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MIDI Rules Prototype – Runtime Environment

MIDI Rules requires Java 5 or greater and Maple Virtual Midi Cable.

Download the latest MIDI Rules Prototype Runtime (2007-08-09):

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MIDI Rules Prototype Runtime is required to run the solutions.
If you don’t already have, install MIDI Rules Prototype Runtime first.

BCD2000 – Traktor2

BCD2000 – Traktor3

Download the latest BCD2000Traktor3 mapping:


BCD3000 – Traktor3

Denon DN-HC 4500 and Traktor 3.3

Your Own Solution here…

If you build your own solution and want it to be listed here, please comment.

100 Responses to “Downloads”

  1. cycokraut Says:

    @Quadrospro: the link is dead.

  2. ManuDj Says:

    Hello, the new maps for bcd2000 works perfect but i encountered two bugs:
    the “back to top” button don´t works (i assigned this button for deck mute in old mappings) i use traktor 2.5. The other bug is the “sync slave” button in deck A toggle the function but the deck B no (only a pulsation).
    And a question: there are two buttons in traktor 5 up of the loop in the decks that moves 1,4,8 or 16 beats back or forward but i can not assign this function in a midi controller (i will like to assign in back/forward buttons) is it possible? Thank you for the mapping i was crazy making intents for assign the jog wheels.

  3. DeRajj Says:

    Hi Cyco, I am DeRajj from Malaysia,just got the bcd2000 and am new to computers,
    I have downloaded bcd latest driver from behringer website, and I downloaded only and followed the documentation and installed them to my laptop but my bcd still doesn’t work with my Traktor 3.
    please help me,am I doin something wrong?I am sure it works coz of all the replys in the forum says so but maybe coz I really don’t understand this computer thing and do I have to install all the first updates and softwares and drivers that you released first….(midi yoke and BOMEs midi translator 1.5 which I did not install the BCD-T3-BMTv1.5(corrected)
    please help me
    thank you

  4. repton Says:

    thanks il try

  5. Ed Says:

    Hey guys this a great converter-do going on here, I’ve sort of got my head around the whole thing being new to traktor and to midi, what I’d like to know though, is how do you turn your pfl(Headphone preview) volume up, I can change the pfl mix but I’ve checked the manual and there doesn’t seem to be a midi function for the volume.

  6. Ed Says:

    oops wrong thread

  7. BCD2000, Traktor e Midi Rules: como configurar | Submusica 2.0 (beta) Says:

    […] Procure sempre visitar o para ter certeza de estar pegando a versão mais recente do Midi Rules e do arquivo de […]

  8. HouseAddicted Says:

    Hello Cyco.
    Great Job! I’m writing you from italy and have a BCD2000 together with Traktor 2.6
    Have just one question.
    Everything works great except for the pressed button.
    I have to push twice the button (for example play) to get it go. I would like to have the effect for example CUE/II to work just until I press it and when I release it sound should stop.
    I have unchecked the Toggle FLAG in Traktor MIDI setup but nothing works.
    Any hints?
    best regards and keep going’on

  9. cycokraut Says:

    @HouseAddicted: Have to set the BCD to “B-DJ Mode” in the control panel?

  10. HouseAddicted Says:

    @Cycok. Thanks for reply.
    Of course.
    But it keeps going on that i have to press every button twice to make it work.
    The press (play) and release (stop) function (toggle unchecked) seems not to work.Any hints?

    Best regards and keep the good work.


  11. cycokraut Says:

    @HouseAddicted: make sure that BCD-2000 is NOT selected as midi interface in Traktor (only select e.g. midi input #1)

  12. Carl Says:

    Hi, Im trying to use the however when i get to the final part it tells me that the specified device is alreay in use & to wait till its free ? not sure whats going on here any help would be great thx.

  13. cycokraut Says:

    @Carl: It seems that you’ve selected a midi port twice (either a Maple port or the BCD) or an other application has already opened this port.
    So make sure you follow the setup instructions in the documentation exactly. (A reboot may also help;-))

  14. Iain Says:

    Nothing worked before this, not even the BDJ software, this is a work laptop and I don’t have an admisitrator account so it wouldn’t work, boo hoo. But since following your instructions it’s going brilliantly. Thanks.

