be selected.

  33. crazysunny Says:

    Hey Cyc0krauT

    Thanx for the immediate reply.
    ya i have changed the setting as said and its working.
    U are the best ………

  34. Simon Says:

    I’ve MIDI mapped the BCD 3000 to traktor myself and it works beautifully, there’s only one thing I haven’t been able to figure out.

    I want to set the search buttons to Beat Jump 16 beats. but I haven’t found that anywhere in the MIDI mapping menu.

    I’d really appreciate the help.

  35. cycokraut Says:

    @Simon: Download the BCD3000 manual from behringer.com. It includes the MIDI reference. Look for the search-bottons.

  36. dareal Says:

    youre the man cycokraut. I had been searching for a tksfile for the 3000 that would work, to find that it just does not exist. Even the so called N.I website’s tks file didn’t.
    I have a slight question regarding midi rules. i dont suppose you have an idea of how tobatch script the settings??so that it could be run automaticaly at startup.
    Aart from that ura star man. Youve helped out a lot of people with traktor and bcd.

  37. allesbongast Says:

    Hey man,

    Mad props to you man, keep up the good work.
    I’m very new in the DJ scene, just bought myself a BCD 3000 and was wondering why you dropped the equalizer functions in your custom MIDI setup??

  38. cycokraut Says:

    the link works, but the browser may interprete it wrong. Try to cut the url text and paste it in a browser’s address field.

  39. alex Says:

    got it. thanks for the quick reply!

    …unfortunately, the headphones and speakers are still switched in terms of crossfading.

  40. dareal Says:

    Back again,
    sorry to be a pain indabutt, but it would be very handy to be able to program automatically open the drl file and to set midi ports. have any idea???

  41. Neil Says:

    Hey Cycokraut,
    Thanks so much for putting this together and for responding to posts. I tried everything out but sadly mine is really screwy. Here are the 3 points that might be the problem.
    #1 -When I installed Maple I got this message:
    “Maple Midi Driver Install
    The midi driver will not start because there is no free space for midi entries in the Windows registry. The driver has detected a duplicate midi entry in the registry (midi1 – wdmaud.drv) which it should be able to harmlessly remove. This change is both recommended and required for the driver to work. It will record the change, so that you can contact technical support to undo the change if you have any immediate midi problem. Do you wish to perform this change?”
    I said ‘Yes’ to make the change. I hope that was right. I have no idea how to undo it if it was not.

    #2 – There is no “B-DJ mode” on the BCD3000 setup. There is a Standard mode and an Advanced mode. Like your comment above I choose Standard. Can you update the instructions so this is clear. This took me about 30mins to realize.

    #3-I instaled the 2007-12-09_r2: Version of MIDI Rules Prototype. Your instructions say the “12/25/2006” version. Will this make a difference? Now that I have the 2007-12-09_r2 version should I just uninstall it and go back and get the 12/25/2006 instead?
    When I run the 2007-12-09_r2 Version of MIDI Rules Prototype i get these choices:

    “Choose midi-in #1:”
    (on mine it has five options; 1-4 as Maple and 5 as BCD3000)

    “Choose midi-in #2:”
    (same list as before But I don’t want another midi-in right? so I choose 0) (*This is not in your instructions? What should I do here?)

    “Choose midi-out #1:”
    (Seven options: 1= Microsoft MIDI Mapper, 2= Microsoft GS Wavetable SW Synth, #3-6 are Maple Ports 1-4, 7 = BCD3000 so I choose #3 for Maple Port1 )

    “Choose midi-out #2:”
    (Same options as before so I choose # 7 = BCD3000)

    “Choose midi-out #3:”
    I choose 0 and hit enter…its says Ready…..and my bcd3000 is totally messed up. Only a few buttons work and most do the wrong thing?

    Also after all this what Soundcard should I have selected in Traktor? “BCD3000 ASIO” ?
    Also if I decide this isn’t working for me how do I get it back to the original version from Behringer now that I have deleted the a duplicate midi entry in the registry (midi1 – wdmaud.drv) ? Can I get that back if I need to?
    Thanks for all your work and any help. Right now my BCD is useless and I really need it back up and running please.
    PS Im running XP with 2 GB Ram and 2.13 GHz so I don’t think it is my computer. It was working fine before other than the obvious fact that a few buttons did nothing.

  42. jahh Says:

    First off, thank you for the fix that should have been in the bcd3k’s box. now, i have a slight problem, i have a bcd3000 and traktor DJ studio 3 and ive installed the java runtime environment and maple virtual midi cable as well as the newest version of midi rules and am running cycokrauts-mb4guns flavor (Niek rmx).drl . just about all of my functions work great exept for the eq kills for the mids and highs on decks A and B , the low kill works on both sides though. my other issue is my “crossfader” does not work at all, the only control over the decks volume is the up faders, cross fader moves in traktor but does not control the sound.

