New MIDI Rules Prototype 2007-08-09 released

A new MIDI Rules Prototype (2007-08-09) has been released (download | change log). The release fixes the bug that let MIDI Rules hang up from time to time. MIDI Rules runs much more stable now. It’s highly recommended to update your MIDI Rules installation.

The new release also introduces timers into the MIDI Rules language. I will publish a new BCD/Traktor mapping that make use of timers soon.

36 Responses to “New MIDI Rules Prototype 2007-08-09 released”

  1. Koen De Jaeger Says:

    Wauw … . It has been a while. You probably had a busy period. Well so did I. Still looking forward to updates on midi rules though ;). Great to have it!

  2. a_rising_dj Says:

    you allowed me to change my life…

  3. monjo (djm) Says:

    Another great release, tested yesterday – 5 hours performance with absolutely no probs on two different notebooks. Traktor 3.2 + Midirules never betrayed me, it’s one year that I’m using it without serious problems. It’s the best bundle I’ve ever tried with BCD 2000.

    Thanks Cyco.


  4. Shailpik Biswas Says:

    It has been a long sir! But yes, I kinda suspected that you would break this silence with a new release. 🙂

    I hope you realise that you are really changing lives here. Because you are you know. And I am using my actual name on this site because I had a feeling that it would be needed someday.

    Well, we have to wait, but you’re doing a great job and I respect you for that. And someday, if and when I am in a position to, I WILL show you that some people don’t forget.

    regards and respect.

  5. a_rising_dj Says:

    can someone explain me betterly how to migrate the “old rules” to the new one?

    I dindn’t really understood how and I did a little mess…

    what have to be changed with what?

    thanks & regards!

  6. cycokraut Says:

    @a_rising_dj: You don’t have to edit the rules that work with MIDI Rules Prototype 2006-12-25. Only rules for MIDI Rules Prototype 2006-08-xx have to be migrated.

  7. Manu DJ Says:

    hi, cyco i was very happy because i think i was the only that midirules hangs up, but i use traktor 2.5 and with this new prototype continues hangs up. If i use the sliders slowly midi rules is stable all the time, but if i use the sliders fast the midi rules hangs up same as the old prototype. Sorry for my english. I think traktor 2.5 is very best software for the information on screen and simplycity to use, i don´t need effects or strange adds, i am a old school dj that work with vinyls and migrate to pc with bcd. But i am thinking to migrate to virtualdj, software that have poor information and bad sound, tones with less adjustment, but is very very stable in all situations. Thanks a lot for the work, i made my own rules to personalize traktor, but im not dispose to spend more time in this question. Bye.

  8. cycokraut Says:

    I just want to mention that the new MIDI Rules Prototype Release doesn’t elminate any traktor audio freezes/breaks. This is an issue of the overall system performance.

  9. HEC9 Says:


    Thanks for help us!!

    I bought a BCD2000 and follow the steps to insert Midi Rules 20061225. I´m testing BCD2000 to return an OK for seller. But I don´t know which Traktor´s .tks file I have to use…
    After install Maple MVCv356 I have tried to load many times some Traktor MIDI configuration in MIDI Setup but the moviments in BCD doesn´t occour in Traktor 3.2.1.

    Although I can play songs using through the BCD card I wonder if BCD2000 is crashed!!!


  10. cycokraut Says:

    @HEC9: MIDI Rules (I suggest to use to latest prototype version 2007-08-09) is a generic MIDI processing tool. I have to load a rule set file (.drl) that tells MIDI Rules what to do. There are some solutions available on So after installing MIDI Rules Prototype you should download, for instance, my BCD2000/Traktor3 mapping (or another available mapping). If you own Traktor 3.2 you load the bundle .tks file for Traktor3.2.
    Please read the documentation that comes with the mapping for more details.

  11. the lost_poet Says:

    ummm…I am using the latest prototype, but it still makes my controller hangup if I am trying to scratch too fast or using the crossfader to fast. Am I doing something wrong at my end?

  12. Ben-Hur Says:

    reply to the lost_poet.

    I had the same problem few days ago. In my event the notebook have not enough Ram (512Mb). Now with 1Gb I can scratch very fast and using the crossfader faster! I haven’t change nothing other.

  13. the lost_poet Says:

    Ah thank you Ben Hur (interesting choice of name)! Sadly I cannot upgrade this machine that I have, :sniff sniff:

    But there’s hope at the horizon, I might be getting a powerful laptop soon, so I got my fingers (and toes crossed!). Wish me luck!

    And a BIG Thank you to Cyc0krauT for making this! BTW, DeckADance has incorporated Native Support for the BCD3000!

  14. audiopony Says:

    can someone explain how to use bcd 2000 with ableton live 5.2 ?.please help .

  15. audiopony Says:

    can someone explain how to use bcd 2000 with ableton live 5.2 ?.please help .what s the midi map for ableton?pleaseeeeeee.

  16. doublej Says:

    cycokraut is the man!

  17. Liam Says:

    Love the software, does an excellent job. Problem, I also want to use midi tools on virtual dj, f u set up midi rules as normal but then open virtual dj you can o in the settings and use midi to program buttons on the bcd to work in vdj that way but there are a small flaws. the crossfader jus doesnt seem to fade right, maybe a simple fix? pitch bend stays at its bended amount instead of resetting when u let go of the button? (if u no what i mean), i cant seem to start the loop playing?, loop out doesnt loop out ?!?!? and you have to press the play/pause button twice to get it to work? also im not sure how to set p the search buttons.

    I think I got it all there, just wondering if there is an easy way to fix them problems? if so I reckon it would be better for me to control vdj because atleast then i can use the soft reset buttons on the pitch faders and i can use both fx knobs on either deck on control samples.