  15. matt Says:

    i dont have traktor is it possible to download it free or anthing

  16. Kres Says:

    Hi, i’m trying to setup my bcd2000 to let it works with traktor.I followed all the guide and i download everything that was required but i can’t find the file .bat in the zip called BCD2000-Traktor3_cycokrauts-mb4guns_flavor_2007-02-05_v2.So traktor doesn’t work with my bcd2000.What can i do?

  17. cycokraut Says:

    @Kres: It seems that you’ve read an old documentation or downloaded a real old midi rules prototype version. Please download and start the latest MIDI Rules Prototype release. You will then prompt to load a drl file.

  18. George Says:

    i have to enter the midi-in/out at every launch is this normal?

  19. cycokraut Says:

    @George: currently (prototype) yes.

  20. fabry Says:

    i have installed the:

    and then
    Followed the instructions in the documentation.

    other stuff installed:
    Newest BCD2000 driver
    MIDI Rules Prototype 12/25/2006
    Java (last one)
    Maple Virtual Midi Cable
    Traktor 3.x (my T3 is the 3.0.41 or something like that!)

    i have 2 pre-amp speakers connected directly with my bcd2000 controller and set the audio setup preferences with:
    “All other” for the hardware
    “BCD 2000 Asio” for audio device

    for the output (from top bottom)
    3- BCD2000 3
    4- BCD2000 4
    1- BCD2000 1
    2- BCD2000 2

    when i launch the midi rulese 20061225 and open the required file, all lights become red in my bcd2000 controller but then nothing work!!!

    anyone has a last working procedure to show me?


    fabry, italy

  21. cycokraut Says:

    @fabry: did you load the bundled .tks file in Traktor’s MIDI setup? Make sure that only activate the virtual MIDI port#1 (the one you select in MIDI Rules as MIDI output #1) in Traktor and not the BCD input.
    And you should update MIDI Rules to the latest Prototype release.

  22. BJones Says:


    Make sure you have the latest BCD2000 Driver installed ( this was my problem and after installing it everything worked great!

  23. fabry Says:

    thanks guys…
    yes.. last driever installed.
    please cyco.. as my english is a lil poor.. could you post images of the setting as your explanations sounds a lil hard to be “translated” in my brain.
    when i lauch midi rules.. i do things correct and all lights become red for 1-2 secs but then nothing works.

  24. Dimitar Says:

    I hope so sun *.drl file will can be used on Bome’s Midi Translator, or convert *.drl file to bmtp file

  25. DJ Kaz Says:

    Hi cyco,

    I’m new to digital DJing, just got my self a BCD3000…
    say, is there a help file or something like that to teach me how to write my own midi rules? i’d like to try a different setup, also for the leds, and jog wheels, is there a how to or something?

    thanks in adv…

  26. cycokraut Says:

    @DJ Kaz: Of course you can write your on MIDI Rules file. Unfortunately I haven’t create a manual how to write MIDI rules or how to setup a enhanced editor (based on eclipse).
    A good starting point (and the only one a the moment) is to look into an existing drl file. You can load it with any text editor.

  27. Joe Says:

    I have a BCD3000 with the latest midi rules prototype. Ive set it all up but the rules only seem to slightly work. For example if i press “Ext in B (ON AIR for bcd2000)” i can pre-listen to the next track, and if i press “Set Cue (Back to Top for bcd2000)” on both decks, to assign effects for each channel, the lights on the kill/cut buttons work, but then the gain/EQ knobs/buttons are still only assigned to EQ, not effects.
    Apart from those two things, nothing else works (loop/cue shortcuts etc, and also the jog wheel ALWAYS seeks which means it is impossible to line the two tracks up)
    Whats going wrong?

  28. DJ Kaz Says:

    Hi Cyco!

    Loving it, just loving it!!

