MIDI Rules Prototype now with support for multi MIDI inputs

I’ve released a MIDI Rules Prototype update that supports more than one MIDI input. This feature can be used, for instance, to sync a MIDI controller with a software in both directions.

As an example, Traktor 3.3 is able to send MIDI messages if Traktor changes its state either due to interactions on Traktor’s graphical user interface or MIDI message from a controller.

If you want to program you own MIDI Rules (drl rule set), you can make use of the MIDI Rules Language enhancement:

  • New when-expression:
    Receive short message on midi in {midi_in_number} with channel : {channel} , command : {command} , data1 : {data1} , data2 : {data2}
    (The “Receive short message with …” expression will match messages from all MIDI inputs)
  • Implicit variable “received_message_midi_port” is visible after expressions “Receive short message” and “Receive short message with …”.

Take a look in the MIDI Rules language syntax reference that comes with MIDI Rules Prototype.


16 Responses to “MIDI Rules Prototype now with support for multi MIDI inputs”

  1. Roler Says:

    Do you need to change the rules set for this new MIDI Rules Prototype?

    I get the following message when I load my rule set:
    Exception in thread “main” java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: java.lang.String.isEmpty ()Z at cycosolutions.midirules.Processor.main(Processor.java:371)
    Press any key to continue . . .

  2. cycokraut Says:

    I’m sorry, I’ve used a feature of Java 6. I will update the release to work with Java 5.

  3. Roler Says:

    Yes It works now 🙂

  4. doublej Says:

    Traktor 3.3 changed lots of the effect panels. The way the your flavour is set up right now doest work well. It toggles ‘tap’ for instance, which should be hold. Can i fix this myself? playing around with the traktor midi settings doesnt do the trick.

  5. cycokraut Says:

    @doubej: The tab vs. toogle issue with Traktor 3.3 is known. Since Traktor 3.3 allows to send feedbacks via MIDI it’s a good idea to build a complete new mapping. I will also introduce some MIDI Rules enhancements therefore.
    In the meanwhile you can re-assign the fx controls in Traktor: Just assign the BCD tap control to Traktor’s tap feature and the BCD toogle control to Traktor’s toogle control. The only drawback is you will get a different layout.

  6. cycokraut Says:

    Has anyone tried out the mapping for BCD2000 vs. Traktor 3.3 fixed and enhanced by roler?


  7. bik Says:

    I was using old midirules+tracktor3.2 and works very well. I’ve tried to update but…..what number i need to enter using the last release of midirules+tracktor3.3? Cycokraut can you explain me step by step please?

    many thanks.

  8. owilde Says:

    I dowloaded the “MIDI-Rules-Prototype_2007-12-09_r2” but there’s no written about gettin’ it working on mac.
    What do I need to compile?
    I dowloaded the application by “evinyatar” and followed all the steps but there are no midi device selectable.

  9. cycokraut Says:

    @bik: If you don’t use a mapping that makes use of the midi out feature of Traktor 3.3, you can setup the midi configuration just as before.

  10. cycokraut Says:

    @owilde: MIDI-Rules-Prototype_2007-12-09_r2 have not been ported to a MAC optimized version yet, I think. Evinyatar’s MAC porting is based on an older MIDI Rules Prototype release.

    MIDI Rules Prototype includes a .sh shell script that should start the application under MAC OS 10, Linux etc.
    I haven’t test it yet, but maybe you can try it out.

  11. dani Says:

    thanks for sharing cycokraut. theres just one thing i wanted to ask you,i just wanted to change the rule for when i press the “on air” button i can only use the left jog wheel because it has the same “message” has the right(CC96), how could i fix this? I want to use this button for the “loops”,like the “phones split” is for the “browser”….
    ex:”on air” pressed;
    left jog wheel: back-”loop:2″ ; forward-”loopx2″;
    right jog wheel:back-”loop back” ; forward “loop forward”
    HELP me please….
    thank you

  12. cycokraut Says:

    @dani: first, you should download the manual of your controller (BCD ?0000). It contains a section where all midi messages that the controller can send out are defined. With these message definitions it is easy to find corresponding rule the .drl midi rules file using a smart text editor.
    To introduce a stateful behaviour to the jog wheels to use it for loop functions (which, I think, is a good idea), you should map the state the same variable that I used for the navigation mode. Why? Of course you can introduce a new variable “loop mode” and use this variable in your new rules’ when clause. But what if you have activate the navigation mode as well as the “loop mode”? Both rules will fire each time you spin the jog wheel. Just introduce a new encoding value for your loop mode e.g. “2” or “loop mode” (I ‘ve forgotten if it was a number or text variable…).

  13. dani Says:

    your rules already have what i need,it´s just repeated…
    i use bcd2000/T3.3.2/midi rules, my .tks is personalized,and when i press “on air” the L/R jogs show the same CC96,it should do CC96 right jog wheel up , and CC?? RJW down,same for the other: LJW down CC??, LJW up CC??…right?
    sorry about the SPAM,
    &thanks for the reply

  14. zlatko Says:

    MIDI Rules whit traktor pro or mapping for traktor pro ?

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