MIDI Rules Prototype now with support for multi MIDI inputs

I’ve released a MIDI Rules Prototype update that supports more than one MIDI input. This feature can be used, for instance, to sync a MIDI controller with a software in both directions.

As an example, Traktor 3.3 is able to send MIDI messages if Traktor changes its state either due to interactions on Traktor’s graphical user interface or MIDI message from a controller.

If you want to program you own MIDI Rules (drl rule set), you can make use of the MIDI Rules Language enhancement:

  • New when-expression:
    Receive short message on midi in {midi_in_number} with channel : {channel} , command : {command} , data1 : {data1} , data2 : {data2}
    (The “Receive short message with …” expression will match messages from all MIDI inputs)
  • Implicit variable “received_message_midi_port” is visible after expressions “Receive short message” and “Receive short message with …”.

Take a look in the MIDI Rules language syntax reference that comes with MIDI Rules Prototype.