    Here’s my question –
    I tried using deckadance with the bcd3000 – but on the deckadance “midi controller setup” set to bcd2000 – and the most wonderfull thing happend – while a deck was playing, it’s pre-listening cue button (“cue a” for example) lit up on every “beat” the deck played – was a very smooth feature –

    is there a way to do this with traktor 3 + bcd3000? maybe by using midi rules?

  29. cycokraut Says:

    @DJ Kaz: This is not possible with Traktor since Traktor is not able to send MIDI messages for the beats (otherwise I would have implemented it already:-)). What’s possible is to send the master clock to the BCD but I think this is not very useful.

  30. DJ Kaz Says:

    cyco – you’re 100% right – there’s not much use for that at all (if any use what so ever…) – but it sure is cool to have!!!

    * one of my many sins is being a gadget lover….
    oh buttons buttons, what is it with you that make me go boom….

  31. Ubec Says:

    Hey cycokraut. Really like what you’ve done. This actually works!!!Not like all that xylio crap! Just one thing tho, how can I get the headphones on the bcd2000 to work?

  32. jenga Says:

    hey, will there be an updated mapping for bcd2000 + Traktor 3.3?

  33. Rejje Says:

    I have problems with my bcd2000 together with Traktor (Version 3.3) , when i try to use the master volume knob nothing happens. When i use the PFL-mix knob the master volume changes a bit. The phones volume knob doesn´t work at all. Is there any more users here with the same problem? is Is this only is a problem with Traktor Version 3.3 or do other users have the same problem with other versions of Traktor?

    Thanks for a great site!

  34. cycokraut Says:

    @Rejje: I’ve used BCD2000 with Traktor 3.3. Works perfectly for me. (edit: not really perfectly -> FX etc.)
    The master volume knob on the BCD2000 is not a MIDI control. It directly change the volume of the master out channel.
    The PFL-mix knob lets you mix the master out (knob to the right) with the cue (knob turned to the left). You must select th e deck to cue with the analog input A/B buttons.

  35. Rejje Says:

    Okey, strange I´ve must done something wrong because when I turn the PFL mix I can hear the sound change on my master out speakers a little bit. When i turn the master knob the volume doesn’t change at all as it did before. Maybe I have to reinstall everything again and try if it works. I will knuggle with that tomorrow. Anyway thanks again for a great site cyco!

  36. chris Says:

    hey i just got BCD3000 fo my windows vista?..
    and i dont know wut to do …
    problem 1 : traktor is lous as hell idk why…when i play tracks wit traktor it gets wayyyyyyy too loud…my poor ears and speakers 😦 lol…..
    problem 2: how can i make the BCD3000 working wit traktor?!

  37. Shenbu Says:

    Cycokraut i think i got almost all the buttons faders effects everything working.. and i think this fixes almost all the bugs like manual fx selection and things like that..The procedure is just install and proceed everything as you do but just replace the “.xml” file in your \my documents\traktor with the xml file int he link below and also the new tks file copy both and replace it in my documents and test run it .In the mean time use the same midi rules that you use as usual

    . Let me know your views… Think the bcd3000 set up is complete now!
    Kind regards

  38. Dano Says:

    hi cycokraut

    my prob with my BCD 3000 is the same as houseaddicted posted. I followed your instruction as far as I could but for example I got no chance to choose midi input #1 in Traktor. The same problem: How can I can I set my BCD 3000 to B-DJ mode?

    Is there a chance to reset the midi changes after using your programm to that point before it was installed. I uninstalled it, but the settings at the BCD 3000 where still there

    hope you can help me

  39. cycokraut Says:

    @Dano: The BCD 2000 mode “B-DJ” is has been renamed to “Standard” for the BCD 3000. Switch the BCD 3000 Global Mode from “Advanced” to “Standard”, if it’s not already set to “standard”.
    In Traktor preferences select the MIDI interface input that you’ve choosen before in MIDI Rules as “Midi out #1”. This can either be a virtual Maple(*) midi port or a Midi Yoke port. Maybe the setup image created by GaRRaPeta helps you:

    P.S.: I still did not own a BCD3000, so I cannot verify the mapping for BCD3000 vs. Traktor.

    (*) scroll to the top of this page for a ” Maple Virtual Midi Cable” download link.

