Found the Bug that let MIDI Rules hang up

I just found the cause that let MIDI Rules hang up.
Currently if you use MIDI Rules for a while and specially if you trigger the controls fast, MIDI Rules will stop working.
The cause is a deadlock the timer code of MIDI Rules. (If you press ctrl+break in the MIDI Rules console window you can see the heap dump of the Java VM).

I will publish a bug fix release of MIDI Rules Prototype in the next days. So keep an eye on this blog.

P.S.: Sorry Behringer that I thought it’s a bug in the BCD2000 Hardware 😉


14 Responses to “Found the Bug that let MIDI Rules hang up”

  1. Shailpik Biswas Says:

    oh! That clears up a lot of things! Thanks for clearing the air Cyco! But hey, u got great software none the less munn! It works great otherwise.

  2. Manu DJ Says:

    Thanks a lot for the comment. I spend a lot of time in midi rules for me because my software ideal is traktor 2.5 and when hangs up i think to use virtualdj, but this software is very very stable, but i don´t like, not has for example a mute, the sliders don´t work fine and the sound in traktor is very very better and the information for the song and for the mix, and the record button for the movements of the controls is great. the only thing that is better in virtual(for the novice djs, not for me) is the autosync, but i don´t need. If midi rules don´t hang i return inmediately to traktor. Thank you very much.

  3. Shailpik Biswas Says:

    hey Cyc0krauT, kud u tell me how the BCD3000+MIDI-Rules+Traktor Dj 3 setup wud be like on linux? Like say on Ubuntu or Kubuntu?

    Wud MIDI-Rules work on Linux? With something that supports Win32 apps?

  4. sero_13 Says:

    Hey Cyc0kraut,

    Has this fix been released yet? I’m so impressed by your workaround and the only thing spoiling it is the occasional hangup.

    Cheers for all your work!

  5. Shailpik Biswas Says:

    Waiting with fingers crossed for that fix! Also wondering where Cyc0krauT is while waiting. Once I start making money from my deejaying I think I will be in a position to donate something to his project! 🙂

  6. cycokraut Says:

    New MIDI Rules Prototype has been released. Sorry for the long waiting time.

  7. mariusz Says:

    When i play bcd3000 on traktor 3, music is susspended on a second, and then play also.And again susspend, and play…
    When i play bcd3000 on virtual dj 5, after 15-40 min, music is stopped. Fader is working, but music is not playing.
    So i have problem with both programs. Please help me, what i’m doing wrong…
    best regards

  8. darren355 Says:


    i have the same problem. i have pc lots of memory and pcu power, even for advanced gaming. but tractor 3 le keeps hanging every 30-40 secs for 3-4 secs and then playback continues… what da f. is that?? that is very annoying. i have the midi rules running (2007-aug-09) and bcd3000 connected. i have read a lot of this tonight and switched off all the brakes for the computer (display, feaches in regedeit), nothing gets better. where’s the problem?? why those unexpected stops??

  9. Evinyatar Says:

    During the development of my Mac driver for the BCD2000 I have repeatedly bumped into this problem, and that was without MIDIRules. What happens is that the BCD2000 just stops sending MIDI data, so I’m afraid I’ll have to stick to my original statement that it’s a hardware bug. Of course, this does not mean an additional bug in MIDIRules might worsen the situation, but I don’t think you can fix this entirely for all platforms (it seems to depend on the USB host chip being used).
    You can use USB Snoop on Windows to see if you have the hardware bug.

  10. Shan Says:

    I have a new BCD3000 as well. Can you send me the new mappings you’ve just made (tks and drl,?

    thanks in advance!

  11. 1001 Says:

    For those having problems with unexpected stops while playing music on a laptop… try to extract the battery.

    I had the same problem, and I don’t tried everything to solve it, but that weird thing solved it!

    ps: i don’t know why….

  12. 1001 Says:

    For those having problems with unexpected stops while playing music on a laptop… try to extract the battery.

    I had the same problem, and I tried everything to solve it, but that weird thing solved it!

    ps: i don’t know why it works this way….

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