BCD2000 + Traktor + MIDI Rules + Mac OS X

Mac OS X Tiger 10.4When I started to with the first MIDI Rules Prototype I had already in my mind to support Windows and Mac (and also Linux). Until now the only solution build on MIDI Rules is to marriage the BCD2000 with Traktor (this was my initial motivation to create MIDI Rules). Because there was no BCD2000 driver for Mac, there was also no application for MIDI Rules on Mac. But now things getting faster:

A smart guy evinyatar build a BCD2000 MIDI driver for Mac (with now from Behringer I guess).

And that’s not all: He also created a .dmg file of MIDI Rules (build up on MIDI Rules Prototype 2006-12-25). that you can easly use on your Mac. His post about BCD2000, Traktor, MIDI Rules on Mac OS X tells you how to setup the system. Different from Java for Windows, the MacOS X version by Apple doesn’t come with MIDI support. You have to install a third party library. You will also need at least MacOS X 10.4 because Java 1.5 is required for MIDI Rules (as far as I know there’s no Java > 1.4.x for MacOS X 10.3).

Unfortunately, there’s still now BCD2000 audio driver for Mac.

10 points for Enviyatar! (Btw.: It seems that we share the same first name…)