  40. cycokraut Says:

    @Dano: If you haven’t saved your previous Traktor midi setup, I’m sorry to say that you cannot recover it.

  41. j-stroy Says:

    COol I will try it this week.. I have a BCF2000 (8 active faders + buttons and rotators). I want those faders/LEDs moving from the traktor GUI. Has anyone started a mapping for this? Or a few pointers? I am ok at hacking..

    Is there any reference for the traktor 3.3 control IDs? Also, what is driving this from traktor? is it OSC stuff or what?

    Seems a shame to have to create a control mapping in traktor AND match that on the output side.. that is the process right? or am I missing something.


  42. bEN Says:

    MIDI IN #1:

  43. cycokraut Says:

    @j-stroy: You’re right: You have to define a the MIDI messages that Traktor should send. (Traktor’s MIDI setup)

  44. cycokraut Says:

    @bEN: You must install a virtual MIDI input-to-output driver. Therefore you should download/install “Maple virtual MIDI cable” (see page top) or alternative MIDI Yoke.

    MIDI IN#1 : select BCD (input the number for the BCD midi input)
    MIDI OUT 1#: select the virtual MIDI device that Traktor listens to (e.g. Maple MIDI port #1)
    MIDI OUT 2#: select the BCD again

  45. Thomas Says:


    I’m using Traktor 3.2 with a BCD 2000 and everything worked like a charm. I had a first dj session last weekend and the feeling was just amazing.

    However, I have one question regarding the low, mid and high controllers (the ones you can twist) of the equalizer at both decks. Everytime I load a new track on the deck, I have to readjust the controllers, which means I have to twist them back to normal, otherwise Traktor will not react on the controllers, so their current value, for example more “high” has no influence on the new track. It just starts with a “normal” value for low, mid and high.

    Is this a normal behavior? It’s not very serious, but it means, that I have to touch all the controllers on a new track, before I can use them.

    Thanks anyway for this awesome tool!

  46. cycokraut Says:

    @Thomas: Uncheck ~”reset deck controls on load” option in Traktor’s Preferences.

  47. Thomas Says:


    That did the trick, thank you very much. It’s really astonishing how well everything is working!

  48. Jordan Says:

    Hey man great site, lots of help…
    I seem to be having the same problem as Ben had posted
    MIDI IN #1:

    I am new to midi and have no idea what you mean by..
    “select BCD (input the number for the BCD midi input)”
    how do you know the number for the bcd midi input
    Thank you for all your help, its really great that you do all this work because companies dont stand behind their products

  49. Jordan Says:

    Also i see you say “Type the number that you see in front of “BCD-3000″) in the console window” but i do not understand what the console window is
    thank you

  50. cycokraut Says:

    @Jordan: Have you ever started MIDI Rules? A “console window” will apear that shows you the available MIDI input/output devices of your system in a numbered list. You choose/select a MIDI device/port by typing a number a list item.

  51. norz1800 Says:

    Hi. is the midirules available for xp ? or will it be,some of us would like to control traktor3 on our bcf2000`s…

  52. Patric Says:

    Hi, i dont understand this part

    # (*)Traktor Preference | MIDI Interfaces: Choose MIDI Yoke NT: 1 as the only MIDI interface

    i only have one option to choose in midi inputs and thats BCD-2000, what am i doing wrong?

  53. Traktor TKS files for Controllers at Says:

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  54. Roler Says:

    Fore hows interested: a 2 and 4 deck variation of the cycokraut rules

    More information:

    More information:

  55. KillerAbeja Says:

    Much like everyone else here, I am loving the system you’ve come up with to deal with the BCD3000 and Traktor. However, like many other people, I’m finding things that I’d like to tweek and have found myself continually out of my depth here. I’ve been doing a fair amount of trial and error experimentation with some satisfactory results, but I’m getting the feeling that I’m being mocked… I’m trying to figure out how to simultaneously manipulate the tempo AND the pitch at the same time using the pitch faders and have managed to convince the program to a) play music continuously both backwards and forwards, b) play all music at approximately half-pitch and c) induce the play button to make a track go double time. Naturally I’ve kept backups of all working files so’s I don’t wreck the functions of the originals, but I’m stuck.

