Denon DN-HC 4500 and Traktor 3.3 powered by MIDI Rules

Martin Prinz has build a MIDI Rules mapping for Denon DN-HC 4500 vs. Traktor 3.3. He makes use of two inputs in MIDI Rules: one input for the DN-HC 45000 and one for Traktor 3.3, which enables to sync in both directions (DN-HC 45000 -> Traktor 3.3, Traktor 3.3 -> DN-HC 45000).


4 Responses to “Denon DN-HC 4500 and Traktor 3.3 powered by MIDI Rules”

  1. bikk Says:

    hi cyco. Congraturations for midi-rules and traktor mappings. Can i ask you a little question?

    Can you explain me how to configure a default traktor for use the CDJ1000 style CUE/PLAY? Can traktor do this only using midi-rules or can work also without midi-rules?

    Many thanks. happy summer from italy

  2. cycokraut Says:

    @bikk: I think it’s not possible to simulate a CDJ1000-like cue/play feature with plain traktor.

  3. bik Says:

    many thanks for your reply cycokraut.

    Do you know if there’s a simple way to do this?

    I’ve just buy 2 Pioneer CDJ400 that can works as midi-controller but…i can’t LIVE without the CDJ1000-like CUE/Play function 🙂

    Can you help me?!

  4. guillepagano Says:

    I have a Macbook alu + denon 4500 + traktor and i cant make it work, can u help me? It just dont synchronize with traktor

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