Denon DN-HC 4500 and Traktor 3.3 powered by MIDI Rules

Martin Prinz has build a MIDI Rules mapping for Denon DN-HC 4500 vs. Traktor 3.3. He makes use of two inputs in MIDI Rules: one input for the DN-HC 45000 and one for Traktor 3.3, which enables to sync in both directions (DN-HC 45000 -> Traktor 3.3, Traktor 3.3 -> DN-HC 45000).


MIDI Rules Prototype now with support for multi MIDI inputs

I’ve released a MIDI Rules Prototype update that supports more than one MIDI input. This feature can be used, for instance, to sync a MIDI controller with a software in both directions.

As an example, Traktor 3.3 is able to send MIDI messages if Traktor changes its state either due to interactions on Traktor’s graphical user interface or MIDI message from a controller.

If you want to program you own MIDI Rules (drl rule set), you can make use of the MIDI Rules Language enhancement:

  • New when-expression:
    Receive short message on midi in {midi_in_number} with channel : {channel} , command : {command} , data1 : {data1} , data2 : {data2}
    (The “Receive short message with …” expression will match messages from all MIDI inputs)
  • Implicit variable “received_message_midi_port” is visible after expressions “Receive short message” and “Receive short message with …”.

Take a look in the MIDI Rules language syntax reference that comes with MIDI Rules Prototype.

BCD3000-Traktor Mapping for MIDI Rules

A BCD3000 – Traktor3 mapping for MIDI Rules is now available. The mapping based on BCD2000-Traktor3_cycokrauts-mb4guns_flavor_2007-02-05_v2 and has been adjusted by Niek to work with the Behringer BCD3000.

Since I don’t own a BCD3000, I’m interested in what you’re thinking about the mapping in comparison to the native support for Traktor3LE that comes with the BCD3000.

Fixed bug “Deck FX disables other controls” in BCD2000-Traktor3 mapping

I just released a bug fix for the issue that the deck FX mode disables other controls.


Optimizing your system performance

Many MIDI Rules users (including me) have/had troubles with system freezes and MIDI crashes of the BCD2000 while using MIDI Rules and Traktor. Both issues have to do with real-time performance of your system (OS, hardware, peripheral devices, applications, etc.). One bottleneck component is enough to slow down the whole system.
Therefore optimizing the system performance has to cover all involved components. Windows XP users should take a look at the Windows XP Optimization Guide. A lot of tips can also be found in the NI forum. If you know additional tweaks/tips, please comment.

Traktor Audio Settings for BCD2000

bcd2000-traktor-soundcard.jpg bcd2000-traktor-output-routing.jpg

(Click on the the thumbnails to maximize)

BCD2000/Traktor3 mapping now with cue feature inspired by CDJ-1000 MK3

I released a new BCD2000/Traktor3 mapping (2007-02-05) with a totally reprogrammed cue behavior inspired by the Pioneer CDJ-1000 MK3. Watch this demo video to figure out what I mean (pressing cue while deck is paused). (Flashing LEDs are supported with the next MIDI Rules prototype release.)
On the other hand, if you press cue while deck is playing, the “needle” jumps back to cue point and keeps playing (cue/play). If you now press the play button while still holding down the cue button, it jumps back again to the cue point and pause the deck (cue/pause).

Formelly, this is the new cue related mapping:

BCD2000 Traktor
CUE pressed cue/play
CUE released (CUE has been pressed while deck was paused) cue/pause
CUE released (CUE has been pressed while deck was playing) Keep playing
PLAY/PAUSE (CUE is not pressed) Play/Pause
PLAY/PAUSE (CUE is pressed while playing deck was paused) Keep playing
PLAY/PAUSE (CUE is pressed while playing deck was playing) cue/pause

Currently, I only integrate this feature in the Traktor3 mapping. I will see, if it’s also possible for Traktor2.

I never used a CDJ-1000, so if you have any suggestions, please comment.