    So 2 very simple questions (with parenthetical sub-parts) before I go:
    1) Do I have to manipulate the drl…(and what exactly is this file) or can I make the whole thing work the way I want through the Traktor system (tks).
    2) how do I manipulate pitch using the fader not the bend?

    Any help is appreciated by this befuddled radio DJ trying to update his system to the digital age.

  56. Muad_dib77 Says:

    Hi Guys, thanks for all the info..

    I’m having an odd situation – I think..
    I’m used to using my old denon 2500f and a pair of CDJ500mk2 units to – and I must say I relish the prospect of being able to pack them all away- they just take up waaay to much space.. but here’s the deal..

    The switches on the BDC3000 appears to work as toggles – meaning that effectively play only works every 2nd time..

    also when I press “scratch” I can’t get the track to resume playing afterwards.. that’s less annoying though as I don’t really want to use scratch.. the toggle thing is really ruining my fun time though..

    Is it normal behaviour?


  57. vj-rean Says:


  58. djcool Says:

    Ok lets GO

    led support!This is a very complex Mapping with very many rules involved.Feedback appreciate!


  59. Rodrigo Says:

    Hello from Portugal Cyco!
    Great job you have been done, mate.

    I just toke a BCD2000 from ebay but coming from Germany very bad packed arrived with the top upper knobs pushed in. I opened the device and repair that but Master Output Volume knob it’s really injuried and needs to be all open to don’t give interfrences.
    I am working with Traktor 3.2 and your Midirules. Everything seems to work well but i only have Master Output on channel right.
    Please, can you tell me if it is from any posible bad configuration or have nothing related with that and the problem seems to be from the knob injured that doesn’t give the left output?

    thanks a lot

  60. Xavier Flix Says:

    The link for BCD3000 rules appears to be dead… are there any alternate links available?

  61. Carlos Carbonell Says:


    well i have de BCD 3000 with traktor 3.3 on a mac computer with leopard.

    my mixer works (all bottons) welll but i have the problem that my headphones doesnt work…

    when i put this configuration
    monitor: left: BCD3000 out 3
    right: BCD3000 out 4
    master: left: BCD3000 out 1
    right: BCD3000 out 2

    the headphones works.. but sound equal as the speakers…

    and when i put this other configuration
    external: no sound appears.

    help me!!!!!

  62. Mais BCD « bevi’z noizzze Says:

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  63. nash Says:

    i’ve find this thread seeing the video on youtube, where you use the bcd2000 & an external mixer…
    how can u do it????

    i’ve just bought a bcd3000 with traktor 3LE & i want the same setup…. but i REALLY don’t understand how you do it…????
    what i need???
    4 example: how you connect the 2 traktors decks in two different channels of the mixer??? using an audio interface between the pc & the external mixer??????

    please help me… in private too with an e.mail

    thank you

  64. Jason Fonceca Says:

    hi cycokraut! i’m not sure if this blog is still active, but i just wanted to say all the midi-rules you’ve gathered/created/shared is really awesome. so helpful, especially for people just getting started. bravo man.

    have a great day.

  65. Adam Dale Says:

    Hey all, looks like the link to the maple midi driver is down. Does anyone have an alternative link?

  66. Revana Says:

    Hello Cycokraut!

    First of all big up, to you and your work ! I would like to ask you something :

    I got 2 BCD3000 controllers and 1 laptop with traktor 3 running. As I want to use 2 identical controllers for my midi input, is there a solution for that ? For some reason XP doesn’t like 2 BCD3000’s installed. How can I work arround this issue to make it work and spin with to controllers 🙂

    Regards Revaan

  67. ralibs Says:

    hi ppl,

    since the update to 10.5.5 i cant get any sound of the bcd3000.
    anyone with a light for me?

    love & enegy

  68. Dj Seismic Says:

    ohh man this is great thank you so much

    one question, is it possible start back spin play with

    Key DECK A+B and Play : for example

  69. Dj Seismic Says:

    is it possible to make another function for Cue list for example when press any button two time cue list active ?

    i hope someone see this post, site is not active i think

  70. Lion Says:

    BCD2000 + Midi-rules + Traktor Pro ???