  43. cycokraut Says:

    @dareal: it’s on my todo list

  44. cycokraut Says:

    1) I don’t now what’s wrong with your windows midi devices. Maybe you have tried to install maple twice? Windows only supports up to ? Midi devices and each device must have a unique name.

    2) First, let me they that I the BCD3000 mapping is not mines, it’s just based on my work for the BCD2000. I have correct the instructions in the documentation.

    3) Again, you’ve found some documentation bugs. I’ve fixed them. (Before dec 2007 there was no support for multiple midi inputs). But I have no idea why it does not work for you (I cannot test it because I don’t have a BCD3000). Maybe it’s the issue from 1)? If you have loaded the right drl file, a lights should flash for 2 seconds. Your midi in/out configuration seems to be correct.

  45. cycokraut Says:

    @jahh: the EQ mapping was made for a 3-band equalizer. Maybe you have enabled a 4-band one in traktor? You can reconfigure the the 3 EQ knobs + the gain knob on your BCD to match a Traktor 4-band EQ in Traktor’s midi setup (no magic by MIDI Rules unless you switched to effect mode).
    Same for the crossfader. If it does not work, try to configured it in traktor’s midi setup (learning function).

  46. Neil Says:

    Thanks for the feedback. I have a show to play on the weekend so I need to get things back running. I don’t want to have to do a system restore to a few days ago but at this rate Im considering it.
    I might have installed Maple twice? I was fiddling around with it a bit. Can I easily uninstall it and start all over?
    What shoudl I do about that registry warning about entry in the registry (midi1 – wdmaud.drv)?

    What about the Version of MIDI Rules Prototype? Should I also uninstall that and try to get the older version you recommend?

    PS By the way the lights all flashed but sadly only a few buttons worked? and things like the play cue were flipped.
    If it comes down to it how can i get it back to run like before? For instance Maple 1-4 are the only opions under Preference | MIDI Interfaces? should there be something else?

  47. cycokraut Says:

    @Neil: I would uninstall Maple and try the alternative product “midi yoke”. Make sure that the Maple midi ports are removed because you cannot install both Maple + Midi Yoke, otherwise you will reach window’s limit of maximal midi ports.

  48. cycokraut Says:

    @Neil: the latest version of MIDI Rules is ok.

  49. cycokraut Says:

    @Neil: You can also take a look into the windows device manager (via control center -> System -> Hardware) under “audio/video/game controller” to identify your wdmaud.drv issue..

  50. Neil Says:

    Do you have an e-mail address you can reply to me by? I got sick of this an did a windows system restore hoping all this would go away. Sadly even though I restored to many days before I ever started to try to run MIDI Rules…. It now seems for no clear reason even my original set up isn’t working?
    I really just don’t get it.
    Please send me an e-mail to my included address asap if you can because I really need your help.

  51. eydel Says:

    hey guys i’m new with this hobbie i bought the bcd 3000, used once and know i can’t get it to work. the bcd3000 is not connecting to traktor although i see the control panel on the screen, but is no doing anything to traktor. any sudgestion on what can be done to solve this.

  52. Ferre Says:


    I bought the BCD3000, i’ve got traktor 3
    I installed everything and it works but … i always have to tap the buttons twice to get effect .. like the play button, i have to press it twice to stop or launch the track … been looking for the problem for 5 hours straight now, getting desperate !! can somebody help me pls ?


  53. mastermind Says:

    hi, i have had the same problem and i took the asio configure on “advanced” and than it works!!

  54. cycokraut Says:

    @Ferre: Switch the BCD3000 to “Standard” mode and make sure you’v only select the virtual midi input e.g. “Maple input #1” in Traktor and NOT the BCD3000.

  55. dwoo Says:

    hi, i have a dif problem than ppl have mentioned. im actually trying to use 2 bcd3000’s at the same time to use all 4 decks in traktor3. does anyone have a clue how i can set this up so both pieces are being recognized???? any help would be much great

  56. dan Says:

    iv recently bought a bcd3000 and was relieved when i found your midi mappings!
    my bcd is communicating fine using niek’s mapping but unfortunately i can’t seem to figure out the buttons for loop settings. to choose loop length number 1 he has assigned note C#2. i can’t figure out which button is C#2 from the manual.
    also a few commands are assigned note???. how to i tell what buttons these are?
    any help would be awesome

  57. soko Says:


    thx cycokraut! this stuff is amazing..
    the only problem is that it only worked for 5 min for me 😦
    i followed the instructions and everything went fine and my BCD3000 worked.. then i rebooted my computer and wanted to start it all up again;

    i started traktor, opened midi rules and chose maple midi in: port 1 as midi-in #1,
    pressed enter when it said choose midi-in #2 (no midi-in #2)
    then an error appeared saying Maple Midi In: Port 1 is already in use.

    when i dont start traktor and just run midi rules it doesnt give an error, same when i do start traktor but dont activate midi port 1 in the midi interfaces window. So i guess traktor using it blocks MIDI Rules using it…
    I have no idea how all this works but probably im doing something wrong (?)