    Please someone get back to me im interested to no. Could be an interesting task for some1?

  18. Liam Says:

    when i said: start the loop playing, I ment start the samples playing, Thanks

  19. Rascanalgao Says:

    Hello, can be a batch file (. Bat), or something similar to that when running MIDI-Rules.exe directly enter the options? (In my case 9 3 12 0)

    Sorry for my bad English, I speak Spanish.

  20. the lost_poet Says:

    hello all. I have a technical problem here that I need to solve.

    I need to know if there is a way to connect more than one MIDI controller (Faderfox, Torq, BCD, et al.) in a way so that I can use them simultaneously on the same laptop.

    Would really appreciate some help on this one.

    Thank you.

  21. cycokraut Says:

    @Rascanalgao: This is currently not possible.

  22. cycokraut Says:

    @the lost_poet: you should separate the MIDI controllers, for instance by using different MIDI channels. MIDI Rules could do the job (if you cannot configure the MIDI channel for your controllers), but unfortunately I haven’t implement support for multiple MIDI inputs yet. This feature is on the top of my to-do list, I’ll try to realize it soon.

  23. DjWiickeed Says:

    so i wana use my bdc3000 with vertual dj software,, hahaha, yeah, what ever, rooky so what,, yeah but any ways, any help out there? am so site bout dis shiiiiiittttttttttt.

  24. cycokraut Says:

    @the lost_poet: I forgot to say that you can use multi MIDI Rules instances to do the job: one for each MIDI source.
    For instance for your controller #2 you can use a MIDI Rules drl file that change the channel of all MIDI messages from 1 to 2. It is just one rule, I can provide you a sample rule file if you like.

  25. the lost_poet Says:

    hmmm..I see. Thank you cycokraut. I think I need to understand MIDI a bit more in order to fully comprehend what you are trying to tell me. But I am glad that it can be done. I remember being told that MIDI has 16 channels and 128 controls. So 16×128 is the max I can use. I don need that many, obviously.

    Actually, as i slowly turn professional and get a proper laptop for going live, I can see that the BCD 3000 won’t be able to fulfill all my requirements. But obviously, I don’t want to throw it away. It is a nice midi controllers – and with jog wheels and built-in sound card too. Hence I want to keep on using it side by side with other controllers. i will require more than one software running by the time I am done (so thankful for VST, VSTi and Rewire type standards).

    Thank you for the reply. 🙂

  26. the lost_poet Says:

    okay, running into a little problem with Traktor Dj 3. Thing is that – since my desktop is ancient, I cannot use MIDI-Rules to its full extent. Anything close to attempts at proper scratching and it hangs on me. I know it is a problem on my end, so kudos again to Cycokraut for making it.

    So I tried to use it as just a MIDI controller, don want no lights. But, there’s something I cannot get it to do. I desperately need to scratch but as soon as I hit scratch, the play back will stop and it will wait for me to scratch. Then I have to turn it off and the playback continues.

    What to do?

  27. the lost_poet Says:

    OH MANN!!! I never though I’d be THIS excited to be posting a comment. But here goes!

    After long long hours of searching on the Net. And Spending my days pining for a proper solution to the BCD3k and NI TDJS3 problem, I finally stumbled upon the solution couple a hours back!!!

    that is the thread i found it on and this is what the post says:-

    Hi there,

    Maybe I have a solution for you.
    I was struggling a bit too with the settings, but it’s quite an easy job.
    I won’t say that my solution is THE ONLY solution to get things work correctly, but at least it works, and it works very well!

    Where most users are trying things to work with just the .tks file, I did the job in conjunction with the .xml file.
    I have also added an explanation text file with it.

    You can download the files here:
    Remember, the settings are for use with the BCD3000 and Traktor 3.x
    I don’t know if they work with the BCD2000 as well, so let us know!

    Good luck!


    I had to tweak it a bit, but only the loop buttons (set/in and ative/out) and the sensitivity&acceleration for the scratch wheels (acc. to my pref. actually, so it is a personal pref). If any one wants that, i can upload the .tks file. But it is a very small change, really! OMG! Finallty I can scratch properly! 😀

    Works like a dream, is the bottom line. 😀 😀

    the Dj.

  28. nelson camargo Says:

    What the program utilized for elaboration of the file. DRL??

  29. cycokraut Says:

    @nelson carmargo: A .drl file contains ASCII text, so any good text editor is suitable for editing. The drl file can be executed by the integrated rule engine (JBoss Rules) in MIDI Rules.

  30. thefox Says:

    Only and just

    Cya all

  31. Roler Says:

    Ccycokraut, could you please adapt this to Traktor 3.3?
    The diference is that the FX D button needs to be a tap-button (like FX B now) and FX B needs to be behavoring like FX D

  32. cycokraut Says:

    It’s on my to-do list.
    Coming soon…

  33. daveed Says:

    how do i get bcd 3000 to work with virtual dj 5.0. please help!

  34. Quentin Says:

    Hi, cycokraut!

    How can I change the sensitivity of the pitch bend?

    Sorry if I’m repeating a question, but after 3 days of reading through the threads, I still haven’t found an answer.

    Thank you in advance!

    PS everything else is great!

  35. DJ Arno Says:

    Although you can do almost everything with midi rules, my challenge was to get everything work the way I want with just the tks an xml files.
    I’m talking here about Traktor and the BCD3000.

    “the lost_poet” mentioned my custom settings somewhere above, but in the mean time I did some new tweaks.
    Now you can use the scrollwheels choose to do their work or to select and load tracks, without having to hold-down the needed button.
    Here’s the direct link for the updated files:

    And here is the full explanation of the settings:

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