  71. Bruno S. Says:

    Ola… gostaria de saber alguem q pudesse me ajudar a mapear O BCD 3000 no traktor 2.6, o fato de usar essa versão é pq é o suficiente pro tipo de mixagem q eu toco… pelo reverso e filtros do programa… Gostaria mto se tivesse alguem q poderia me ajudar… socorro…

  72. abby Says:

    hi cyco…first of all hats off to u for doing such great work…thanx

    now i have got a bcd3000 and traktor3.2.2
    i did everything ur documentation says….but still the bcd3000 does not work with the traktor…..when i was setting the outputs in the midi rules console i chose maple midi out port 1…….thats right …yeahh
    one more thing …..the bcd3000 starts to work when i choose bcd3000 in the midi interfaces in the traktor preferences…..i dont know wats wrong because i did everything as u said….please help…

  73. Shizno Says:

    I’m having the same problem as “HouseAddicted” was/is having were you have to press the buttons on the BCD2000 twice in order for them to work (i.e. press play twice to start the track and then press it twice to stop). The BCD is in B-DJ mode and is not selected as a midi interface. Any ideas?

    Thank for the help!

  74. DJ Haby Says:

    i have some problems..
    about BCD2000 beetween BDJ (the software)..
    when i took the play button, and the music on BDJ are playing.. but when i want to stop it, i pressed the play/pause button on BCD, it cant work.. so i have to stop it by the BDJ…
    so.. the conclusion is, the BDJ n the BCD are not synchronized at all.. why?? i have installed the midi rules prototype but i dont know to use it @ BDJ..

  75. BCD2000 no Vista e atualização do Midi Rules @ DJ BAN Says:

    […] Aproveite para atualizar o Midi Rules, caso você já não o atualize faz tempo. E se você não está tendo problema algum, então não atualize. Afinal, “se não está quebrado, não conserte”. […]

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  77. Neel Says:

    Hi cycokraut,
    Let me first thank you for such a great job to help us with BCD.
    I own a BCD 2000 that I run with Tractor 3.0.0 in VIsta system. I have used Maple midi with your “” with the latest Midi rule set (as I didn’t find the midi rule that u had referred). Most things are working fine but here’s the issue I am facing:

    1> The jug wheel when turned Anti-clock wise navigates through the song but when turned clock wise has no effect. In other words the jog wheel naviagtes through the song one way only, thus there’s no way once I have navigated towards the end , I can n’t come back to the beginning using the jog wheel.

    2>How do I set shift focus from one deck to another. This is particularly important when I am using channel effects becasue when I am using both channel effects at the same time (in song transition) , only the focussed Deck channel shows up. I would need ur help to let me know how we can change the focus or have two channel effects viewed at one go?

    3> How to change Channel/Master effect types using BCD 2000?

    4> How can I “Beat Jump” for 1,2,4,8 beats (either way) using BCD 2000?

    5>Are you coming up with any latest TKS files or any advanced mapping?

    Thanks Buddy for all ur help so far.


  78. Ives Says:

    @cycokraut: I’ve made a ruleset to use a dd502 edrum-set with the Addictive Drums VST in MiniHost. It’s just some plain mapping with some velocity alterations, but If you’re interested, I could mail it.

    • Dean Says:

      Dude,help me please,I got a “Legacy DD506” kit……how do I get going on computers with this thing,I have only a limited knowledge.I will purchase reaper,and I’ll def’s get addictive drums,I just need comprehensive assisstance to make it happen.

    • Dean Says:

      Dude,help me please,I got a “Legacy DD506″ kit……how do I get going on computers with this thing,I have only a limited knowledge.I will purchase reaper,and I’ll def’s get addictive drums,I just need comprehensive assisstance to make it happen.

  79. Spotta Says: – Notice: This domain name expired on 04/21/09 and is pending renewal or deletion

    Can anyone help me with the Maple Virtual Midi Cable.?