    I’m clueless about how to fix this so any help would be much appreciated!

  58. cycokraut Says:

    @soko: You have to choose the BCD3000 aus midi-in#1

  59. soko Says:

    lol got confused by the ins and outs ^^

  60. mrmoose Says:

    Hi cycokraut. Having trouble with my effects buttons, I can see all 4 buttons working in traktor itself and all the knobs working but it’s like the effects are turned to mute. It’s been like this for a few weeks after my friend trying out a differnet mapping file. I’ve reinstalled the software and used your method and files and they dont work.

  61. tomte Says:

    wrong link, this works:

  62. Anonymous Says:

    Hello, thanks for the manual for configuration of BCD3000 and Traktor 3…but I have a problem. I am following the manual until step 6 without any problem, regarding to step 7 I am supposed to insert the number, which shall be placed in front of my BCD3000, but the only nuber is on the back side above date code..the number starts S07111 etc……so I am stucked at step 7 and I do not know what number I should type in. If I insert mentioned number S07111etc, it replies as invalid input…..so is it number on the back side of Midi-controler or is it number displayed on console window on control panel, where I can not see any…please help,thnx so much

  63. danek Says:

    Hello, thanks for the manual for configuration of BCD3000 and Traktor 3…but I have a problem. I am following the manual until step 6 without any problem, regarding to step 7 I am supposed to insert the number, which shall be placed in front of my BCD3000, but the only nuber is on the back side above date code..the number starts S07111 etc……so I am stucked at step 7 and I do not know what number I should type in. If I insert mentioned number S07111etc, it replies as invalid input…..so is it number on the back side of Midi-controler or is it number displayed on console window on control panel, where I can not see any…please help,thnx so much

  64. cycokraut Says:

    @danek: I admit, this is a little bit unclear: you should enter the number you can see in the midi rules console window in front of the device you want to select.

    • Tedybear Says:

      hallo cycokraut i have same problem as danek, and i cant see any number on my device BCD300 on the front, just at the back and this not working.You mean number on the hardware device BCD3000 or some other number somewhere else f.e in the desktop computer window?If yes, so which.I dont have any window on my consola device.Can you send me some picture of placement of this number?Thank you so much.

  65. DJ Kaz Says:

    Hi Cyco!!!


    Just keep on loving it every time anew!

    Remember I asked about how to turn a LED on the BCD3000 on every beat (using Traktor 3.3) ? Well, now that Traktor 3.3 does send MIDI out – Is it possible to light-up the “sync” button\LED on every beat according to the currently-playing bpm ? if so – how ?


  66. DJ Kaz Says:

    Hi Cyco!!

    I’m building a new BCD3000 “.drl” file to use with MIDI-Rules(the world!!). Is there a way to reset the BCD3000 “leds” when a new track is loaded ?, acctually – is there a way to send a midi message “on-track-load” or something like that ?

  67. DJ Kaz Says:

    P.S. I’d like to upload my file when I’ll finish, where / how ?

  68. dobr Says:

    thank you for your mapping!
    My question: is it possible to run MIDI Rules by shortcut with preseted parameters in command line?

  69. tobiko Says:

    Hi cycokraut !

    First of all many thanks for the midi mappings for the BCd3000 with Trak 3, much appreciated
    I’ve just got two probs,
    1. I can get the monitor Mix (phones mix) to work when I try to assign it in midi preferences , thus I cant hear anything on headphones
    2. Cue A and Cue B don’t seem to work too when I assign them, through midi preferences as well/ so can’t listen to any of the decks through headphones

    Any help/advice you could give would be much apreciated

  70. vyt Says:

    hi, I have the 3000 and a MacBook Pro, is there a possibility to make midi rules work?

  71. vyt Says:


  72. vyt Says:

    Hello again,

    I have a slight problem. I’d been using midi rules for some time with my 3000 but after reinstalling windows I just can’t make it work, I do everything step-by-step, the lids flash as if BCD’d be configured, but then Traktor shows some error (No decks are currently… I can’t see all of it) and Traktor stays with an old configuration, it reacts to BCD, but as if it’d be connected for the first time with no midi rules, am I missing something? Thanks.

  73. Marco Aramburo Says:

    i have a problem, when im in the midi rules in the question: Choose midi out 1: Maple Midi In: Port 1 in the console window, i only saw maple midi out, maple midi in doesnt appear, what can i do?

  74. vyt Says:

    never mind, fixed the problem.