  80. ME Says:


  81. how_gee Says:

    If you can’t find Maple MIDI, you should be able to use Midi Yoke instead. I have used both with MIDI rules without any problems.
    You can get MIDI Yoke at

  82. thesporkofsatan Says:

    Is there a version of this for Vista?? It says it only supports xp..

  83. leela Says:

    hi man.thnx for helpin people with this. i think i dont have any problem with my bcd2000 when i use it like a midi controller, but my problem is little bit different. i want to use my bcd2000 only like a simple mixer and to connect it with 2 denon dn-s1000 cd players with analog inputs but i cant hear any sound on traktor. i can use it with B-DJ softvare but the one player works ok, and the other one has a very high latency and it sounds like zzzzzzzzzzz. so i wanted to try in traktor but i cant hear any sound even when i choose the right setting on input routing and output routing.also i choose the bcd like a audio device. i can see the lights flashing in the input routing (which means that i have a signal on traktor) but i dont hear any sound.
    please help me !!!

    write here:

  84. how_gee Says:

    @thesporkofsatan: Midi Yoke also works on Vista. I’ve been using that combination for over a year with no problems.

  85. Dirkman Says:

    Hi Cyco,
    I installed everything as explained , but i have a very strange result. After midi rules are starting , all the leds on the BCD3000 go on and again out. No control is possible, BUT when I press a button on the BCD3000 I hear , believe it or not PIANO SOUNDS !!!. Can you tell me whats going on here ? I am using a Mac Pro, with bootcamp and run traktor under Win XP. My Traktor version is
    Please help, I have to do Djing at the 12 of december.

  86. Anonymous Says:

    thnx man.. saved me a lot of work and effort.. good job..

  87. pipes Says:

    I have installed midi rules, it(he,she) indicates me starting … I open tracktor form everything and it me does not work. I have a macbook 10.6

  88. leith Says:

    1. Start Traktor
    2. (*)Traktor Preference | MIDI Interfaces: Choose Maple Midi In: Port 1 as the only MIDI interface
    3. (*)Traktor Preference | MIDI Setup: Load ‘BCD2000-Traktor3 – mb4guns-cycokrauts Flavor.tks’ or ‘BCD2000-Traktor3.2 – mb4guns-cycokrauts Flavor.tks’ file
    4. (*)Set BCD-2000 to B-DJ mode.
    5. Start MIDI Rules Prototype 12/25/2006
    6. Choose the ‘BCD2000-Traktor3 – mb4guns-cycokrauts Flavor.drl’ in the “Open rule file” dialog
    7. Choose midi in: BCD-2000 (Type the number that you see in front of “BCD-2000″) in the console window
    8. Choose midi out 1: Maple Midi In: Port 1 in the console window

    when i get to here there is no option for choosing :maple midi in port 1 just maple midi out.

    am i missing something ………help apart from this option all seems good

    9. Choose midi out 2: BCD-2000 in the console window
    10. Choose midi out 3: for no more midi outputs (type 0) in the console window
    11. Wait until MIDI Rules is started. All BCD2000 LEDs flash for 2 seconds and Traktor gets synchronized (this is the reason why you should allow start Traktor at first)
    12. Start DJing and have fun!

  89. roberto Says:

    Hi , I have behrigher bcd 3000 with traktor 3.3 and my only problem is listen on cue the mix between deck 1 and 2. I listen only the deck that I have in cue and not the other that is the line out .Somebody can help me ?please!!!.I tri to set the midi map but it’s so difficult.

  90. pajq Says:

    My PFL mix (I can hear just channel 1 on my headphones) dont working, what is wrong ?

  91. Dean Says:

    I have a LegacyDD506 drumkit,I’m going to get reaper and addictive drums,can anybody provide me with all the information I need to get it going?….I’m dumb.

  92. mobile games development Says:

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    this subject!

  94. mieciu Says:

    hi im from poland:) my problem: when i choose in vdj “headphones (output) and choose bcd2000 soundcard” i hear brokens and noise was wery bad and my sotf (vdj ver 7.4) was frozen and i cant do anything… any suggestions? my sys is win 7 32bit

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