  75. franck Says:


    very nive features ! i have a bcd3000 but maybe it’s a stupid question but i can’t use wheel to browse my collection.

    “PHONES SPLIT/MASTER OUT is ON” . i don”t undertand how to do this…i’ve play with all buttuns without results.

    thansk for answers

  76. franck Says:

    ooops i’ve see bcd2000 datasheet and where is located the button

  77. ced Says:

    has someone made a newer version ? thanks

  78. Ilya Says:

    With Traktor Pro is coming upon us, what do you think will happen to us, bcd200 users? Will it support bcd2000 out of the box? Will your MIDI Rules work with Traktor Pro ?

  79. cycokraut Says:

    @Ilya: If Traktor Pro Midi setup is compatible with Traktor 3.x it should be possible to use the BCD200/midirules/traktor3.x setup with only little additional effort. Otherwise a it’s necessary to create a new Traktor Pro Midi Setup.
    I don’t know what’s the latest Traktor Pro Midi Features. So maybe it’s possible to use the BCD2000 directly with Traktor Pro… We will see.

  80. tony slicer Says:

    hello there guys i just want to make a question.I’m trying to set up the audio midi set up on my mac os.I found and made the configurations on Traktor on out rating and input rating but still have a problem with the sound on headphones.Can someone help me with the configuration on audio MIDI set up on mac os what do i have to put on Default Input what on properties for what on Default Output and at last on System Output
    Thx in advance

  81. tony slicer Says:

    if someone can help me please send me a mail to tonyslicer@schranz.zzn.com

  82. Alejandro Says:

    cycokraut you are great!! this is really a good

    i tried to add a little function but i couldnt 😦

    what do u think about this one

    “jump cue list 1 – 5”

    i think with these feature it could be more useful, this is one opinion for disable EXT IN A and EXT IN B buttons and make them new functions for Cue Lists “active” and “passive”

    for example when EXT IN A is active
    5 buttons “set cue, set loop, reloop, sync and scratch” buttons will be cue lists for Deck A

    like this

    thanks again

  83. bullseye Says:


    Could anyone comment on how to get it work like this?

    thanx!!!!! in advance

  84. D-Sine Says:

    Hey Cycokraut!

    I used your mapping for BCD3000 on Traktor 3.3 and it worked a charm, no problems ever!
    Now I have Traktor Pro and the tsi file they give with it is bollocks!
    Please please please could you write a map for it mate!

    You are the man!

  85. Djtavi77 Says:

    Do you know how to make this BCD3000 with Numark Virtual Vinyl / CUE 5.2.1???

    How do I mapp it??

  86. Bullseye Says:

    Please comment on my question

  87. HuntbYnItE Says:


    I was just wondering, is there a way of patching traktor le?

  88. xmad Says:

    mr. cycokraut .
    i have a problem in my bcd3000
    i cant make it work with traktor3 LE and windows vista ultimate 32bit ,,
    i doonoo whats the tks-file and MIDI ,, 😦
    plz tell me what to do step by step coz i can use it.
    plz help me dude ,,
    thx alot

  89. aktiff Says:

    Hello Mr. Cycokraut, thx for your elaborate mapping tool, it has really helped me with BCD 3000 and Traktor 3 settings.
    But still, there are two important things I haven´t been able to work out anyhow:
    -the pitch sliders, mid knobs and master knob on both decks don´t react when I move them on the bcd 3000 console
    -when I spin the jog wheel on bcd, it´s behaving the opposite way in Traktor

    I´m using Traktor 3.3 on WinXP

    Thanx for your answers, keep up the great job you´re doing!

  90. Jasper Says:

    I need help installing BCD3000 and Traktor. This what i did and now i’m stuck:

    System: Windows 7, 64 bit (normal and x86 Program Files folder)

    1. Installed Traktor Pro 1.2.1 (to the x86 folder)
    2. Installed ASIO4ALL v2
    3. Plugged in BCD3000 (Windows recognized it as BCD3000 and told me it was ready to use)
    4. Installed BCD3000 drivers
    5. Opened Traktor Pro> set ASIO4ALL as my audio device > Output Routing Master and Monitor to BCD3000 > added BCD3000.tsi to Controller-Manager.

    Now I can play both decks and BCD3000 all works well as long as I use my mouse to handle the controls. But my BCD3000 has no influence on anything! The lights on the BCD3000 light up when I select for example “sync” with my mouse.

    Does anyone know how I can get my BCD3000 to handle the controls???

  91. DJ LoL'PoP Says:

    How i active the inputs and the mic on BCD 3000??

  92. brett ogc chicago Says:

    hi there i need midi mapping for traktor 4 using a mac 10.5.8 leopard os and have acquired a bcd 3000 appreciate any help in this or a site where i could get a midi map

    or if it is totally impossible to accomplish this i would appreciate knowing that too


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